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NetApp Certified Technology Associate NS0-003 exam is the associate level exam for all Network Appliance certification tracks, including Data Track, Hybrid Cloud Track and Converged Infrastructure Track. When preparing for NS0-003 exam, you can choose the most updated NetApp NCTA NS0-003 dumps as the right study materials for success. NS0-003 dumps with 134 practice Q&As ensure that you can pass NS0-003 NetApp Certified Technology Associate exam in the first attempt.

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1. What are three benefits of using NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP? (Choose three.)

2. What are two public cloud providers? (Choose two.)

3. Which three public cloud providers are supported when you deploy NetApp Private Storage (NPS)? (Choose three.)

4. What are three pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) licenses for Cloud Volume ONTAP? (Choose three.)

5. What is the process in which an AFF node takes over the storage of its partner?

6. Which three Element software global efficiencies are always active? (Choose three.)

7. Which NetApp utility is used to determine the officially supported configurations of NetApp and non-NetApp products?

8. You are asked to set up Cloud Manager to manage Azure NetApp Files. You are also asked to deploy a solution that can identify the personal and sensitive data that resides in these files.

In this scenario, which three steps would you take to deploy this solution? (Choose three.)

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9. Which NetApp application is based on AutoSupport information from your NetApp systems and provides predictive and proactive insights to improve availability, efficiency, and performance?

10. Which management software allows you to provision Dynamic Disk Pools?

11. What are two benefits of implementing NetApp Cloud Sync? (Choose two.)

12. Which type of service is an Amazon EC2 instance?

13. Which feature enables replication from Element volumes to ONTAP?

14. Which two Amazon storage services are used to store data for Cloud Volumes ONTAP? (Choose two.)

15. Your company wants to use public cloud for data analytics and they want to use the most competitive cloud provider at any given time.

In this scenario, which NetApp solution would store data near multiple public cloud providers?

16. Which NetApp service protects Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams workloads?

17. What is the primary interface to manage a NetApp HCI cluster?

18. An IoT company is building a mobile device. The development team wants to move data collected with the mobile devices to a file share hosted on AWS that would be used as the ingestion source for a machine learning pipeline. They have decided to host the file share using Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

Which software would you add to the mobile device to facilitate this task?

19. Which NetApp cloud technologies would be deployed using OnCommand Cloud Manager? (Choose two.)

20. Which three topics does data compliance cover? (Choose three.)

21. You want to restore files to the same NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance after being backed up in object storage.

In this scenario, which NetApp service enables this capability?

22. Which tool would be used to allocate additional storage to your NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP clusters?

23. Which data protection law is enforced by the European Union?

24. What are two main components of an iSCSI SAN? (Choose two.)

25. Which two software platforms are provided with an HCI cluster? (Choose two.)

26. Which ONTAP-native encryption type is supported with Cloud Volumes ONTAP?

27. Which two statements are correct regarding containers? (Choose two.)

28. Which IEEE standard supports VLAN tagging?

29. What would be used as a centralized location to access and manage all NetApp Cloud Data Services?

30. On a NetApp E-Series hybrid flash system, you want to optimize drive rebuild speeds after a failure.

In this scenario, which disk configuration would you use to accomplish this task?

31. You are currently performing all the important administrator and maintenance tasks for your system, and need to delegate work to the staff so that you can attend to other issues.

Which approach will you take to ensure that your systems are safe?

32. Which technology enables the use of nonvolatile persistent memory to tier data on a client?

33. What are two benefits of managing persistent storage volumes in containers using NetApp Trident? (Choose two.)

34. You are building a new application in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) that requires multi-protocol file access. In this scenario, which solution would you use?

35. Your users require both NFS and SMB file services. You do not want to manage the storage using OnCommand System Manager or the command line interface.

In this scenario, which three products would satisfy these requirements? (Choose three.)

36. Which two hypervisors are supported for use with ONTAP Select? (Choose two.)

37. You have set up your new FAS system and you want to manage your storage from a GUI interface.

Which OnCommand tool is bundled with ONTAP that will satisfy this request?

38. What are two functions of FlexGroup volumes? (Choose two.)

39. Which tool do you use to administer a NetApp Kubernetes Service cluster manager?

40. What are two reasons to enable high availability? (Choose two.)

41. You want to use NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP as a data replication target for your primary ONTAP storage systems. In this scenario, what are three cost-saving business benefits? (Choose three.)

42. What is a group of one or more containers in a Kubernetes cluster?

43. You need to be able to fail over from your main office to your remote office in the event of a disaster.

Which NetApp product would you use in this scenario?

44. What are three supported deployment solutions for NetApp StorageGRID? (Choose three.)

45. Which two StorageGRID features provide data durability for large unstructured datasets? (Choose two.)

46. Which ONTAP feature allows you to re-purpose existing third-party storage systems and present them as native ONTAP storage?

47. What are two methods to subscribe to Cloud Insights? (Choose two.)

48. Regarding system high availability, what is the reference used to determine reliability?

49. You are the storage administrator for a large number of NetApp systems for your organization. You want to see a list of all of the identified risks for the clusters that you manage.

In this scenario, from which two NetApp sources would you locate this information? (Choose two.)

50. Which two statements describe the benefits of using public clouds? (Choose two.)


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