2019 New Dell EMC DES-4121 Exam Dumps

If want to get Specialist-Implementation Engineer, PowerEdge Version 1.0 certification, DES-4121 exam is the requirement. Specialist-Implementation Engineer, PowerEdge Version 1.0 certification validates the ability to perform intermediate skill level tasks in installing, configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting Dell EMC PowerEdge Server products.

Certification Requirement

Achieve one of the following Associate level certifications:

  • CompTIA Server+
  • Dell Certified Associate – PowerEdge
  • Dell Certified Professional – PowerEdge
  • Associate – PowerEdge Version 1.0

Pass the following Implementation Exam

  • DES-4121 Specialist-Implementation Engineer, PowerEdge Exam

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1. A technician needs to install the OS on a server remotely using iDRAC.

What is the minimum iDRAC license required to perform this task?

2. A technician needs to replace a server component with orange tabs/releases.

Which set of paired steps should the technician take to complete this task?

3. A technician creates two virtual disks and assigns a dedicated hot spare to each virtual disk. They also create a global hot spare. A drive fails on the second virtual disk.

What is the result?

4. What can a technician do to ensure that no malicious code can be introduced into any of the servers through physical access?

5. A technician is installing a new server and is not getting any link lights on the iDRAC management port. They have verified that the cable and switch port are working.

What could be causing this issue?

6. A technician receives a repurposed PowerEdge server. After racking and cabling the server, the technician attempts to log into the iDRAC but cannot do so. The default account has been disabled.

What method can be used to enable the default login account?

7. A user has a fully configured PowerEdge R640 and an iSM installed on their Windows 2016 operating system. They now want to install OMSA to enable them to have alerts sent out in-Band to a management console.

What does the user need to consider?

8. A technician needs to set a server to always attempt PXE boot before booting to the hard drive.

What actions does the technician need to take to achieve this?

9. A server is equipped with 2 CPUs and 12x 8 GB DIMMs, for a total of 96 GB. The OS is not seeing all the memory.

Which memory mode should be configured so that all memory is seen by the OS?

10. A technician is creating a virtual disk in the DRAC (2x 4 TB NL-SAS in RAID 1) to install Windows 2016. They manually boot to the OS installation media without using the Lifecycle Controller OS Deployment wizard. Only the first 2048 GB on the virtual disk can be partitioned.

How should the technician obtain access to the remaining 2 TB (approximately) of storage?

11. A technician plugs in a server that has dual power supply units. After powering on the system, they notice that the power supply status indicators blink green then turn off.

What troubleshooting steps should the technician take to resolve this issue?

12. Before deploying a server, a customer needs a technician to configure the front panel LCD to display a custom message that contains the customer’s help desk phone number. However, the server cannot be rebooted.

Where can the technician configure the LCD?

13. A technician needs to add a device to SupportAssist Enterprise. Policy requires that no additional software be installed on the server OS.

In addition to Username and Password, what information is required to add the device?

14. Eight new servers have arrived at a datacenter. All use static IP addresses for iDRAC. The technician needs to enable these servers to contact the DHCP server on the network to obtain new IP addresses.

What method can the technician use to quickly switch to DHCP?

15. A technician is experiencing a compatibility issue that causes network disconnects between the iDRAC firmware and an application that is running. The iDRAC must be rolled back to the last working version. The Enterprise licensed server cannot be rebooted outside scheduled maintenance windows. The next scheduled window is one month away.

Where should the technician perform the Firmware Rollback?

16. A technician is setting up a previously used server. Upon power up, the PERC alerts them to the presence of a foreign configuration. In the iDRAC storage section, the technician checks Foreign View. The foreign array configuration is the same as the configuration needed for the new project.

What is a recommended way to prepare the disks for the new project?

17. A technician needs to repurpose a server.

What should they do to prepare the server for its new role?


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