HCIP-Transmission V2.0 H31-341 Exam Dumps Online

To pass H31-341 HCIP-Transmission V2.0 exam, you need to choose real H31-341 exam dumps. HCIP-Transmission certification is targeted at the capacity training and capability certification of senior engineers at Huawei transmission network field. HCIP-Transmission V2.0 H31-341 Exam Dumps is here to provide you with real exam questions and answers. We ensure that you can pass H31-341 HCIP-Transmission V2.0 exam smoothly.

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1. Which of the following description of the ASON software structure is correct? (Multiple Choice)


2. The transmission plane mainly performs functions such as optical signal transmission, multiplexing, configuration protection switching, and reconnection, and ensures the reliability of the transmitted optical signal. However, the exchange action of this layer is carried out under the influence of the management dry surface and the control plane.


3. Which of the following are limitations of the alarm and performance analysis methods? (Multiple Choice)


4. Which of the following is the data that needs to be collected and saved in the event of a failure? (Multiple Choice)


5. After the signal of the standard Ethernet frame length of 64 Bytes is connected to the Ethernet board, if the QinQ function is enabled, what is the actual frame length of the signal inside the board?


6. The length range of the DATA field in the Ethernet frame structure is ().


7. Which of the following is a good way to avoid creating discrete paths? (Multiple Choice)


8. Which of the following description of discrete services is correct? (Multiple Choice)


9. Which step is more when the the single board replacement operation of main control board single configuration than main control board double configuration?


10. The main application scenarios for board compatible replacement are (). (Multiple Choice)


11. Which of the following operating modes does the AT8 board support? (Multiple Choice)


12. Which of the following description of the extended ECC is correct? (Multiple Choice)


13. Which of the following description of the principle of automatic protection switching of the standard SSM protocol is correct? (Multiple Choice)


14. Which of the following description of the evolutionist in the mainstream SDN model in the industry is correct? (Multiple Choice)


15. Which of the following statement about the MPLS-TP OAM level is correct?


16. Which of the following is the incorrect description of the internal port properties of the Ethernet board?


17. The steps that must be performed when configuring the Ethernet private line service carried by the PW are as follows: (Multiple Choice)


18. MPLS APS is a network protection mechanism that implements service creation through the detection function of MPLS OAM.


19. The E-Line service types supported by the MS-OTN packet device are: (Multiple Choice)


20. Which of the following are the components of general package format of PWE3? (Multiple Choice)


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