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1. A non-stakeholder approaches the project manager and asks if certain items can be added to a project that was started two months earlier .

Which of the following constraints does this impact MOST?

2. The PM is preparing for the planning phase kickoff meeting. It is imperative for the team to focus during the meeting on the expected outcomes.

Which of the following best describes what the PM should work on FIRST?

3. A project team added a new member who has proprietary information about a competitor's product. The team member was suddenly removed from the project .

Which of the following MOST likely occurred?

4. Which of the following primary factors are used to prioritize the development of risk response strategies? ( Choose two.)

5. A subcontractor has submitted design documentation on the deliverable due date, but it will require rework. The activity is on the critical path of the project schedule .

Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?

6. A project has a of $850,000. The project manager has identified and documented that certain key applications were not included in the scope management plan. As reported, the

CPI is 0.8, and the PMO allows only a 5% additional increment to the planned budget .

Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?

7. Which of the following are mutually binding project documents? (Select two.)

8. Which of the following individuals is MOST likely to be a key stakeholder for the product launch phase of a project?

9. A project manager has received numerous complaints from staff concerning poor service provided by a vendor.

Which of the following steps should the project manager take FIRST to correct the problem?

10. A project coordinator notices there is a scheduling conflict with the weekly team meeting. The project coordinator submits a request to hold the meeting at a different time will not negatively impact the scheduling.

Which of the following resources has the authority to authorize this change?

11. A meeting has taken place with quality assurance tram members and the project manager.

Which of the following events would MOST likely have triggered the meeting?

12. Expenditure tracking helps with cost:

13. A project manager detects low performance from a team member who previously demonstrated to be a highly skilled asset. The team member explains that being part of two teams is too time consuming.

This is a disadvantage of having:

14. Which of the following is a reason for assessing risk in a project?

15. Which of the following inherently affects quality standards?

16. A member of a CCB notices a change request was not approved by the steering committee .

Which of the following is the BEST method to handle this situation?

17. Which of the following shows projected project expenditures?

18. A new project has just commenced. Project team members are constantly disagreeing on how tasks should be handled and are not getting along well .

Which of the following stages BEST explains this situation?

19. A company engaged a third-party audit firm to provide regular financial oversight for regulatory compliance and requested a project manager to work with the firm. The PMO declines to assign a project manager and refers to another department within the company .

Which of the following is MOST likely the reason for this?

20. Which of the following is a schedule that illustrates the duration of an activity?

21. The managing director of a law firm has asked the project manager to create a scope statement for a new contract .

Which of the following should be included in the scope statement? (Choose two.)

22. A project manager travels abroad to meet the offshore team and sends out a meeting invitation to review requirements. However, many team members decline the meeting invitation. The PM approaches one team member to determine why people are declining. The team member indicates the project manager scheduled the meeting at a time when employees typically have permission to take a nap .

Which of the following is the project manager facing?

23. Task B is not planned to start until Task A is completed. Task A is delayed and will not be completed on time.

Starting Task B prior to Task A completing is an example of:

24. Which of the following describes the difference between an acquisition and outsourcing?

25. Which of the following describes a project’s budget overrun?

26. A local company is part of a hostile takeover by a multinational conglomerate. The Chief Executive Officer ( CEO) directs that all meetings be conducted via video conference to save costs and expedite communication.

This scenario is an example of:

27. A project manager needs to track the actual and estimated start and finish dates of all WBS work packages.

Which of the following is a necessary step to record the actual durations?

28. A project sponsor informs the project manager that the project completion date must be moved one month earlier .

Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?

29. Which of the following describes some of the features of the Agile methodology?

30. An organization needs a vendor to provide a solution. The organization can only describe its goals but not how to accomplish the work.

Which of the following types of procurement should be used?

31. A key team member found a new job and will be leaving in two weeks .

Which of the following should the project manager do FIRST to minimize negative impacts to the project?

32. Two team members have concluded that documentation is not required due to the size of the current project. The project manager has encouraged them to align strictly within the process.

Which of the following conflict resolution techniques has the project manager utilized?

33. Which of the following make up a company’s portfolio? (Choose two.)

34. A project manager is trying to ensure the quality of the design and reduce the number of potential defects. The project manager would like to use the fishbone diagram to perform this analysis.

