Real HCIP-Routing&Switching H12-221 Exam Questions

HCIP-Routing&Switching H12-221 exam questions have been updated to V18.02, which contain real exam questions and answers for clearing H12-221 exam. H12-221 HCIP-Routing & Switching-IERS exam is one of the three HCIP-Routing&Switching exams(H12-221,H12-222,H12-223). New version, which contains 613 exam questions and answers are great. You just need to learn DumpsBase H12-221 software for passing.

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1. The following is a section on the configuration of the master VLAN and the slave VLAN in the MUX VLAN. Which of the following about this configuration is correct? (Multiple Choice)

2. The state of the BGP neighbor establishment process exists as follows. The sequence of state machines experienced by establishing a successful connection is:

3. Regarding the two working modes of PIM-DM and PIM-SM, the correct description is: (Multiple Choice)

4. The router receives two BGP routes with the following attributes. Select the optimal route based on the BGP selection rules.

Network NextHop MED LocPrf PrefVal Path/Ogn

M192168 30 0 100 i

N192168 20 0 100 200i

5. What are the main steps included in the IS-IS protocol routing calculation? (Multiple Choice)

6. If the router-id is configured in the system view and the BGP view of router, becuase of the high priority of the BGP view, the BGP view uses the router-id in the BGP view.

7. Regarding the NSSA command description, the error is:

8. The difference between the PIM-SM protocol and the PIM-DM protocol is: (Multiple Choice)

9. Which of the following conditions can cause multicast traffic to fail to reach the user? (Multiple Choice)

10. Regarding the description of BGP neighbors, the errors are: (Multiple Choice)

11. The BGP AS_PATH attribute is an optional transition attribute.

12. The routing tool route-policy can give pre-defined condition filtering and set BGP attributes, so it is often used to define policies for BGP peers, and is often used during route generation. By default, all unmatched routes were rejected to go through route-policy.

13. The Hold time carried by the BGP neighbor PeerA in the Open is 90s. The Hold time carried by the PeerB in the Open is 30s. The interval between the PeerA and the PeerB after the connection is successfully established is:

14. Link Aggregation is a way to bundle a set of physical interfaces together as a logical interface to increase bandwidth.

There are two types of link aggregation control protocols: manual load balancing mode and static LACP mode.

15. In the ACL rule, if all the rules are found and there are no rules that meet the conditions, called the miss rules, no processing is performed on the packets.

16. IGMPv3 not only supports the general group query of IGMPv1 version and the specific group query of IGMPv2 version, but also supports the specified source/group query of IGMPv3 version.

17. Regarding the description of the network command in BGP, the error is:

18. The correct description of the LSA is:

19. Which of the following information is carried in the BGP Open message? (Multiple Choice)

20. Multicast related protocols do not include:


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