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NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer, ONTAP NS0-184 exam is an important Network Appliance exam which proves you have skills in performing ONTAP installation services, adhering to NetApp quality standards, and using NetApp best practices. Valid NS0-184 dumps of DumpsBase coming with 312 practice exam questions and answers to help you prepare for the Network Appliance NS0-184 exam well. Come to download NS0-184 dumps questions pdf file to learn all the Q&As thoroughly. 

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1. Data ONTAP 9 supports which three features? (Choose three.)

2. You want to create a data volume on aggr0 and you receive a message with the following warning: ''Warning: You are about to create a volume on a root aggregate.

This may cause severe performance or stability problems and therefore is not recommended. Do you want to proceed?''

What is the reason for this severe performance or stability problem?

3. You are adding new controllers to an existing cluster. As part of the upgrade process, you have updated the BES-53248 cluster switches. In this scenario.

Which two commands would you use to verify a healthy cluster after the upgrade? (Choose two.)

4. You configured AutoSupport and are trying to send a full AutoSupport message to NetApp. You use the autosupport history show command and see the output shown in the exhibit. The customer confirms that the AutoSupport settings are correct.

Which two actions will solve this issue? (Choose two.)

5. Upon finishing the Installation of a new system for a customer, they request that you train them on how to administer the system. In this scenario, which two responses are appropriate? (Choose two.)

6. After you install an AFF A700 2-node cluster with DS224C shelves, Config Advisor reports that your SAS cabling is in mixed-path HA. You expected the SAS cabling be in quad-path HA.

You physically verify the LED status on the controllers and the shelves and notice no irregularities. However, a reboot of the SAS expander does not change the output.

In this scenario, what should you do next?

7. Your customer wants a newly installed AFF C190 cluster to send SNMP notifications to a trap host called OVERWATCH01.

In this scenario, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

8. You are asked to install six shelves to a production cluster. The cluster is running clustered Data ONTAP and is a 4-node cluster. All six shelves will be cabled to the same HA pair. The customer wants you to assign all the new disks to a single node in the cluster.

Which three tools would help you accomplish this task? (Choose three.)

9. You were dispatched to install a cluster made up of FAS8060 and FAS8080 controllers. There are three FAS8060 controllers and three FAS8080 controllers.

Which solution would provide the largest possible cluster?

10. What is the minimum number of disks required in a SAS shelf?

11. A host cannot connect to the namespace configured on an NVMe-enabled SVM.

In this scenario, what are two reasons for this problem? (Choose two.)

12. After completing an installation, the customer wants to know how they can manually open a new technical case with NetApp Global Support.

What are three ways to accomplish this task? (Choose three.)

13. You completed the installation of an AFF A700s with NetApp CN1610 switches. You used ports e0a and e0f with breakout cables to connect the controllers to the interconnect switches. After completing the cluster setup, ports e0e and e0i are not visible in OnCommand System Manager.

In this scenario, what caused this problem?

14. Which switch vendor is supported for the cluster network switches?

15. You want to add two new nodes to an existing 4-node cluster.

In this situation, what must be considered regarding the cluster interconnect?

16. An iSCSI LIF fails to migrate during a storage failover test. In this scenario, why did the LIF not migrate?

17. Click the Exhibit button.

You are asked to install a new cluster with six FAS8060 nodes. While running Config Advisor, you see the messages shown in the exhibit. The customer does not want ACP cabled on their cluster.

Which two actions would allow the installation to be completed successfully? (Choose two.)

18. A new AFF8200 has a four-port UTA2 adapter installed in slot 2. Using the ucadmin command, you see that these ports are configured for FC.

Which port names are correct in this scenario?

19. When you start a new Service Event Report, what must be entered first?

20. What is the main function of ACP?

21. You have a 2-node switchless cluster named clusterA. You are planning on adding two additional nodes to clusterA.

What must you consider before you add the addiHonal nodes to clusterA?

22. Exhibit:

While you are introducing the customer to the NetApp Support website, they ask you to ensure that the new ONTAP storage array is covered by support before you complete the knowledge transfer procedure.

Referring to the exhibit, which two widgets would you select to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

23. What are three reasons to implement FabricPool? (Choose three.)

24. You create a new CIFS data LIF with the default failover group. In this scenario, where will the new LIF failover if the node that owns the new LIF panics?

