Planning & Scheduling Professional PSP Exam Dumps

Before taking Planning & Scheduling Professional PSP exam, you need to know the benefits of PSP certification:

  • A PSP is a skilled planning and scheduling professional with advanced experience in project planning, and developing, monitoring, updating, forecasting and analyzing integrated project schedules.
  • The PSP leads the planning and scheduling process within the AACE International Total Cost Management (TCM) framework.
  • A PSP is able to communicate effectively with all project stakeholders, both internal and external.

To help you be a PSP, the professional experts have collected 181 practice exam questions and answers online. You can choose to practice PSP exam questions online and answer PSP exam smoothly.

Planning & Scheduling Professional PSP Exam Free Dumps Online


1. ____________ includes self-employed individuals and funded business entities and organizations providing security-related services to specific clientele for a fee.

2. Business continuity is a two-stage process, ____________ is the first stage, ____________ is the second.

3. LANs and WANs can communicate with each other using a communications rule called:

4. _____________ is essentially an exhaustive physical examination of a premises and thorough inspection of all operational systems and procedures.

5. Which of the following is the most widely accepted classification of skills for the leadership?

6. Under the principle of agency law, such an assignment transfers the liability for the service from the corporation to the independent contractor with obligations that some cannot be entirely transferred, is called:

7. Which of the following is NOT the distinct action that fall into invasion of privacy?

8. The relationship between the two groups continues to be strained because of which key issue?

9. A solicitation by police officers is another charge that may be leveled against security officers is called:

10. When yard space and warehousing is required even in urban areas, __________ is the boundary of the property owned by the company.

11. The concept that accepts the fact that the plaintiff may have contributed to his or her own injury, such as being in a restricted area or creating a disturbance or some hazard is known as:

12. In communism, class struggle results in overthrowing capitalism and in radical Islam, faith struggle results in overthrowing of Russian capitalist society.

13. A device that sends a signal about whatever is sensed to some other location is called:

14. Information contained in buffers or random access memory is kept until the space is written over on the machine is turned off is known as:

15. The individual who commits a tort is called a tort-feasor, where as the injured party is called the plaintiff.

16. The division of several area programmed supervision results in a aggregate operational audit, and aggregate operational audit considered in aggregate are an entire company’s programmed supervision.

17. What involves walking or riding a given route to observe the condition of the facility?

18. What incorporate a detection system, which can eliminate concerns over water damage and false activation of the system?

19. Worms take over computer memory and deny its use to legitimate programs.

20. Which of the following is NOT the activity and concern of a crisis management plan?

21. What allows people to log on to a remote computer and use the resources of that system if they have a valid account?

22. To deal with the lack of security, both government organizations have developed guidelines for protecting electric facilities and distribution systems. On the private side, the Edison Electric Institute developed guidelines that have been passed on to the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC), the U.S. Department of Energy’s coordinator for the electrical infrastructure. Among other things the guide lines cover:

23. What implies that the confinement is for personal advantage rather than to bring the plaintiff to court?

24. A hybrid system is a combination of:

25. A good risk management program involves:

26. Coverage of what provides remuneration for losses due to employee dishonesty?

27. The common practices in recruiting a jihadist are:

28. The amount of force may be equal to, but not greater than, the force is being used against them, this phenomenon is called:

29. What is a feeling of responsibility and respect that develops during an individual’s formative years and is subconscious?

30. Contingency planning is the result of which four major components?

31. What are wide-beam units, primarily used to extend the illumination in long, horizontal strips to protect the approaches to the perimeter barrier?

32. The bus transportation system, represented by the American Bus Association has established an American Action Plan designed to improve safety and safety for bus operations.

The goals of this plan are all of the following EXCEPT:

33. Which of the following is the category of integrity and lie detection tests?

34. Communism has common property and radical Islam has sharing property

35. Pandemics affect people, not infrastructure.

36. In ___________, air has been reduced or fuel is dwindling to the point where there is no visible flame, just an entire area filled with tremendous heat.

37. Which of the following is NOT the type of viruses?

38. The process of planning for response, recovery, and resumption activities for the infrastructure, critical processes and other elements is known as:

39. The purpose of methodical examination is to:

40. What is an operational method in which the very act of the attack is dependent upon the death of the perpetrator?

41. What considers all aspects of the security operation on a continuing basis?

42. A good hybrid security operation consists of which component?

43. Reserves are the people standing by in the event that assistance is needed by security personnel on fixed posts or patrol; duty.

44. Which of the following is NOT the advantage of proprietary officers?

45. A legal research generally involves locating:

46. What applies to a provider of defective or hazardous products or services that unduly threaten a consumer’s personal safety?

47. A voluntary and intentional violation by a legally competent parson of a legal duty that commands or prohibits an act for the protection of society is known as:

48. ____________ builds on confusion when two or more people take advantage of their positions and the confusion to steal.

49. Critical process recovery requires an assessment of resources.

50. Who developed Ethernet?

51. _______ requires that the arrestee be turned over to the authorities as soon as practicable and in any event without unreasonable delay.

52. Making the most efficient before-the-loss arrangement for an after-the-loss continuation of business is called Risk Management.

53. From a management point of view, organizing the security effort involves:

54. Employers must have a program to communicate more details on all hazards, including a ________________________ that must be available for each chemical at the work site.

55. Which of the following is NOT the category of contingency planning program?

56. What refers to the number of employees over which any individual can exercise direct supervision effectively?

57. The classic triangle frequently referred to in describing the nature of fire consists of:

58. Which alarm warn of a process reaching a dangerous temperature, of the presence of toxic fumes, or that a machine is running too fast?

59. What focus on legal principles and theories along with cases in which such principles predominate?

60. Based on non-delegable duty, contractual provisions that shift liability to the subcontractors have not been recognized by the courts and are called:


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