Updated HPE6-A44 HP ACMP V8 Exam Dumps

Come to get the most updated HPE6-A44 exam dumps to prepare for Scalable WLAN Design and Implementation (SWDI) 8 exam well. HPE6-A44 exam will not be available as of 1 November 2019. The new exam is HPE2-A71. If you are going on for HPE6-A44 exam, please make sure you can complete the exam before 1 November 2019. This updated HPE6-A44 HP ACMP V8 Exam Dumps come with real exam questions and answers, which will ensure you pass HPE6-A44 exam in the first try and get Aruba Certified Mobility Professional (ACMP) V8 certification.

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1. An administrator adds local administrative accounts to manage the Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs).

Which role should be assigned to an administrator who needs to only generate reports and monitor WLANS and ports?


2. Refer to the exhibit.

What can be determined from the command output shown in the exhibit?


3. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator supports a RAP at a branch office shown in the exhibit. The company has one Mobility Controller (MC) at the Primary DMZ site and one at the Secondary DMZ site. The RAP is configured to connect to only the MC at the Primary DMZ site. A network outage with the ISP at the Primary DMX site causes the RAP to reboot. Upon reboot, the RAP cannot build a tunnel to the Secondary DMZ site MC because the administrator forgot to add the Second LMS IP address to the AP Group configuration. Once the RAP can successfully connect, the administrator can add the Secondary DMZ MC as a backup LMS to fix the AP Group.

What should the administrator implement to allow the RAP to connect to the MC at the Secondary DMZ site while the outage at the primary site persists?


4. An administrator supports a cluster of four Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs) with management addresses of,,, and The administrator accesses an AP associated with this cluster, reboots it and accesses apboot mode. The administrator executes the printenv command.

Which AP parameter contains the IP addresses of the cluster members that the AP should use to connect to the cluster?


5. A VIA client tries to initially connect to corporate office controller through an intermediate firewall.

However, the VPN connection fails. The administrator examines the firewall rules and determines that rules for UDP 4500 and UDP 500 are configured.

Which additional protocol must be allowed in the firewall rules to resolve this connection failure?


6. An administrator has a cluster of Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs). The administrator wants to manually reboot one of the controllers.

Before rebooting, which command should the administrator use to move the APs?


7. Which Aruba Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) deployment mode should be used when UCC is disabled on the Mobility Controllers (MCs)?


8. An administrator implements a ClearPass solution to authenticate Aruba wireless users. The Aruba wireless solution is an ArubaOS 8.x Mobility Master (MM) deployment. ClearPass sends an Aruba VSA role name for an authenticated user.

However, the administrator notices that the role assigned to the user is different from the one assigned by the ClearPass server.

Which two items should the administrator verify that might be the cause of this problem? (Choose two.)


9. Refer to the exhibit.

What is true about the configuration shown in the exhibit?


10. Which license type must an administrator purchase to use Spectrum Monitoring?


11. A company opens a new branch office and a RAP is used to connect to a corporate office Aruba Mobility Controller (MC). The company needs to provide connectivity to the office across the street. There is an AP across the street.

However, there is no wired connectivity between the buildings.

Which actions can the administrator select to provide the required connectivity? (Choose two.)


12. A customer uses an SIP application that is not supported by Aruba United Communications and Collaboration (UCC).

Which voice deployment mode should the administrator implement on Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs) to support this application?


13. A company has a wireless network that contains a cluster of four Aruba 7030 Mobility Controllers (MC) managed by a Mobility Master (MM) located in the data center. The company has Aps deployed that are nearing the capacity of the cluster. The administrator wants to increase AP capacity.

How can the administrator solve the problem?


14. An Administrator supports a group of employees that connect to the corporate office using the VIA client. An Aruba Mobility Controller (MC), behind a corporate firewall, terminates the user’s VPN sessions. The VPN sessions fail to establish because of the existing firewall rules.

Which connections must the administrator allow on the firewall? (Choose three.)


15. Refer to the exhibit.

Under which AirWave Management Platform (AMP) section should an administrator navigate to see the connection status between the AMP and managed device shown in the exhibit?


16. A group of users on the same floor of a campus residence experience connectivity problems continuously throughout the morning. The administrator suspects that it is a L1 problem with physical interference.

What can the administrator do to find the cause of this problem?


