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The special level exam for Avamar Systems Administrator certification is E20-598, which will benefit any Storage Administrator and/or Avamar professional implementing or managing the Avamar product. Avamar Systems Administrator Exam E20-598 Dumps Questions have been released on DumpsBase, which offer you the great E20-598 practice questions and answers. You just need to practice all these E20-598 exam questions and answers carefully, we ensure that you will pass E20-598 Backup and Recovery – Avamar Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators exam smoothly. 

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1. Which hash type represents an individual data chunk processed during an EMC Avamar backup?


2. For each file that is backed up in an EMC Avamar system, how many total bytes are added to the file cache?


3. What are three types of EMC Avamar hashes?


4. What is used by EMC Avamar to provide system-wide fault tolerance?


5. The EMC Avamar client needs to backup a file and has performed sticky-byte factoring.

This results in the following:

– Seven (7) chunks that will compress at 30%

– Four (4) that will compress at 23%

– Two (2) chunks at 50% compression

How many chunks will be compressed prior to hashing?


6. Which four account management actions can be performed from the EMC Client Manager interface?


7. In EMC Avamar 6.0, which tool is used to completely move clients to a new Avamar server?


8. Which tool is used to move a client to a new domain in EMC Avamar 6.0?


9. How many simultaneous client connections per node will an EMC Avamar server support?


10. What is a characteristic of variable block deduplication?


11. A storage node in a multi-node Avamar server has failed and a replacement node has been added to the grid.

What is used to reconstruct the data on the new node?


12. Which port on the Avamar server does the client connect to when performing a backup with encryption enabled?


13. Which time zone is used on EMC Avamar nodes?


14. In an EMC Avamar backup operation, which process always produces identical chunk results given the same data?


15. On an EMC Avamar server, what is the file extension of stripes that contain backup chunks?


16. A customer is unable to connect to their EMC Avamar server when using the Avamar Administrator GUI.

If default settings are being used, which port must be open for a successful connection?


17. Which interface is used to start Avamar Client Manager?


18. Which size Avamar Gen4 storage node is supported for a RAIN configuration?


19. Which processes are started automatically during an EMC Avamar Windows client installation?


20. Which administrative tasks can be performed using the EMC Avamar Enterprise Manager?


21. What is the first process performed by avatar when running an EMC Avamar backup?


22. A company wants to back up their EMC Celerra to their Avamar server. Where is the Avamar backup client software installed?


23. By default, which port is required to be open on the firewall for client communications with the EMC Avamar utility node?


24. How much RAM is required for an EMC Avamar Gen4 utility node?


25. What is the maximum number of nodes that can be configured for an EMC Avamar multi-node grid?


26. A company is using an EMC Avamar multi-node server with 2 TB storage nodes. The company wants to add 3 TB of Avamar storage to the multi-node server.

How can this be achieved?


27. Which client process listens for a work order from the EMC Avamar server?


28. In EMC Avamar, what is a variable-size unit of deduplicated data?


29. An EMC Avamar customer, without premium support, has a requirement to be able to recover from a failed storage node.

What is the minimum amount of nodes, of all types, that is required to support this functionality?


30. Which feature is available through the Avamar Enterprise Manager, but not available through the Administrator console?


31. Based on the configuration represented in the exhibit, which type(s) of EMC Avamar replication can be used?


32. Where are replication log files stored on an EMC Avamar server?


33. A storage administrator is using the Avamar Administrator console to configure replication.

What is the default password for the "repluser" account?


34. A storage administrator wants to migrate from a single-node EMC Avamar server to a Avamar multi-node server.

Which method of replication should be used?


35. Which functionality is only available with EMC Avamar selective replication?


36. An EMC Avamar storage administrator has 400 Microsoft Windows clients; 350 are production and 50 are development. The administrator wants to replicate only the production servers.

If repl_cron.cfg is changed to exclude only the development servers, what will be replicated?


37. An EMC Avamar storage administrator has 400 Microsoft Windows clients; 350 are production and 50 are development. The administrator wants to replicate only the production servers.

If Enterprise Manager is used to only include the production servers, what will be replicated?


38. An EMC Avamar server is configured to use the default settings.

What is the maximum allowable O/S capacity utilization after which HFS checks will not run?


39. What is the behavior of an EMC Avamar HFS check when it detects an error in a stripe?


40. Which EMC Avamar Administration Console window is used to adjust the time when the server runs garbage collection?


41. Which factor has the most impact on checkpoint overhead for an EMC Avamar server?


42. In EMC Avamar, what is the default duration of the backup window?


43. Garbage collection is running on an EMC Avamar server.

Which activities can be performed at this time?


44. What is the maximum number of backups that can be running per Avamar storage node in order for HFS check to initiate successfully?


45. What is the access mode of the server during an EMC Avamar checkpoint maintenance activity?


46. Which EMC Avamar Management Console navigation screen can be used to check when the last checkpoint and checkpoint validation occurred?


47. What is the recommended replication method for moving all data and clients from a single node to a multi-node EMC Avamar server?


48. Which EMC Avamar replication mode allows for many-to-one and bi-directional replication?


49. A storage administrator is troubleshooting an EMC Avamar client that is failing with "Time Out – Start".

Which log is the first place to check?


