Real CAU301 CyberArk Sentry Exam Questions

CAU301 CyberArk Sentry is the Sentry (Level 3) certification, which provides participants with the tools to deploy, install and configure a basic setup of the CyberArk PAS Solution. Real CAU301 CyberArk Sentry exam requires you answer 40 multiple-choice questions in 90 mins. If you are worried about it, please choose Real CAU301 CyberArk Sentry Exam Questions, which provide you 40 real Q&As to pass CyberArk Sentry (Level 3) exam successfully.

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1. What would be a good use case for the Replicate module?


2. What is the PRIMARY reason for installing more than 1 active CPM?


3. What is the purpose of the password Reconcile process?


4. Which file would you modify to configure the vault to send SNMP traps to your monitoring solution?


5. When a DR vault server becomes an active vault, it will automatically fail back to the original state once the primary vault comes back online.


6. In order to avoid conflicts with the hardening process, third party applications like Antivirus and Backup Agents should be installed on the Vault server before installing the Vault.


7. If a transparent user matches two different directory mappings, how does the system determine which user template to use?


8. The primary purpose of the CPM is Password Management.


9. The vault server uses a modified version of the Microsoft Windows firewall.


10. In a SIEM integration it is possible to use the fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) when specifying the SIEM server address(es).


11. What would be a good use case for a High Availability vault?


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