25. You are ready to purchase a new FAS8200 six node cluster. In this scenario, which three switches are supported as NetApp cluster interconnect switches.

26. A customer has a 2-node FAS8200 cluster with four DS212C shelves with 10 TB SATA drives.

Referring to the exhibit, an aggregate will be created with which default RAID type?

27. You are adding new nodes to a 2-node switchless cluster.

According to NetApp, what must you do before adding the nodes?

28. You have set up a new 2-node switchless cluster and want to verify that the failover is configured correctly.

In this scenario, which two commands accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

29. While troubleshooting an issue with a newly installed system, you used the system controller environment show command.

In this scenario, which issue would be diagnosed with this command?

30. According to NetApp documentation, what should be used when using the Cluster Switch Health Monitor (CSHM) and log collection features?

31. A customer wants to graphically manage a new clustered Data ONTAP system.

Which tool should the customer use?

32. A customer is installing a new system. The administrator needs to have the maximum available amount of data space.

Which disk configuration should the administrator use?

33. Node 3 has taken over Node 4. You are attempting to access Node 4 on its management interface but cannot do it.

In this scenario, how would you access Node 4’s management interface?

34. You are setting up a LIF for the node management network.

What will be the default failover policy in this scenario?

35. What are two ONTAP storage efficiency technologies that would be used on an AFF A400 cluster? (Choose two.)

36. What is the purpose of a mailbox disk?

37. You are assigned to install two DS2246 shelves, three DS4243 shelves, and one DS4486 shelf.

How many rack units (U space) should you account for in this rack layout?

38. Which license is required to enable storage failover?

39. Poppy Pet Care Kennels offers short-term accommodation for dogs whilst their owners are on holiday. The managing director of the company has initiated a project to create a new website that will allow owners to view kennel availability, book kennel accommodation and allow them to monitor their dogs whilst they are away, via a webcam.

The system will also allow kennel assistants to plan the dogs’ feeding times and schedule kennel maintenance.

Customers will be able to leave feedback on the website, which will be reviewed by the quality manager who may respond to comments made by the customer.

The following are potential actors:

A) Poppy Pet Care Kennels

B) Kennel assistants

C) The managing director

D) Customers

E) Quality manager

Which of these would be drawn as actors on the use case diagram?

40. What is a valid failover policy for a SAN LIF?

41. Exhibit:

A customer has two Cisco 40GbE data switches. They want to connect the switches to an AFF A400 HA pair. The switches and the AFF A400 are approximately seven meters apart.

Referring to the exhibit, which two supported actions would allow you to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

42. You are planning to update your running switch environment. You need to determine if certain conditions exist before the FASTPATH software and reference configuration file (RCF) on a NetApp CN16xx cluster switch can be installed.

Which condition must exist in this scenario?

43. You finished the Installation of a 2-node cluster and want to determine correctly.

What are two ways to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

44. What is the next step if you must escalate an open case?

45. You are performing HA failover tests on a 2-node cluster with FAS8200 controllers. You want to observe the boot process for the storage node in takeover.

To which interface should you connect to accomplish this task?

46. A customer has a stack of shelves with both DS4243 shelves and DS4246 shelves. The customer wants to replace the DS4243 shelves with new DS4246 shelves.

What would you advise the customer in this scenario?

47. You are a NetApp Professional Services engineer, employed by NetApp. You have just completed an ONTAP cluster installation. You need to collect the relevant configuration information to enable the Service Event Report (SER) to be created.

Which tool would you use to accomplish this task?

48. You are deploying a cluster with four AFF A300 nodes and Cisco 3232C switches. When you arrive at the customer’s site, you notice that there are multiple breakout cables and four Cisco 3232C switches.

In this scenario, which statement is true?

49. You have a 4-node FAS8060 cluster. You are using the vol move command to relocate a volume from an aggregate on node 1 to an aggregate on node 4.

In this scenario, which network is used for the traffic being relocated?

50. A customer has a six-node cluster running NFS and FCP. The customer wants to add nodes to the cluster.

How many nodes would be added in this scenario?

51. Where is user data (file access) written to by default?

52. You are preparing to install a new clustered Data ONTAP system.

Which tool prepares all the relevant customer and configuration information?

