System Consultant – Genesys SIP SERVER (GCP8 – SIP) GE0-807 Dumps Questions

System Consultant – Genesys SIP SERVER (GCP8 – SIP) GE0-807 exam is primarily for technical professionals whose roles include system administrator, consultant or partner who will install, configure and deploy SIP Server. If you are the one of them, we will recommend to choose GE0-807 dumps questions online to practice and prepare well. We have released new GE0-807 exam dumps with 80 practice exam questions and answers online. We ensure that you can pass System Consultant – Genesys SIP SERVER (GCP8 – SIP) certification exam successfully.

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1. How is the Genesys SIP Server licensed?

2. Which of the following stays in the signaling path during the entire session? Choose 2 answers

3. Which of the following are methods are supported by SIP Server for detecting whether a particular device is unavailable and needs to be placed in Out of Service state? (Choose 2 answers)

4. You have 3 separate remote sites using SIP technology without P8X. One location has one MOH and one MCU server, second location has a one MOH and one treatment server and third site has one MOH and one recording Media Server installed. The whole contact center has a rate of 30calls/sec.

What is the minimal number of Network SIP servers needed for this installation?

5. We want to use a treatment 'PlayAnnouncement' from routing strategy to play following file:

C:ProgramFilesMediaserverAnnouncementl_mulaw, wav,

How would the URI in the INVITE message sent to Media Server look like?

6. When configuring a Voice over IP Service ON in Genesys Administrator to enable treatment capability of Media Server using NET ANN, which options are mandatory in the TServer section of the Annex Tab of this DN? (Choose 2 answers)

7. Sip Server 8.x introduced the overload control feature, which allows the specification of a value to limit the number of interactions SIP Server handles.

At what percentage of this value does SlP Server reject all traffic?

8. Which of the following are SIP messages that SIP Server can map to T-Library messages? Choose 4 answers

9. SIP Server starts successfully. However, its status on SCS is "Service Unavailable" and SIP Server distributes EventLinkDisconnected to clients.

Which of the following circumstances would be responsible for the status and EventLinkDisconnected message?

10. A "Cradle to grave" ("beginning to end") call control is a functionality of which of the following? (Choose 2 answers).

11. Which of the following methods does SIP Server use to create a new SIP dialog? (Choose 2 answers)

12. Which of the features below does a B2BUA deliver to a SIP-based VoIP architecture? (Choose 3 answers)

13. What does 3PCC mean?

14. Which of the following are valid parameters of the Announcement Treatment? (Choose 2 answers)

15. Which of the following is SIP Server deployment modes used with a Framework 8 solution? Choose 3 answers

16. Which protocol is SIP Server using when in communication with Softswitch?

17. Which protocol is SIP Server using in communication with Media Server?

18. In the case where MSML is configured between SIP Server and Media Server, what is the SIP method used to carry information between them both?

19. Which statements are correct? (Choose 2 answers)

20. If multiple patterns are matched in a dial plan, which of the following describes how SIP Server could determine which pattern match to use? (Choose 2 answers)

21. Which header in the INVITE message will SIP Server analyze in order to select the proper geo-location for an inbound call?

22. Which of the following are SIP methods that can be used to pass DTMF tones? (Choose 3 answers)

23. In a single site deployment, SIP Server can be deployed in which of the following modes? Choose 3 answers

24. Which of the following choices below contains all the messages that SIP is required to act on during the request/response handshake?

25. You would like to record what the customer hears and says from the very beginning of the call to when it is terminated, regardless of whether or not an agent transferred the call, or created a conference, and so on.

Which ON type should you use to enable recording?


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