50. When the Avamar "getlogs" script is executed, where is the output stored?


51. In steady state, what is the approximate rate of data removed from an Avamar grid during a daily garbage collection?


52. What are the EMC Avamar daily activities that run during the maintenance window?


53. At which percentage of the O/S capacity does garbage collection stop running in an EMC Avamar environment?


54. On an EMC Avamar server, the maintenance schedule is enabled.

If the server is over a certain capacity, when will the server automatically cancel backups that are running under the default configuration?


55. Which user account and default password should be used when configuring an additional EMC Avamar server in Enterprise Manager?


56. At which percentage of user capacity will EMC Avamar issue the first warning?


57. At which percentage of user capacity are new backups suspended in an EMC Avamar environment?


58. A company wants to compare the amount of Avamar storage that a Microsoft Windows file server client consumes with that of a UNIX DB2 server.

Which tool can be used to determine the amount of Avamar storage used by a particular client?


59. A storage administrator wants to determine if the EMC Avamar server is running in steady state.

Which command/script must be run?


60. Which factor(s) impacts the EMC Avamar checkpoint overhead?


61. The exhibit shows a portion of a DPN Summary report.

Which field on the report indicates how much data has been transferred to the EMC Avamar server?


62. An EMC Avamar customer is analyzing the DPN Summary report shown in the exhibit.

What does the field "TotalBytes" represent?


63. By default, what is a characteristic of Avamar ConnectEMC?


64. By default, what does the Avamar Email Home profile send?


65. A company using EMC Avamar wants to delete a backup from their grid during the end of the maintenance window.

However, they are not able to delete it.

What may prevent the backup from being deleted?


66. Which factor(s) affect the capacity utilization in an EMC Avamar environment?


67. A company has 50 clients backing up to an EMC Avamar server. The storage administrator has decided to enable desktop/laptop (DTLT) support for several of the Microsoft Windows client machines.

Where is this support enabled?


68. Which type of data can be restored by a user with EMC Avamar Desktop/Laptop (DTLT)?


69. An EMC Avamar storage administrator is creating a single dataset for all Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista desktop/laptop (DTLT) clients. In the source data, the administrator includes C:Documents and Settings and C:Users.

Which flag needs to be added to prevent the "Path not found" error?


70. According to EMC Avamar best practices, what is the maximum ratio of database data to file system data that should exist in an Avamar backup environment?


71. A storage administrator has successfully configured EMC Avamar to use Microsoft Windows Active Directory external authentication.

Which accounts and/or interfaces can be accessed by users set up to use this authentication?


72. A multi-node EMC Avamar server is backing up clients worldwide.

What must the storage administrator keep in mind to help ensure that backup schedules do not conflict with the Avamar server blackout window?


73. On an EMC Avamar Windows client host, what is the default location for the Avamar software?


74. You are performing an ad-hoc backup from a Microsoft Windows client.

Which log file would you use to investigate communication issues between the Avamar client and the Avamar server utility node?


75. How many total concurrent backup jobs can be run on an EMC Avamar server?


76. A storage administrator is planning to back up virtual machines residing on an ESX 4.0 server using EMC Avamar and VMware vSphere.

What is a characteristic of this type of backup?


77. A company recently deployed an EMC Avamar Gen4 server with Avamar 6.0 software to protect their data. The backup administrator wants system state protection for their critical Microsoft Windows 2003 servers.

What is the recommended method?


78. What is a potential impact of having an undersized hash cache on an EMC Avamar client?


79. A company has just deployed a VMware environment. The EMC Avamar storage administrator wants to ensure they receive the highest level of deduplication within the environment for backups.

Which type of backup should be performed?


80. A Microsoft Windows user is about to initiate an on-demand backup from the client interface when the utility node fails on their multi-node EMC Avamar grid.

What must be done prior to initiating the backup to ensure the backup will complete successfully?


81. In which directory are the Avamar data server log files located in a multi-node Avamar server?


82. On which cluster node(s) is the Avamar Windows File System client installed in a Microsoft Windows 2008 cluster?


83. Due to a scheduling conflict, an EMC Avamar administrator had to cancel the backup of a client using the Avamar Administration GUI.

What happens to the backup data that had already been sent to the Avamar server?


84. When sizing a large database server on an EMC Avamar, how many bytes per entry are added to the hash cache?


85. When sizing a large file server on an EMC Avamar, how many bytes per file are added to the file cache?


86. In EMC Avamar, what is the purpose of the p_cache.dat file?


87. A company has an EMC Celerra volume with 40 million files. They want to back up the entire volume using a single EMC Avamar accelerator.

According to best practices, what is the minimum number of backup streams that should be used?


88. When a backup is initiated by the EMC Avamar client application, how is the retention determined?


89. Based on EMC best practices, what is recommended when creating Avamar schedules?


90. What is an EMC Avamar best practice when performing an Microsoft Exchange 2003 Message Level restore of an individual message?


91. What is a characteristic of EMC Avamar VMware Image Level backups?


92. What is an advantage of performing VMware Image Level backups with EMC Avamar?


93. According to EMC best practices, what is the maximum percentage of physical RAM that should be allocated for the hash and file caches combined?


94. According to EMC best practices, what is recommended when planning for an EMC Avamar client deployment?


95. Based on EMC best practice, what is recommended when creating Avamar domains?


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