17. An administrator at Campus A manages Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs). The administrator defines a server group that includes a local ClearPass server and a remote Microsoft RADIUS server. The ClearPass server has the credentials for users at Campus A and the Microsoft RADIUS server has the credentials for users at Campus B. Users at Campus A successfully authenticate and connect to the Campus A wireless network.

However, when users from Campus B visit Campus A they fail authentication.

What can the administrator do to solve this problem?


18. An administrator troubleshoots a roaming problem where a user loses connectivity to the network during the roaming process.

To help troubleshooting this problem, which device or devices in a wireless network initiates the roaming process?


19. An administrator wants to reduce downtime of the wireless network when controllers are upgraded.

Which Aruba OS feature should the administrator implement to reduce the amount of downtime the Aps will experience at the time of the upgrade process?


20. Refer to the exhibit.

The branch office RAP shown in the exhibit provides secure wireless employee access. Because of security concerns, the company’s security policy does not allow wireless guest access. Some customers that visit the Branch office need Internet access. A RAP’s Ethernet Port 3 is used for wired guest access and Port2 is used for wired employee access. When employees connect to Port2, they are authenticated successfully and split-tunnel policy allows them access to both corporate and Internet resources from the Branch office. Guest users, however, cannot access Internet resources on Port 3.

How can the administrator provide guest users internet access?


21. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator implements the MultiZone feature.

The administrator sets up five zones as shown in the exhibit in this configuration:

– Zone A has six controllers that form a cluster.

– Zone B has three controllers that from a cluster.

– Zones C, D, and E have a single standalone controller each.

A total of 13 VAPs are created across the five zones, Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs) in Zones A, B and C run ArubaOS MCs in zones D and E run ArubaOS Some APs do not join their respective data zones.

What could cause this problem?


22. A guest establishes an authenticated wireless session to an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC). The controller uses a ClearPass server for all AAA functions.

Which AAA component disconnects the user when the guest exceeds their allowed duration?


23. In the WebUI of an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC), where can an administrator generate a tech support file that the Aruba Technical Support team can use to help customers?


24. A Microsoft RADIUS server is used to centralize AAA functions by a company. Upon a successful authentication lookup performed by an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC), the administrator wants to have the RADIUS server pass back the correct post-authentication role name that the controller should apply to the user’s traffic.

Which additional task must the administrator perform for the controller’s configuration to implement this process?


25. An administrator needs to support Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) in a company’s network. The network infrastructure requires the OpenFlow protocol to support SDN-capable applications.

Which controller topology meets these requirements?


26. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator sets up a cluster of Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs).

What can the administrator determine about the cluster from the command output shown in the exhibit?


27. An administrator defines credentials in the Mobility Master> Configuration> System section to configure a Mobility Master (MM). The administrator then accesses AirWave and adds the MM in Monitor-Only mode. The administrator expects AirWave to automatically discover the Aruba Virtual Mobility Controllers (VMCs) also managed by the MM, but does not see these under APs/Devices> New section in AirWave.

What should the administrator do to solve this problem?


28. An administrator manages an Aruba wireless network. Users authenticate to the wireless network using PEAP, where their credentials are validated by the controller’s local database. The company purchases Android tablets to use with an inventory tracking system The administrator notices that many of the users of these devices use their normal username and password to authenticate, which allows the tablet to access all resources that the user can access from their wireless computers. This is a security violation.

Which Aruba Mobility Controller (MC) feature should the administrator configure to restrict tablet access to a web portal for authentication, where an appropriate post-authentication policy can be applied to these tablets?


29. An administrator has multiple AAA servers, some Microsoft RADIUS and some ClearPass. When 802.1X users authenticate, the administrator wants to ensure that the authentication requests are handled by the appropriate AAA server. Users enter their username in this format: [email protected]_name.

What administrator implement to ensure the correct AAA server processes the authentication request?


30. An administrator suspects that the network drops frames between a wireless client and an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC). The administrator wants to examine the frames between the AP and the controller to determine if any frames are missing.

Which solution allows the administrator to use a protocol analyzer to examine the contents of the 802.11 frames between the AP and controller?


31. Which network components are tracked by Aruba Clarity? (Choose two.)


32. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator configures policies to allow RAPs to connect to the corporate office and remote users to access resources.

Which function does the VPN address pool serve in this situation?


33. When they operate in a cluster, Aruba APs obtain AP Group configuration information form which device?


34. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator configures a policy for an AP Group. Port 3 of a RAP is a trunk that connects to a switch at a branch office. VLAN 1 is untagged and VLANs 10 (for data) and 11 (for voice) are tagged. The administrator applies an ACL inbound on Port 3 of the RAP.