This type of modeling relies on:

35. Three IT companies have agreed to summarize their efforts as a common organization to generate new businesses in the IT cloud computing industry .

Which of the following is the type of organizational change described?

36. A new project manager is working in an environment where resources report to another supervisor. The project manager is having difficulty with a particular member and wants to escalate the issue .

Which of the following documents should the project manager consult?

37. A new stakeholder has requested the status and progress reports for the project milestones .

Which of the following documents should the project manager address FIRST?

38. A company has completed its annual strategic planning session. As a result, several related projects, which will achieve the company’s technological improvement goals, are identified .

Which of the following BEST describes these projects?

39. When developing a project schedule, which of the following resources is the BEST to estimate task duration?

40. The PMO has asked the PM to provide a status report indicating the number of events and activities required to complete a project .

Which of the following charts should the PM include in the status report?

41. A customer is in the early planning stages of a technology rebuild.

To gain a better understanding of the possible solutions, which of the following documents should the customer send to prospective vendors?

42. In a projectized organization, a project manager has a need for a testing resource.

The first place the project manager should look for this resource is:

43. Which of the following charts would indicate the cause and effect of tasks in a project, and for which of the following activities would the chart be used?

44. A stakeholder informs a project manager that a weekly status report has not been delivered via email, but the monthly status reports were received .

Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?

45. Which of the following is a characteristics of a matrix organization?

46. Which of the following are characteristics of a project? (Choose two.)

47. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company announced that a demerger operation will be completed in the next nine months .

Which of the following BEST describes the organizational change?

48. A manufacturer is developing a product that will start in one week. The product has a delivery deadline of 90 days.

Which of the following characteristics classifies this as a project?

49. A customer has requested additional features for an active project.

Which of the following steps should take place NEXT?

50. A project manager receives a call from the area regional building department and is informed that, upon inspection, waterlines from public water access to the project building do not meet local material and installation code specifications .

Which of the following items BEST describes the unmet objective?

51. Which of the following charts is a mathematical diagram used to values for two variables for a set of data?

52. A highly skilled project engineer will be on indefinite medical leave. No one on the project team has the required skill set to replace the engineer.

Which of the following will be impacted MOST by the absence of the engineer?

53. Which of the following conflict resolution techniques relies on establishing areas of agreement rather than disagreement?

54. A project manager is trying to explain to a stakeholder why projects are progressively elaborated upon .

Which of the following is the BEST explanation?

55. Which of the following risk strategies is represented by the purchase of insurance?

56. Which of the following describes how a project is related to a program?

57. While developing a project schedule, the project manager is attempting to sequence the following tasks:

Which of the following is the correct sequence for the above tasks?

58. When forming a project team, there are a number of phases.

When a project team is productive and effective this phase is known as which of the following?

59. While working on risk ranking, the project team is unsure about the qualitative scales to be used for probability and impact.

The project manager directs the team to look in the:

60. During an ad-hoc meeting, the OM notifies the sponsor that while the project is on schedule, material costs have increased and the project is over budget. To save the project, the PM request a material contract with a less expensive vendor. The sponsor approves the change, and project comes in within target tolerances. The company, however, receives numerous stakeholder complaints.

Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of these complaints?

61. Which of the following tools would a project manager use to determine the root cause of an issue?

62. The PM has requested that a project repository be developed. Sensitive information will be available on the site that could affect the project’s success. Only personnel who need to know the information will have access.

Which of the following site types is the PM requesting?

63. A task on the critical path will not be completed on time. The project manager is reviewing both the schedule and the risk register to create a corrective action plan. The project completion date and quality of the deliverable cannot change .

Which of the following activities should the project manager perform NEXT?

64. Which of the following should be included in an effective SOW?

65. Which of the following is a risk strategy?

66. A project team is in the process of risk planning. One of the team members identifies a weather-related risk, which may cause delivery delays.

Which of the following is the BEST risk response strategy?

67. Which of the following information does the project risk register typically contain?

68. Which of the following vendor documents specifically address quality? (Select TWO).

69. Which of the following network scheduling techniques is focused mainly on the duration and stack of each


70. A PM receives notification that an issue will impact a deliverable on the critical path. The issue is logged with a unique ID and assigned to a team member; however, the team member has not addressed it after a week .