53. After the Installation of a new 2-node cluster, you want to make sure that AutoSupport is working as expected from the cluster.

In this scenario, what are two ways to trigger a new AutoSupport? (Choose two.)

54. You have to disable a switch that is connected to a port on your FAS2750. You notice that the LIFs that are associated with this port are migrated to a port that is not expected.

In this scenario, what would cause this behavior?

55. To ensure that your customer’s cluster is robust and operational, you need to be familiar with configuration best practices.

Which three practice rules should you always follow? (Choose three.)

56. Which tool checks a newly installed environment for configuration errors?

57. According to NetApp best practices, which two sets of protocols would be assigned to the same storage virtual machine (SVM)? (Choose two.)

58. Exhibit.

You are installing a FAS2254 and a DS2246 disk shelf at a customer's site. The controller and disk shelf must be racked in separate rows in the data center due to available space.

The customer wants you to use two of the 20-meter copper SAS cables to make connections. Referring to the exhibit, which statement is correct?

59. You were asked to install a FAS9000 with two quad-port SAS PCI cards. The SAS PCI cards are installed in slot 9 and slot 1. In preparation for the installation, you are filling out the SAS cabling worksheet.

In this scenario, which ports are used for the second stack?

60. Which tool is used to compare or check the dependencies of individual software and hardware components?

61. During an installation of an AFF A400 cluster, you need to configure secure multitenancy.

What will enable you to accomplish this task?

62. Referring to the exhibit, which statement describes the duster network used by the cluster interconnect ports?

63. Given:

Which three classes successfully override printOne()? (Choose three.)

64. Which two SVMs are automatically created during the cluster setup? (Choose two.)

65. A 4-node cluster has connectivity for both block and file access. Nodes 1 and 3 are used for file access, and nodes 2 and 4 are used for block access. During routine maintenance, node 4 is switched off and the LIFs are migrated to other nodes. Upon investigation, you see that the LIFs that serve file traffic have moved to alternative ports.

However, LIFs that serve the block have not migrated. In this scenario, what is happening?

66. Exhibit.

You are asked to install a 6-node cluster running clustered Data ONTAP 9 using Cisco switches. The customer has installed Config Advisor on a PC on their network and has asked you to help them collect data.

Referring to the exhibit, which three parameters should be selected? (Choose three.)

67. You installed a new FAS9000 with SAS disk shelves. You want to use write cache in this environment.

In this scenario, what should you do to accomplish this task?

68. You have just added a new DS4246 shelf with 24 x 10 TB SATA HDDs to a single FAS2650 node as the first SATA shelf. You must keep two SATA spare disks on the shelf.

What Is the maximum number of SATA data disks available in this scenario?

69. At a new Installation, you run Config Advisor and see the warnings shown In the exhibit.

What should you do to correct the warnings on the node?

70. You are installing a new cluster with a pair of NetApp CN1610 switches.

Which three statements describe how the ports are configured according to NetApp best practices? (Choose three.)

71. You were dispatched to add a DS224C to an existing HA pair that has a stack of DS4243 shelves with 1 TB drives and a stack of DS4246 shelves with 1 TB drives. The customer wants to make sure that ACP is cabled for all shelves.

Which two considerations should you advise the customer in this situation? (Choose two.)

72. A customer must create VLAN 599 tagging on physical port e0g from cluster node filer1-01.

What is the name of the new VLAN interface?

73. You need to move a LIF to another port or to another node which requires certain configuration settings.

Which two conditions should be verified before beginning this operation? (Choose two.)

74. Multiple customers want to access a cluster from different domains that may contain duplicate IP addresses.

In this situation, which feature should you use?

75. You are preparing to install a new 4-node cluster for your customer. They want to use NetApp CN1610 cluster switches that they previously purchased.

Which software must be downloaded to ensure that you are well prepared for this installation?

76. According to NetApp, how many interswitch links (ISL) for a CN1610 switch are recommended for the cluster network?

77. Which two configurations use root-data-data partitioning? (Choose two.)

78. You want to add additional nodes to a cluster.

Which action will complete this task?

79. When you configure EMS to send event notifications, which customer data do you need to include? (Choose two.)

80. You are adding nodes to an existing cluster. In this scenario, which three statements are correct? (Choose three.)


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