New Released Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) DES-1B31 Exam Questions

Dell EMC DES-1B31 exam is for Specialist – Systems Administrator, Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS), which helps candidates manage, customize, monitor, or use an ECS system for data storage. Specialist – Systems Administrator, Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) certification benefits any professional managing ECS solutions. New DES-1B31 exam questions will be your passport of Dell EMC DES-1B31 exam.

New Released Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) DES-1B31 Exam Questions

1. A storage administrator enquires about ECS access to S3, NFSv3, and HDFS.

What should be your response?

2. What is a correct statement concerning the use of ECS as an LTR solution with DD Cloud Tier?

3. What is the minimum number of nodes required to configure an ECS storage pool?

4. Which type of data service is provided by ECS?

5. Which tab would a user select in the ECS portal to configure ESRS?

6. How does a user apply a license on an ECS system?

7. Which Centera feature is supported in an ECS 3.0 CAS environment?

8. On which level(s) is an ECS retention policy enforced?

9. Which protocol allows Microsoft Windows servers to access storage on ECS?

10. A company wants its x64 Linux backup data sent directly to ECS.

Which supported and most efficient configuration would you recommend for this environment?

11. Which ECS feature allows it to aggregate multiple small data objects queued in memory and then write them in a single disk operation?

12. A company is integrating Dell EMC Isilon Isilon CloudPools with the ECS and would like to enable CloudPools for disaster recovery failover Which deep copy option should be used?

13. What is the name of the process for copying necessary metadata to a replication group to which a zone has been added?

14. How does a user apply a license on an ECS system?

15. What is a characteristic of ECS buckets when configured to allow access through S3 and NFSv3?

16. Which tool is used for Application Cliplist generation?

17. A company has been running ECS for an extended period.

What happens when they install a [email protected] license?

18. A storage administrator is trying to create a new bucket using They use a URL pointing to their load balancer. The SSL connection is terminated on the load balancer.

What port number should be used at the command line?

19. A retention policy and a retention period are defined for the same object.

What will control the deletion of that object?

20. An organization is planning to integrate many S3 client applications with ECS. The applications are using virtual host style addressing for bucket identification.

What configuration should the storage administrator use?



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