Which of the following would be the BEST approach to resolving the issue?

71. Risk ID 2 has occurred.

Which of the following ways should the project manager update the risk register?

72. Which of the following risk strategies prevents a risk from impacting a project?

73. A client has provided a list of deliverables to include in the project scope .

Which of the following will allow the project team to ensure all deliverables are included in the final product while managing scope creep?

74. A project manager is providing the lessons learned for a project that ran over budget and produced poor quality deliverables .

Which of the following should the project manager include as part of the lessons learned?

75. A project needs two more months of work to be completed, but the deadline is in 35 days. The project manager heard the company recently hired an experienced person. The project manager scheduled a meeting with the functional manager to negotiate bringing the experienced person to the team .

Which of the following strategies is the project manager trying to apply?

76. A project manager is justifying a required change with the associated impact on the project.

Which of the following is the NEXT step?

77. Which of the following is the BEST reason to conduct regular risk reviews?

78. An active project has a CPI of 0.92 .

Which of the following can be determined?

79. Which of the following are characteristics of a matrix organization? (Choose three.)

80. During a project assessment, a project manager determines the initial project cost estimates were incorrect, and there is not enough budget left, including reserves, to complete the project.

Which of the following actions should the project manager take?

81. Which of the following is used to perform a root cause analysis?

82. An authorized change to a construction project was implemented. During the modification, the team identified a defect in which the change caused the building power output to be outside the KPPs.

Which of the following actions should the project manager take?

83. The project manager has had a large number of change requests approved by the project steering committee, but has been given no extra time to deliver the project.

Which of the following schedule compression techniques should be used by the project manager?

84. A company purchased a parachute supplier and is now sending parachutes to the research and development department .

Which of the following has occurred?

85. A software development project is struggling with a certain technology that is unknown to the project team. A project manager has received a third-party proposal to transfer the risk .

Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?

86. A project task has been completed ahead of schedule .

Which of the following is the MOST appropriate next step?

87. A project manager is overseeing a multinational project, and team leaders from numerous countries indicate the team members have low morale.

Which of the following is the MOST likely reason the project manager would be unaware of the team member’s decreased morale?

88. Which of the following communication methods and target audiences would a project manager MOST likely select for briefings as required during a business continuity incident?

89. A project manager is creating the monthly report for top management.

The project manager has collected the information below:

AC = 100

PV = 80

EV = 120

Based on this information, the CPI reflects which of the following about the project?

90. The internal project sponsor is frustrated by a lack of concise, regular updates regarding the status of a


Which of the following changes would BEST satisfy the project sponsor?

91. A project team has failed to deliver on changes the project manager outlined on a call two weeks ago. The project team members indicate they did not remember the contents on the call .

Which of the following should the project manager do FIRST to improve the level of awareness of changes to the project schedule?

92. A project manager is informed that a team member would like to enhance the code with an additional function .

Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?

93. A project manager must create documentation before the project kickoff meeting .

Which of the following documents will identify the project, introduce the project manager, and establish authority in the project?

94. There is a project in which the team can only meet once every three months. When the team does meet, no one can remember what was discussed and decided upon last time; thus, progress is being delayed .

Which of the following project management tools would help?

95. A project team has just finished one phase of product development and is gathering requirements for the next phase .

Which of the following methodologies is being applied?

96. During the execution phase, the project manager discovered that the testing phase is dependent on completion of the vendor’s tasks. The project team has just informed the project manager their activities are almost complete, and they would like permission to begin testing. The vendor is not scheduled to deliver the products for two months.

Which of the following should have occurred to prevent this issue?

97. Despite receiving regular updates, a sponsor learns a project recently slipped.

Which of the following documents can the sponsor review to determine the project’s performance? (Select two.)

98. A PM has notified the project team of an immediate project relocation.

Of which of the following triggers is this MOST likely a result? (Choose two.)

99. A project manager does not have enough time to complete several tasks on a critical path. The budget is a low concern .

Which of the following should be used to complete the tasks on time?

100. Two team members approach a project manager with different ideas for completing a task. After listening to the team members' ideas, the project manager does not choose either one and requires both members to finish the task as originally planned .

Which of the following conflict resolution techniques is the project manager applying?


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