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Riverbed 201-01 exam is for RCSA – NPM Riverbed Certified Solutions Associate – Network Performance Management Certification, which is designed to validate the skills required of pre-sales engineers and technical professionals who can demonstrate knowledge in the theory and configuration of Riverbed SteelCentral solutions, and to be able to conduct demos and proof of concepts (POCs) in a customer network. If preparing for 201-01 exam, I suggest you choose Riverbed RCSA – NPM 201-01 Dumps as preparation materials.

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1. Within Cascade Pilot, how are views used to analyze a trace file? (Select 2)


2. Some common protocols, which may be observed on a network with visibility tools, include:


3. Which of the following supports the largest number of Cascade analytics?


4. How do you configure a new user for the Cascade Shark appliance?


5. To drill down and analyze a file within Cascade Pilot, you should. (Select 2)


6. What are the default credentials to log into the Cascade Shark appliance Web Interface?


7. In the Cascade Profiler GUI, what format can be used for a Dashboard Content Block? (Select 3)


8. In the Cascade Profiler GUI, what do the QoS values mean?


9. On Cascade Profiler, which of the following are configurable from the Configuration> User Interface Preferences interface? (Select 4)


10. Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) Settings enable Cascade Profiler to: (Select 2)


11. How many Host Group Types can you define within Cascade Profiler?


12. Which Cascade product runs under Riverbed Service Platform (RSP)?


13. From Cascade Pilot, reports may include:


14. A company has been using a Cascade Express-300 Profiler for some time, but has recently started dropping flows as they are overrunning their licensed limit. What is the best course of action if they are considering an upgrade to the next tier of Cascade Profiler? (Select 2)


15. In the traffic reporting tabs on Cascade Profiler, each report-by option has a default template that controls content and formatting of the resulting report. Which of the following is controlled by the default template?


16. What is one key benefit Cascade provides for Data Center Consolidation Projects?


17. Under Layer 4 Mappings, the available Application List settings arE. (Select 3)


18. For sampled data in a chart in Cascade Pilot, you can: (Select 2)


19. In the Cascade Profiler GUI, what best describes a Dashboard?


20. What is the maximum number of 10G ports that a Cascade Sensor can support?


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