How does this configuration affect traffic on Port 3?


35. An administrator supports a network that contains ArubaOS-Switches and Mobility Controllers (MCs).

Restrictive MC firewall policies, control wireless access. The administrator wants to implement a feature to apply the same MC firewall policies to users connected to the Ethernet switch ports.

Which ArubaOS-Switch feature provides this capability?


36. An administrator purchases a RAP and has it shipped directly to a branch office. The branch office plugs in the RAP and the RAP contacts Aruba Activate. The RAP learns the Mobility Controller (MC) IP address and connects to it.

However, the connection fails. Upon verifying the MC IP address in Aruba Activate, what should the administrator do to allow the RAP connection to succeed?


37. An administrator has a standalone controller that runs ArubaOS 8.x software and wants to upgrade it to a newer release. The upgrade will be performed from the front panel of the physical controller. The administrator places the new software in the root directory of a USB drive. On the controller’s LCD panel, no image is found.

What is the cause of this problem?


38. What is true about Aruba controllers under normal operations in a Mobility Master (MM)-Mobility Controller (MC) architecture?


39. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator configures a cluster with only the members shown in the exhibit. AP load balancing is enabled. There are no other cluster parameters configured.

What occurs when a cluster member experiences a failure?


40. Refer to the exhibit.

Controllers are configured in a cluster as shown in the exhibit.

These are the network details.

– A Mobility Master (MM) managers the cluster.

– The cluster contains two controllers: C1 and C2.

– AP1 and AP2 use C1 as their Active AP Anchor Controller (A-AAC), with C2 as their Standby AAC (S­AAC).

– AP3 and AP4 use C2 as their A-AAC with, C1 as their S-AAC.

User1 establishes a wireless connection via AP1, where the Active User Controller (U-UAC) assigned is C1, with C2 as the standby.

What happens when User1 roams the wireless network and eventually their session is handled by AP3?


41. Refer to the exhibit.

A user uses Microsoft Windows for a wireless session. Based on the output shown in the exhibit for the selected Aruba AP, what is the possible problem with this user’s wireless session?


42. Refer to the exhibit.

The administrator expects the AP to connect to a cluster, but the AP fails to connect. The administrator examines the configuration of an AP from apboot mode shown in the exhibit.

What can the administrator determine about the configuration of the AP?


43. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator implements the MultiZone feature.

The administrator sets up five zones as shown in the exhibit.

– Zone A has six controllers that form a cluster.

– Zone B has three controllers that from a cluster.

– Zones C, D, and E have a single standalone controller each.

A total of 13 VAPs are created across the five zones. A zone needs to accept RAP connections form branch offices. All zones have the same AP Group name. One of the zones will not accept connections from the MultiZone APs.

Which could be a cause of this problem?


44. An administrator creates service-based policies for AirGroup on the Mobility Master (MM).

The administrator can define location-based policy limits based on which information?


45. A branch office location has two buildings: an office and a small warehouse that are within 20 meters of each other. A RAP at the branch office provides connectivity to the corporate office network. This RAP is also configured as a Remote Mesh Portal (RMP).

Which solution should the administrator implement to provide connectivity between the office and small warehouse buildings at the branch office location?


46. An administrator needs to authenticate users connected to an ArubaOS-Switch. The Aruba Mobility Controller (MC) authenticates the user and assigns user roles to wired users.

Which mode should the administrator configure on the MC?


47. An administrator wants to add a new folder in AirWave.

Where would the administrator perform this action?


48. An administrator uses a ClearPass server to perform user authentication and download the role configuration that should be applied to the user’s session. The server is associated to an AAA profile of a VAP.

However, when a user connects to the SSID of the VAP, they are assigned the default role.

What must the administrator do to ensure that the role is downloaded and used?


49. An administrator deploys an Aruba wireless solution comprised of:

– a pair of Mobility Masters (MMs)

– multiple Mobility Controllers (MCs) and virtual Mobility Controllers (VMCs)

– an AirWave server

– a ClearPass server

The Aruba Mobility solution runs ArubaOS 8.X.

Which component in this environment globally defines and deploys VLANs for wireless users?


50. A cluster has two Aruba 7240 Mobility Controllers (MCs) and two Aruba 7220 Mobility Controllers (MCs).

How is the cluster leader elected if all controllers have the default priority?


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