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Have you decided to take 1Y0-230 exam for Citrix Certified Associate – Networking (CCA-N) certification? I just want to share the most updated 1Y0-230 exam dumps to help you pass Citrix NetScaler 12 Essentials and Unified Gateway exam. New version, V9.02 with 111 exam questions and answers, is valid for passing.

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1. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator found that whenever a NetScaler VPX high availability (HA) pair of appliances fails over, the load-balanced websites are NOT accessible. The administrator investigated the issue and found that the router and switches do NOT support gratuitous ARP (GARP).

However, the administrator cannot immediately afford to upgrade the network infrastructure.

What can the administrator do immediately to resolve the issue and prevent a future outage?


2. Which two deployment methods does remote desktop protocol (RDP) proxy support? (Choose two.)


3. Scenario: A company recently acquired three smaller companies; this adds more than 1500 employees to the company. The current NetScaller appliance does NOT support adding that many users. A Citrix Administrator needs to use a Multi-Tenancy solution, giving each newly acquired company its own NetScaler for VPN access, load balancing, and at least 20 GBPS of throughput.

How can the administrator meet the needs of this environment?


4. Which two features can a Citrix Administrator use to allow secure access to a sensitive company web

server that is load-balanced by the NetScaler? (Choose two.)


5. Scenario: A NetScaler is configured with the following modes:

-MAC-based Forwarding -USIP -USNIP -Layer 3 mode

A Citrix Administrator configured a new router and now requires some of the incoming and outgoing traffic to take different paths through the new router.

However, the administrator notices that this is failing and takes a network trace. After a short monitoring period, the administrator notices that the packets are still NOT getting to the new router from the NetScaler.

Which mode should the administrator disable on the NetScaler to facilitate the addition of the new router and successfully route the packets?


6. Scenario: Client connects to certain virtual servers are abnormally high. A Citrix Administrator needs to be alerted whatever the connections pass a certain threshold.

How can the administrator use NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS) to accomplish this requirement?


7. A Citrix Administrator receives user complaints about latency while accessing an application that is being load-balanced on the NetScaler.

Which tool can the administrator use to gather information regarding Response time, Client latency and Server-side processing time?


8. A Citrix Administrator needs to ensure that a revoked certificate is NOT being used for client certificate authentication.

Which two entities can the administrator select on the NetScaler? (Choose two.)


9. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator has a NetScaler SDX appliance with several instances configured. The administrator needs one instance with two interfaces connected to forward packets that are NOT destined for its MAC address. Hence, the administrator has enabled Layer 2 mode. After enabling Layer 2 mode, the administrator found the interface status going up and down.

What can the administrator perform to resolve this issue?


10. To which three bind points can a Citrix Administrator bind a session policy, to enable Clientless access? (Choose three.)


11. A Citrix Administrator would like to define granular policies to configure and enforce user environment attributes for XenApp and XenDesktop on NetScaler Gateway.

Which type of policy would enable this requirement?


12. Scenario: A NetScaler Appliance is having intermittent issues. A Citrix Administrator is unable to identify the root cause and fix them. The administrator opened a Support ticket and the engineer assigned to the case requested all the logs and configuration information from the NetScaler.

Which technical support tool can the administrator use to gather all the information on the NetScaler to send to the Support Engineer?


13. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is managing a NetScaler SDX running eight NetScaler instances. The administrator first needs to upgrade the firmware on the instances.

However, the administrator is concerned that it needs to be done all at once.

What upgrading flexibility does SDX provide in this scenario?


14. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator has configured a NetScaler active-passive high availability (HA) pair. When the HA pair fails over, customers are unable to access the hosted websites. After some troubleshooting, the administrator found that the upstream router was NOT updating its ARP table.

What can the administrator configure to resolve this issue?


15. A Citrix Administrator is configuring a NetScaler high availability (HA) pair and needs to ensure that one NetScaler is UP and primary at all times to ensure the business websites are always available.

What does the administrator need to do ensure that the NetScalers still handle web traffic in the event that both nodes become unavailable or fail a health check?


16. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator suspects an attack on a load-balancing virtual server. The administrator needs to restrict access to the load-balancing virtual server ( for 10 minutes.

Which Access Control List (ACL) will help to accomplish this requirement?


17. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator notices user sessions are disconnecting and reconnecting more often this week than last week, signaling a problem.

The administrator troubleshoots this issue and prepares to resolve it using persistence.

However, the following considerations apply in the environment:

– It is a multi-proxy environment behind the NetScaler.

– USIP mode is enabled and applied to the services.

– The session timeout is very short.

– All users connect from the same location.

The Administrator can use persistence based on the _____________setting to resolve this issue. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)


18. A Citrix Administrator needs to generate AppFlow data for internal ICA connections.

Which two connection methods could the administrator use to route internal ICA connections through NetScaler without modifying the existing network routing? (Choose two.)


19. Scenario: A user is attempting to access a web server, which is load-balanced by the NetScaler using HTTPS. The user received the following message:

SSL/TLS error: You have not chosen to trust “Certificate Authority” the issuer of the server’s security certificate.

What can a Citrix Administrator do to prevent users from viewing this message?


20. Scenario: A NetScaler Gateway provides ICA Proxy to an internal XenDesktop site in an environment. The security team wants the Citrix Administrator to configure the NetScaler to block client drives if the client device fails a security scan.

Which NetScaler feature allows the administrator to satisfy the security team’s requirements without making changes to the XenDesktop configuration?


21. Users are experiencing resets form the Intranet server website, which is load-balanced trough the NetScaler.

Which NetScaler tool can a Citrix Administrator use to troubleshoot the reset issue?


22. A Citrix Administrator needs to configure single sign-on to a StoreFront server using an external, secure single URL.

Which type of virtual server can the administrator use to meet this requirement?


23. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is deploying a NetScaler device and would like to add the NTP server to this appliance. Currently, the NTP service is configured at

Which command-line interface command can the administrator use to complete this task?


24. Which type of entity can a Citrix Administrator configure to support the use of an SSL rewrite policy?


25. Scenario: A NetScaler MPX appliance has become unresponsive while using the GUI. A Citrix Administrator needs to restart the appliance and force a core dump for analysis.

What can the administrator do to accomplish this?


26. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to add 10 new servers to an existing server farm. The new servers are configured to serve the same applications and connections and are twice the capacity of the existing servers. The administrator wants to ensure that they are being fully utilized. Currently in the environment, the default load-balancing method is being used.

To ensure that only the 10 new servers are receiving twice the connections of the old servers without changing the load balancing to the rest of the environment, the administrator needs to add a weight of _________ to the services attached to the ________ servers. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)


27. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to configure a NetScaler Gateway virtual server in order to meet the security requirements of the organization.

The administrator needs to configure timeouts for end-user sessions, to be triggered by the following behaviors:

– Inactivity for at least 15 minutes

– No keyboard or mouse activity for at least 15 minutes

Which two timeout settings can the administrator configure to meet the requirements? (Choose two.)


28. Scenario: A Cirtix Administrator is configuring a new Authentication, Authorization and Auditing (AAA) virtual server, and the status is DOWN.

The administrator has made the following configurations:

Add lbvserver lb_vsrv_www HTTP persistenceType NONOE CcltTimeout 180­authn401 ON CauthnVsName SAML_SP Bind vserver lb_vsrv_www_ssl Red_srv Bind lb vserver lb_vsrv_www_ssl Blue_srv Add authentication vserver SAML_SP SSL AuthenticationDomain citrix.lab

How can the administrator finish the installation to change the status of the virtual server to UP?


29. A Citrix Administrator has deployed a new NetScaler MPX appliance in the demilitarized (DMZ) with one interface in the DMZ and the other on the internal network.

In which mode should the administrator deploy the NetScaler?


30. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to integrate LDAP for NetScaler system administration using the current Active Directory groups. The administrator created the group on the NetScaler, exactly matching the group name in LDAP.

What can the administrator add next to complete the configuration of the LDAP?


31. After creating and correctly configuring a custom user monitor, from where do the monitor probes originate by default?


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