Newly Updated HCIA-Cloud Service V2.2 H13-811_V2.2-ENU Dumps Questions For Preparation

Are you planning for HCIA-Cloud Service certification? The current version of HCIA-Cloud Service certification is V2.2, now you need to register H13-811_V2.2 exam to complete the HCIA-Cloud Service certification. H13-811_V2.2 exam is available in English and Chinese. Updated Huawei Certification H13-811_V2.2-ENU dumps questions have been released to help you prepare for new HCIA-Cloud Service V2.2 certification. All the questions and answers in H13-811_V2.2-ENU dumps are great, ensuring that you can pass HCIA-Cloud Service V2.2 exam successfully.

Read Huawei HCIA-Cloud Service H13-811_V2.2-ENU Free Dumps Below

1. Elastic load balancing can add cloud servers with different operating systems.

2. The flexible file service supports the standard ( ) protocol.(Multiple Choice)

3. What are the product advantages of VPC? (Multiple Choice)

4. The alarm threshold is composed of three parts: aggregation mode, condition, and critical value, which are used to configure alarm conditions.

5. Data access service provides a one-stop big data collaborative development platform to help users easily complete multiple tasks such as data modeling, data integration, script development, and job scheduling.

6. What are the components of the elastic cloud server? (Multiple Choice)

7. Which of the following services can be used in conjunction with elastic scaling? (Multiple Choice)

8. What applications and services does Huawei cloud market provide? (Multiple Choice)

9. Cloud hard disk backup supports () to record the operation of backup service resources, so that users can query, audit, and backtrack.

10. What does the elastic cloud server use for data storage?

11. Which of the following options is not an advantage of cloud hard drives?

12. There is no need to delete the virtual gateway and virtual interface bound to the physical leased line when unsubscribing to the physical leased line.

13. After created a backup strategy, you can bind the cloud disk in the () state to the backup strategy.

14. There is no limit to the size of the exported image.

15. Which of the following options is the most reasonable configuration process of virtual private cloud?

16. Which computing cloud service does not belong to Huawei?

17. After purchasing a VPN gateway, a public network exit IP address will be automatically assigned to the VPN gateway.

18. Which of the following standard bucket strategies does OBS have? (Multiple Choice)

19. After the elastic cloud server is bound to (), it can provide access to the outside through a fixed public IP address.

20. The elastic file service can set read-only permission control for users.

21. How many types of VPNs can be divided according to business purposes? (Multiple Choice)

22. Which of the following are the advantages of load balancing? (Multiple Choice)

23. Which of the following is not included in the main application scenarios of KMS (Key Management Service)?

24. The cloud dedicated line service is a dedicated line network service that establishes a connection between the local data center and the public cloud. What types of dedicated lines are currently supported by the cloud dedicated line?

25. Elastic cloud servers between different availability zones in the same area cannot communicate with each other.

26. Users can use the object storage service in two ways: the management console (OBS Console) and the client (OBS Browser).

27. When the capacity of the cloud hard disk is insufficient, which of the following solutions are available? (Multiple Choice)

28. The file system supports batch creation.

29. The relational database service RDS does not have database backup and recovery functions.

30. What are the types of scaling strategies for elastic scaling? (Multiple Choice)

31. The CIFS type file system supports the cloud server using the Linux operating system for mounting.

32. Which of the following are the main functions of the enterprise host security HSS? (Multiple Choice)

33. Vulnerability scanning service can repair the vulnerabilities scanned out.

34. What computing services does Huawei public cloud provide? (Multiple Choice)

35. Host monitoring supports monitoring of elastic cloud servers and bare metal servers.

36. According to the classification of Huawei cloud services, which cloud service is not a computing cloud service?

37. Which of the following are the application scenarios of elastic load balancing? (Multiple Choice)

38. Scalable bandwidth supports the setting of three types of scalable bandwidth strategies, which are alarm strategy, timing strategy and periodic strategy.

39. The API gateway service is a booster for the digital transformation of enterprises.

40. The identities of API providers and API consumers are not separated, but can be converted to each other.


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