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1. A storage administrator has requested a recommendation on upgrading their VNX5600 to a comparable Unity storage array. The solution requires a maximum capacity of 3.5 PB.

To meet the administrator's requirement without over provisioning the capacity, which Unity Hybrid storage array is recommended?

2. What is the minimum VMware Hypervisor version a server must be running in order to support the deployment of a UnityVSA system?

3. Which feature is supported on a UnityVSA operating environment?

4. A storage administrator is creating a host profile in Unisphere to provide host access to block storage resources using the iSCSI protocol. The host initiators were not automatically discovered and must be manually added.

In addition to the SAN host IQN, what other configuration can be performed through the "Create iSCSI Initiator Wizard" window?

5. A storage administrator is configuring a storage pool on a Unity system containing Flash disks and SAS disks.

What tier will the system assign to each of the disk types?

6. What describes the LUN Snapshot Copy operation?

7. Which technology is used by Unity Snapshots?


What is the correct sequence of steps taken by the storage array when an AC power failure is detected?

9. A system administrator is configuring asynchronous remote replication for an existing NAS server and its' file systems on a Unity system.

What should the administrator create to ensure all data is replicated for the NAS server and the file system?

10. Which Unity feature provides a high bandwidth connection for large file transfers, enables proactive Service Request generation and usage license reporting, and operates on a 24x7 basis?

11. Which software bundles are provided with the Unity Starter software package?

12. When configuring asynchronous remote replication, how many internal Unity Snapshots are configured and utilized on the source system by a single replication session?

13. A storage administrator is implementing FAST Cache on a Unity 500 storage array and can select from a mix of SSD drives.

Which drive types can be configured to meet the administrator’s requirements?

14. A storage administrator is required to test a new version of an application loaded on a secondary host. The administrator must use existing data contained on a LUN provisioned from Dell EMC Unity XT to a primary host.

Which solution will meet the requirement and provide space efficiency?

15. On which systems is Quality of Service available?

16. When deploying virtual disks for a UnityVSA system, what is an EMC recommended Disk Provision Policy?

17. Which Dell EMC UnityXT system user interface allows system administrators to create scripts for automating routine tasks?

18. A system administrator has configured a system using the Initial Configuration wizard. After completing the wizard, the administrator discovers that an incorrect IP address has been assigned to the Unity system.

How can the IP address be changed?

19. Which FAST Cache operation can be performed from the Settings window?

20. Which Unity service task is used to reinstall the root operating system while leaving the user’s data intact?

21. What is the maximum number of LUNs in a Consistency Group?

22. Which migration tool can be used to move file data a Unity storage array in both NFS and CIFS/SMB protocols?

23. Which step must be completed prior to performing the initial configuration of a UnityVSA system and creating the first storage pool?

24. What is the minimum and maximum recovery point objectives (RPO) configurable when using Unity native asynchronous replication?

25. A system administrator has added a new Unity storage array to their environment. The administrator wants to migrate block data from vVNX running in their VMware environment to a UnityVSA. In addition, the administrator needs to migrate the block data from an older CLARiiON storage array to the new Unity storage array.

Which single block migration option will work for both the virtual and hardware storage devices?

26. How is encryption set for a Unity storage system?

27. A system administrator experienced a power failure in their environment. To which device will cache de-stage?

28. A service provider is installing a Unity storage system for an end-user. The end-user is concerned about network security and will not allow the service provider access to the network.

How can the service provider set a static IP address for the Unity storage system management interface?

29. Which task must be performed on the storage system in order to access a file system read/write snapshot?

30. Which severity level alerts for a fault condition that has occurred, has minor impact on the system, and does not need to be fixed immediately?

31. A storage administrator wants to configure a Unity system to log system events to a remote log server. In order to allow access to the log server, which port should the administrator ensure is not blocked by the firewall?

32. A Unity system LUN has a daily snapshot schedule with a Retention Policy of seven days. A hardware failure results in a double fault of the LUN.

Which snapshot behavior will be experienced?

33. What describes multiple LUN snapshots?

34. What is the maximum number of LUN snapshots that are supported by Unity?

35. At which stage in the Unity power up sequence would the Storage Processor enter Service mode upon detecting an error?

36. An administrator’s Unity system is configured with both a Fibre Channel CNA and a Fibre Channel I/O module.

Which Fibre Channel port on each SP must be used for native synchronous replication?

37. Which feature provides the ability to provision block and file storage for Microsoft Windows or Microsoft SharePoint sites?

38. Which information must be retrieved and used to select the unconfigured UnityVSA system when running the Auto-discover option of the Connection Utility?

39. What is an advantage of selecting Centralized ESRS over Integrated ESRS?

40. In UnityVSA, what is the maximum storage capacity offered by the VVOLs license?

41. A system administrator receives a warning that their DPE I/O Module has a fault. In this situation, which type of replacement is required?

42. Which UnityVSA storage resource can be configured with Host I/O limits?

43. Which option can be enabled in the Advanced tab of the SMB Share Properties window?

44. Which UnityVSA configuration can be performed using the Unisphere Initial Configuration wizard?

45. A system administrator wants to configure asynchronous replication on their Unity system.

What is required before creating a replication session?

46. How long before a license expires will UnityVSA send the first alert warning?

47. What is the minimum memory requirement for a host running VMware ESXi 6.0 to support the deployment of a UnityVSA system?

48. A storage administrator wants to create a series of daily snapshots for an existing critical LUN.

How can the snapshots be created?

