RSA Archer Associate Exam 050-6201-ARCHERASC01 Dumps

The 050-6201-ARCHERASC01 RSA Archer Associate examination is based on the critical job functions that an individual would typically be expected to perform with competence when providing RSA Archer deployment services. Now, you can pass 050-6201-ARCHERASC01 RSA Archer Associate Exam with our valid exam dumps. DumpsBase 050-6201-ARCHERASC01 exam dumps ensure that you can pass 050-6201-ARCHERASC01 exam smoothly.

Free 050-6201-ARCHERASC01 Exam Dumps Online

1. Which of the following best describes an optimized state of operational process, as related to the Operational Risk Management solution?


2. The RSA Archer Public Sector solution helps organizations to reach compliance with which regulation?


3. How can you edit several records from a search results page?


4. If an application has 10 fields, and a data import file contains values for 12 fields, what will happen with the remaining 2 columns of data when a Data Import is performed?


5. Which Data-Driven Event could be used to conditionally require a field?


6. Which of the following will trigger a calculation?


7. Which of the following application statuses will remove the application from view for all end users?


8. Why is it important to track vendor relationships and behaviors?


9. Beyond federal organizations, Public Sector might be an appropriate solution for which of the following?


10. Within RSA Archer, data is restored in the following nested sequence of items:


11. On which page can an administrator enable an option that will allow end users to make their own personal dashboards?


12. When building an application, why might you use a tab set?


13. Why might creating role-based groups positively impact the end user experience when working with user/ groups lists?


14. If a group is associated with an access role and the group contains sub-groups, how will the associated access role affect the sub-groups


15. What is the primary goal of Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery Plans?


16. What is the first step in addressing the issue of Regulatory Compliance?


17. If an RSA Archer user cannot see an application that does not exist within the system, what should the administrator check first?


18. Which of the following areas of capability are covered by IT Security Risk Management?


19. Users can be granted access to record data at what three levels?


20. If a History Log field is deleted from an application, what will happen to the data stored within that History Log field?


21. When a new questionnaire is created, the administrator can pull questions stored in which of the following RSA Archer applications to be used in the questionnaire?


22. What does Archer use to match components, e.g. applications and fields, between two instances during the packaging process?


23. Where can the statistical grouping settings in an advanced search be updated?


24. A Business Owner that needs visibility into changes made to Archer records on a daily basis would best be served by:


25. Which of the following Audit Management components would be used to group areas of the business identified for an annual audit?


26. If an Archer user needs to send the content of an Archer record to a person who does not have an Archer user account, which of the following options is their best course of action?


27. What is the default selection for a global report’s access when the report is initially saved?


28. Which of the following are the page-level privileges that can be granted to a user/group through an Access Role?


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