Updated HCNP – WCDMA RNP&RNO H35-521-ENU Exam Questions

Choosing updated and best learning materials for HCNP-WCDMA RNP&RNO certification is the most effecntive way to pass H35-521-ENU exam. But where can you choose the best guide for Huawei H35-521-ENU exam? Here high recommend you our Updated HCNP – WCDMA RNP&RNO H35-521-ENU Exam Questions to help you complete your Huawei H35-521-ENU exam successfully.

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1. If the quality is constant, the system load will increase, the capacity will increase, and the interference will increase and the coverage will decrease.


2. HSDPA services can trigger soft handoffs.


3. HSUPA control channel (E-AGCH/E-RGCH/E-HICH): used to complete the uplink control and uplink error retransmission mechanism for the UE by UTRAN in HSUPA.


4. The UE reads the system broadcast message to know which of the following information about the network? (Multiple Choice)


5. Which of the following factors should be considered when conducting co-site location isolation analysis? (Multiple Choice)


6. The greater the processing gain, the greater the power required, the more power the mobile phone consumes, and the smaller the service coverage.


7. In the case of a companion channel, the HSUPA user needs a rate of 2Mbps. Which codeword assignment of the following can meet the user?


8. Which of the following network elements does the load control technology uninvolve?


9. Which of the following system messages contains system information pf NSA layer and UE timer/counter?


10. Regarding the relationship between Cch, 4, 1 and Cch, 4, 2, which of the following statements are correct? (Multiple Choice)


11. Which of the following interface is managed by RNSAP signaling?


12. Which of the following factors affect the capacity of the WCDMA system? (Multiple Choice)


13. Which of the following methods does the MAC layer feature not include?


14. n our current link budgeting tool, the load factor defined at the transmitting end is used, which factors as the following are included to directly affect the calculation of the downlink interference margin?(Multiple Choice)


15. In the communication model, which of the following is unique to the code division system?


16. Which of the following devices does the base station antenna feeder subsystem not include?


17. The normal soft handoff ratio is kept between 30% – 40%. If there is a high soft handoff ratio, which of the following is unlikely to cause this situation?


18. Which of the following signaling is used to send the neighbor list in connect state and the parameters of the switch event?


19. Which of the following statements are wrong? (Multiple Choice)


20. Which of the following is included in the resource admittance content in RNC smart admittance algorithm? (Multiple choice)


21. Which of the following is the interface between the RNC and the Node B?


22. Which of the following aspects does the inter-cell load control include? (Multiple Choice)


23. For the description of P-CPICH, what are the correct ones as the following? (Multiple Choice)


24. Which of the following dimensions are used to define a physical channel in a WCDMA syste ? (Multiple Choice)


25. On the Iub interface, what are the possible reasons for cell setup failure and location update failure? (Multiple Choice)


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