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Below are the Aruba Certified Switching Professional Exam HPE6-A73 Free Dumps

1. When implementing user-based tunneling on an AOS-CX switch, which component defines the primary and backup Aruba gateways?

2. A network engineer is having a problem adding a custom-written script to an AOS-CX switch’s NAE GUI. The script was written in Python and was successfully added on other AOS-CX switches.

The engineer examines the following items from the CLI of the switch:

What should the engineer perform to fix this issue?

3. The AOS-CX mobile app allows a network engineer or technician to perform which tasks? (Choose two.)

4. An administrator wants to track what configuration changes were made on a switch .

What should the administrator implement to see the configuration changes on an AOS-CX switch?

5. An administrator is replacing the current access switches with AOS-CX switches. The access layer switches must authenticate user and networking devices connecting to them. Some devices support no form of authentication, and some support 802.1X. Some ports have a VoIP phone and a PC connected to the same port, where the PC is connected to the data port of the phone and the phone’s LAN port is connected to the switch.

Which statement is correct about this situation?

6. Examine the network exhibit.

A network administrator is implementing OSPF on a VSX pair of aggregation switches: Agg1 and Agg2. VLANs 10 and 20 are connected to layer-2 access switches. Agg-1 and Agg-2 are configured as the default gateway for VLANs 10 and 20, with active gateway enabled.

What is the best practice for configuring OSPF on the aggregation switches and their connection to the Core switch?

7. An administrator creates an ACL rule with both the “count” and “log” option enabled .

What is correct about the

action taken by an AOS-CX switch when there is a match on this rule?

8. Which protocol should be configured to allow NetEdit to discover third-party devices?

9. An administrator is defining a VSX LAG on a pair of AOS-CX switches that are defined as primary and

secondary. The VSX LAG fails to establish successfully with a remote switch; however, after verification, the remote switch is configured correctly. The administrator narrows down the problem to the configuration on the AOS-CX switches.

What would cause this problem?

10. What is correct regarding the tunneling of user traffic between AOS-CX switches and Aruba Mobility

Controllers (MCs)?

11. Examine the commands entered on an AOS-CX switch:

What is true regarding this configuration for traffic received on interface 100?

12. Which option correctly defines how to identify a VLAN as a voice VLAN on an AOS-CX switch?

13. An administrator is looking for a data center switching solution that will greatly reduce the likelihood of dropped frames when uplink congestion is experienced .

Which AOS-CX switch queuing feature meets the administrator’s needs?

14. Examine the attached exhibit.

The network administrators is trying to add a remote location as area 3 to the network shown in the diagram.

Based on current connection restrictions, the administrator cannot connect area 3 directly to area 0. The network is using AOS-CX switches.

Which feature should the administrator implement to provide connectivity to the remote location?

15. In AOS-CX switching, what determines when a frame is forwarded by the switch between the ingress and the egress port?

16. How should a network administrator add NAE scripts and implement NAE agents that will run on an AOS-CX switch?

17. Which AOS-CX feature is used to prevent head-on-line (HOL) blocking?

18. Examine the following AOS-CX switch configuration:

Which access control entries would allow web traffic to the web servers and

19. A company has implemented 802.1X authentication on AOS-CX access switches, where two ClearPass servers are used to implement AAA. Each switch has the two servers defined.

A network engineer notices the following command configured on the AOS-CX switches:

radius-server tracking user-name monitor password plaintext aruba123

What is the purpose of this configuration?

20. What is correct regarding the configuration of ACLs on AOS-CX switches?

21. A network administrator wants to centralize the management of AOS-CX switches by implementing NetEdit.

How should the administrator purchase and/or install the NetEdit solution?

22. An administrator is managing a pair of core AOS-CX switches configured for VSX. Connected to this core are pairs of aggregation layer AOS-CX switches configured for VSX. OSPF is running between the aggregation and core layers. To speed up OSPF convergence, the administrator has configured BFD between the core and aggregation switches.

What is a best practice the administrator should implement to reduce CPU processing on the switches if a BFD neighbor fails?

23. What is correct regarding multicasting and AOS-CX switches?

24. What must a network administrator implement in order to run an NAE script on an AOS-CX switch?

25. An administrator is managing a network comprised of AOS-CX switches deployed at the aggregation layer. The switches are paired in a VSX stack and run the OSPF routing protocol. The administrator is concerned about how long it takes for OSPF to converge when one of the VSX switches has to reboot.

What should the administrator to do speed up the OSPF convergence of the switch that is rebooting?

26. An administrator implements interim accounting for guest users so that ClearPass can track the amount of bandwidth that guests upload and download. Guests that abuse bandwidth consumption should be disconnected from the network.

The administrator configures the following on the AOS-CX access switches:

After performing this configuration, the administrator notices that guest users that have exceeded the guest bandwidth limit are not being disconnected. Upon further investigation, Access Tracker in ClearPass indicates a disconnect CoA message is being sent to the AOS-CX switch.

What is causing this issue?

27. A company has a third-party AAA server solution. The campus access layer was just upgraded to AOS-CX switches that perform access control with MAC-Auth and 802.1X. The company has an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC) solution for wireless, and they want to leverage the firewall policies on the controllers for the wired traffic.

What is correct about how the company should implement a security solution where the wired traffic is processed by the MCs?

28. Examine the VSX-related configuration of the core layer AOS-CX switch:

A network administrator is troubleshooting a connectivity issue involving the VSX LAG (link aggregation) between the core and access layer switch, during HW replacement of one of the core switches.

Which configuration should the administrator add to the core switch to fix this issue?

29. An administrator wants to implement dynamic segmentation policies. The network consists of AOS-CX and Aruba gateways.

Which type of forwarding should the administrator implement for users that already connect via wireless, but will also be connecting on Ethernet switch ports?

30. Which protocol does NetEdit use to discover devices in a subnet during the discovery process?

31. An administrator of a large campus network needs a solution that will provide root cause analytics to quickly identify problems so that they can quickly be fixed.

Which AOS-CX switch feature should the administrator utilize to help with root cause analytics?

32. A network administrator is managing a network that deploys a multicast service. The administrator has multiple streams successfully being routed by PIM-DM in the network. The administrator then adds a new stream with a destination address of However, clients who have not joined the stream are receiving it.

What should the administrator do to fix this problem?

33. An administrator is supporting a network with the access layer consisting of AOS-CX 6300 and 6400 switches. The administrator needs to quickly deploy Aruba IAPs and security cameras in the network, ensuring that the correct QoS and VLAN settings are dynamically applied to the switch ports. Currently, switches are not configured to do device authentication, and no authentication server exists in the network.

Which AOS-CX feature should the administrator use to dynamically assign the policy settings to the correct switch ports?

34. An administrator of a company has concerns about upgrading the access layer switches. The users rely heavily on wireless and VoIP telephony .

Which is the best recommendation to ensure a short downtime for the users during upgrading the access layer switches?

35. A network has an ABR that connects area 0 and 1. A network engineer configures a summarized route for area 0. The ABR is a designated router (DR) for the segment it uses to connect to area 1.

Which LSA type is assigned to this route when the summarized route is advertised into area 1 by the ABR?


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