Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Isilon Solutions Exam DES-1423 Dumps

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DELL EMC DES-1423 Free Dumps Questions Online

1. When reviewing the actual protection output of N+4/2, what does the number “4” represent?


2. What impact can obsolete drive firmware have on an Isilon cluster?


3. What defines FEC link aggregation mode?


4. In Isilon OneFS, what is a characteristic of CoW with snapshots?


5. Which OneFS networking option enables Isilon for DNS multitenant functionality?


6. A company wants to re-use HD400 nodes into a new cluster with OneFS 8.2.0.

What is the minimum number of HD400 nodes required?


7. On which node does the SSIP initially reside?


8. An Isilon cluster has four H500 nodes. Data protection and access are set to N+1 and concurrency respectively.

How many drives will be used across the disk pool to protect a 1 MB file?



Refer to the Exhibit.

In an Isilon environment, match the connectivity type to the proper numerical port reference shown in the exhibit.

10. A company’s Isilon cluster has reached the capacity limit. The cluster consists of eight H500 nodes in a single node pool.

Which action can be taken to resolve the capacity issue while new nodes are being delivered?


11. Which command shows the node running as the job coordinator?


12. What is the recommended number of delegations for a SmartConnect zone name for each SmarConnect zone alias on a cluster?


13. Which role-based privilege must be granted to a user before they are allowed to log into the web administration interface?


14. A company has a 4-node Isilon H600 cluster dedicated for a high-performance workflow. The administrator wants to convert their cluster SSD strategy from L3 cache to use the SSDs for metadata acceleration.

What should be considered?


15. A company has an existing 8-node F800 Isilon cluster with two Z9100 Dell Ethernet back-end switches running on OneFS 8.2.0. The company is planning to add 72 A200 nodes into the cluster.

What is the minimum number of additional switches required to support the configuration?


16. An Isilon administrator is receiving “permission denied” while accessing a file on a cluster that an end-user created through an SMB share. The end-user is unable to access the share from their UNIX server.

The end-user “mydomain.comwin_user1” as the login name to access the Microsoft Windows share and then used an LDAP account name of “ux_user1” to access the UNIX mount. The Isilon cluster is joined to the “mydomain.com” Active Directory domain. In additional, the cluster has an LDAP provider attached to it while the on-disk identity is set as “Native”.

What is a possible cause for this permission issue?


17. A company deployed an Isilon cluster that consists of eight nodes connected to a main production subnet by all available 10GB ports. Later, the company decided to implement a disaster recovery solution with a separate replication subnet. During the reconfiguration, one of the 10Gb ports from each of the nodes 1-4 was moved into the new pool and SBR was activated.

After activating the replication policies, the administrator noticed that the main production ports on nodes 1-4 reached the bandwidth limit.

What is a possible reason for this behavior?


18. When configuring NTP on a 4-node Gen 6 cluster, how many chimer nodes are automatically configured on the cluster?


19. An Isilon administrator has four H600 nodes and eight A2000 nodes in the cluster. The file pool policy is configured to have all new data written to the H600 nodes. After a few weeks, the administrator has some concerns about the available capacity on the H600 nodes.

Which feature should be configured to accept writes, even after the H600 nodes become full?


20. What is the maximum number of active Swift connections on a 5-node Isilon cluster?


21. What is the minimum storage space needed on a datastore to hold InsightIQ?


22. In an Isilon Gen 5 environment, what is the maximum number of data stripes for the N+3d:1n1d protection level?


23. An NFS export is created on the Isilon cluster. No clients are listed in the export rules.

What is the client behavior when accessing the export?


24. A company plans to build two Isilon clusters in an active-active disaster recovery environment. The initial requirement is to have one access zone for their Finance department.

Which recommended directory structure meets the requirement?


25. In an Isilon environment, what is a requirement to join multiple, untrusted Active Directory (AD) authentication sources to an access zone?


26. A user has recently left the company. After two weeks, the Isilon administrator receive a request to provide some files from the user’s directory called ifsuserJohn_Doedevelopment. The administrator then discovers that the required files have been deleted, but a snapshot of the directory is available.

After restoring the files from the snapshot, which additional step is necessary to access the files?


27. An administrator uses a TreeDelete job to delete a large directory. After the job starts, users notice an issue with performance on the cluster.

Which recommended action will resolve the performance issue with the job?


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