Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin SPLK-3001 Dumps

Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin certification exam is one of Splunk certification exams, which demonstrates your ability to install, configure, and manage a Splunk Enterprise Security deployment. To help you prepare for Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin certification track and pass SPLK-3001 exam successfully, we released new SPLK-3001 dumps online. With the valid and verified SPLK-3001 exam questions and answers, you can pass SPLK-3001 Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin exam in the first try.

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1. The Add-On Builder creates Splunk Apps that start with what?

2. Which of the following are examples of sources for events in the endpoint security domain dashboards?

3. When creating custom correlation searches, what format is used to embed field values in the title, description, and drill-down fields of a notable event?

4. What feature of Enterprise Security downloads threat intelligence data from a web server?

5. The Remote Access panel within the User Activity dashboard is not populating with the most recent hour of data.

What data model should be checked for potential errors such as skipped searches?

6. In order to include an eventtype in a data model node, what is the next step after extracting the correct fields?

7. What role should be assigned to a security team member who will be taking ownership of notable events in the incident review dashboard?

8. Which column in the Asset or Identity list is combined with event security to make a notable event’s urgency?

9. What does the risk framework add to an object (user, server or other type) to indicate increased risk?

10. Which indexes are searched by default for CIM data models?

11. Which setting is used in indexes.confto specify alternate locations for accelerated storage?

12. Which of the following is a way to test for a property normalized data model?

13. Which argument to the | tstats command restricts the search to summarized data only?

14. When investigating, what is the best way to store a newly-found IOC?

15. How is it possible to navigate to the list of currently-enabled ES correlation searches?


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