49. Which operation can be performed from the FAST VP settings section in the Unisphere Settings window?

50. Through which protocols are backend storage provisioned to the ESXi host when deploying a UnityVSA system?

51. Where do the [email protected] encryption/decryption functions occur in the Unity storage system?

52. Based on the exhibit, which port can provide either Fibre Channel or Ethernet connectivity for host access?

53. A system administrator is browsing their local management station for a Unity license file.

Which file extension is used for Unity license files?

54. A storage administrator wants to add as asynchronous replication session to a pair of Unity systems with an existing synchronous replication session that is operating correctly.

Which configuration steps are needed?

55. Which Unity feature benefits oracle OLTP environments by improving storage utilization?

56. A system administrator has installed the Unity Connection Utility on a Microsoft Windows host. The Windows host is connected to the same physical subnet as a newly installed Unity storage system. When the utility is run, it does not discover any Unity storage systems.

What should be checked on the host that may be preventing the utility from discovering any Unity storage systems?

57. A Unity 400 system has Data at Rest Encryption licensed and enabled.

Which operation(s) must be performed from the Unisphere Settings window to ensure the system is still operational after SP replacements?

58. When a storage resource has a snapshot taken of it, where are writes to the storage resource written?

59. When the LUN Snapshot Attach to Host operation is performed, what does the Unity system optionally do before beginning the attach process?

60. Which Directory Services can be configured in the Unisphere Settings window?

61. A Unity storage system is installed with 10 Gb optical SFPs in CNA ports 4 and 5 of both Storage Processors. The storage administrator has had a request from a user to connect to the storage system through Fibre Channel.

How can the administrator reconfigure the CNA ports for 16Gb Fibre Channel SFPs?

62. In UnityVSA, which license(s) is able to extend the storage capacity from 25 TB to 50 TB with an upgrade path license?

63. When defining which resources on the destination system the replicated item will use for an asynchronous session, which settings must be provided?

64. What is one method that is used to verify an ESRS configuration?

65. A file system is 1 TB in size and contains 250 GB of data. The file system is not fully allocated and only 450 GB of pool storage is in use. The user wants to reduce the file system to 300 GB.

How much space is returned to the storage pool?

66. In order to replace a faulty component, a service provider has placed one of the Unity Storage Processors into Service mode.

Once the component is replaced, how is the Storage Processor brought back into Normal mode?

67. A user is having difficulty troubleshooting a Unity storage system and the service provider has been contacted for assistance. The service provider needs to run some service commands on the Storage Processors to troubleshoot the issue further.

Which step must be taken to allow the service provider remote access to the storage system?

68. How long will a Copy Back operation take when a hot spare is invoked?

69. A storage administrator wants to configure a Unity system to join the list of arrays remotely monitored for activity and system status using Unisphere Central. The security policy on the Unisphere server was set to “automatic”.

What additional security information must be specified in the Unisphere Settings window to enable communication with Unisphere Central?

70. A storage administrator has purchased a UnityVSA and asks your recommendation on how to provision the storage to their ESXi host.

Based on Dell EMC best practices, what should you recommend?

71. According to Dell EMC best practices, how should off-site data be asynchronously replicated for a DR solution?

72. What is used by the Local LUN Move data mobility feature?

73. A company has a Unity 300 system with 200 SAS drives. They need to increase the number of SAS drives by 300.

Which in-place upgrade is required?

74. What are characteristics of the LUN Snapshot Copy operation?

75. When can Data at Rest Encryption ([email protected]) be enabled?

76. What is the sequence of steps that must be executed to implement IP Multi-tenancy in a Unity system?

77. If each Storage Processor in a Unity storage array has two on-board CNA ports with a dual personality controller, which protocols are supported by these CNA ports?

78. A storage administrator is considering adding another application to run on their Unity 300 but they are concerned about the application’s performance. They ask what is considered “normal” for CPU utilization.

Based on Dell EMC best practices, what should be your response?

79. Based on Dell EMC based practices, under what conditions would you consider creating multiple pools on a Unity 500?

80. When a copy of a file system snapshot is created, what are the characteristics of the copy?

81. Which operation can be performed on the General tab of the LUN Properties page?

82. Which Unity system configuration can be performed using the Unisphere Initial Configuration wizard?

83. Which system level alert indicates an error has occurred that has no impact on the system and should be remedied in the near future?

84. What is the maximum number of file system snapshots that are supported by Unity?

85. Under what conditions should fully provisioned storage be recommended?

86. A system administrator plans to shut down a Unity storage system for routine maintenance.

What should be done to prevent data loss before shutting down the storage system?

87. A storage administrator wants to asynchronously replicate a compressed LUN from the primary site to a Unity at the secondary site.

Which statement describes this operation?

88. What is the maximum recovery point objectives (RPOs) configurable when using Unity native asynchronous replication?

89. What is a characteristic of Automatic UFS64 File System extension?

90. How is a Local LUN Move configured?

91. Which storage access configuration is unique to VMware Datastores?

92. An administrator is preparing to configure logging to a remote host.

If they use the Unity default values, which port needs to be open for the system to transfer the log information?

93. What functionality is provided by the Unity UFS64 Enterprise File System architecture?

94. On which platform(s) is FAST Cache available?

95. A system administrator wants to grant privileges to manage storage resources and host configurations for some users. However, the administrator wants to ensure users have no privileges to manage user accounts, change network settings and NAS servers, or perform software upgrades.

Which user role should be associated with the user accounts to be created?

96. A Unity customer has a 20 TB pool consisting of SAS and NL-SAS drives.

Based on Dell EMC best practices, what is the minimum recommended amount of Flash capacity they should use for a Flash tier?

97. What can be used by advanced users to create scripts for automating routine Unity tasks?


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