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1. SAML SLO is supported for which two firewall features? (Choose two.)


2. What is the purpose of the firewall decryption broker?


3. Which three split tunnel methods are supported by a globalProtect gateway? (Choose three.)


4. Based on the image, what caused the commit warning?


5. An administrator is defining protection settings on the Palo Alto Networks NGFW to guard against resource exhaustion.

When platform utilization is considered, which steps must the administrator take to configure and apply packet buffer protection?


6. Which feature can provide NGFWs with User-ID mapping information?


7. What are the two behavior differences between Highlight Unused Rules and the Rule Usage Hit counter when a firewall is rebooted? (Choose two.)


8. The firewall is not downloading IP addresses from MineMeld.

Based, on the image, what most likely is wrong?


9. Which is not a valid reason for receiving a decrypt-cert-validation error?


10. In the following image from Panorama, why are some values shown in red?


11. What should an administrator consider when planning to revert Panorama to a pre-PAN-OS®8.1 version?


12. Which two methods can be configured to validate the revocation status of a certificate? (Choose two.)


13. Which administrative authentication method supports authorization by an external service?


14. Which version of GlobalProtect supports split tunneling based on destination domain, client process, and HTTP/HTTPS video streaming application?


15. How does Panorama prompt VMWare NSX to quarantine an infected VM?


16. An administrator accidentally closed the commit window/screen before the commit was finished.

Which two options could the administrator use to verify the progress or success of that commit task? (Choose two.)


17. Which two actions would be part of an automatic solution that would block sites with untrusted certificates without enabling SSL Forward Proxy? (Choose two.)


18. Which CLI command is used to simulate traffic going through the firewall and determine which Security policy rule, NAT translation, static route, or PBF rule will be triggered by the traffic?


19. Refer to exhibit.

An organization has Palo Alto Networks NGFWs that send logs to remote monitoring and security management platforms. The network team has reported excessive traffic on the corporate WAN.

How could the Palo Alto Networks NGFW administrator reduce WAN traffic while maintaining support for all existing monitoring/ security platforms?


20. A customer wants to set up a VLAN interface for a Layer 2 Ethernet port.

Which two mandatory options are used to configure a VLAN interface? (Choose two.)


21. An administrator has been asked to configure a Palo Alto Networks NGFW to provide protection against worms and trojans.

Which Security Profile type will protect against worms and trojans?


22. A company needs to preconfigure firewalls to be sent to remote sites with the least amount of reconfiguration. Once deployed, each firewall must establish secure tunnels back to multiple regional data centers to include the future regional data centers.

Which VPN configuration would adapt to changes when deployed to the future site?


23. An administrator has been asked to configure active/passive HA for a pair of Palo Alto Networks NGFWs. The administrator assigns priority 100 to the active firewall.

Which priority is correct for the passive firewall?


24. An administrator pushes a new configuration from Panorama to a pair of firewalls that are configured as an active/passive HA pair.

Which NGFW receives the configuration from Panorama?


25. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator cannot see any of the Traffic logs from the Palo Alto Networks NGFW on Panoram a. The configuration problem seems to be on the firewall side.

Where is the best place on the Palo Alto Networks NGFW to check whether the configuration is correct?






26. When configuring a GlobalProtect Portal, what is the purpose of specifying an Authentication Profile?


27. If a template stack is assigned to a device and the stack includes three templates with overlapping settings, which settings are published to the device when the template stack is pushed?


28. Which method will dynamically register tags on the Palo Alto Networks NGFW?


29. How does an administrator schedule an Applications and Threats dynamic update while delaying installation of the update for a certain amount of time?


30. To connect the Palo Alto Networks firewall to AutoFocus, which setting must be enabled?


31. An administrator encountered problems with inbound decryption.

Which option should the administrator investigate as part of triage?


32. Which two virtualization platforms officially support the deployment of Palo Alto Networks VM-Series firewalls? (Choose two.)


33. Which User-ID method maps IP addresses to usernames for users connecting through an 802.1x-enabled wireless network device that has no native integration with PAN-OS® software?


34. Decrypted packets from the website will appear as which application and service within the Traffic log?


35. Which PAN-OS® policy must you configure to force a user to provide additional credentials before he is allowed to access an internal application that contains highly-sensitive business data?


36. A Security policy rule is configured with a Vulnerability Protection Profile and an action of ‘Deny”.

Which action will this cause configuration on the matched traffic?


37. A user’s traffic traversing a Palo Alto Networks NGFW sometimes can reach At other times the session times out. The NGFW has been configured with a PBF rule that the user’s traffic matches when it goes to

How can the firewall be configured automatically disable the PBF rule if the next hop goes down?


38. What are two benefits of nested device groups in Panorama? (Choose two.)


39. Which Captive Portal mode must be configured to support MFA authentication?


40. An administrator needs to implement an NGFW between their DMZ and Core network. EIGRP Routing between the two environments is required.

Which interface type would support this business requirement?


41. A speed/duplex negotiation mismatch is between the Palo Alto Networks management port and the switch port which it connects.

How would an administrator configure the interface to 1Gbps?


42. A web server is hosted in the DMZ, and the server is configured to listen for incoming connections only on TCP port 8080. A Security policy rule allowing access from the Trust zone to the DMZ zone need to be configured to enable we browsing access to the server.

Which application and service need to be configured to allow only cleartext web-browsing traffic to thins server on tcp/8080.


43. If the firewall has the link monitoring configuration, what will cause a failover?


44. A global corporate office has a large-scale network with only one User-ID agent, which creates a bottleneck near the User-ID agent server.

Which solution in PAN-OS® software would help in this case?


45. Which method does an administrator use to integrate all non-native MFA platforms in PAN-OS® software?


46. How would an administrator monitor/capture traffic on the management interface of the Palo Alto Networks NGFW?


47. An administrator needs to optimize traffic to prefer business-critical applications over non-critical applications.

QoS natively integrates with which feature to provide service quality?


48. A session in the Traffic log is reporting the application as “incomplete.” What does “incomplete” mean?


49. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator is using DNAT to map two servers to a single public IP address. Traffic will be steered to the specific server based on the application, where Host A ( receives HTTP traffic and HOST B ( receives SSH traffic.)

Which two security policy rules will accomplish this configuration? (Choose two.)


50. An administrator needs to determine why users on the trust zone cannot reach certain websites. The only information available is shown on the following image.

Which configuration change should the administrator make?







51. Which three settings are defined within the Templates object of Panorama? (Choose three.)


52. A customer has an application that is being identified as unknown-top for one of their custom PostgreSQL database connections.

Which two configuration options can be used to correctly categorize their custom database application? (Choose two.)


53. An administrator logs in to the Palo Alto Networks NGFW and reports that the WebUI is missing the Policies tab.

Which profile is the cause of the missing Policies tab?


54. An administrator has left a firewall to use the default port for all management services.

Which three functions are performed by the dataplane? (Choose three.)


55. An administrator is using Panorama and multiple Palo Alto Networks NGFWs. After upgrading all devices to the latest PAN-OS® software, the administrator enables log forwarding from the firewalls to Panoram

A. Pre-existing logs from the firewalls are not appearing in PanoramA.

Which action would enable the firewalls to send their pre-existing logs to Panorama?


56. A Palo Alto Networks NGFW just submitted a file to WildFire for analysis. Assume a 5-minute window for analysis. The firewall is configured to check for verdicts every 5 minutes.

How quickly will the firewall receive back a verdict?


57. VPN traffic intended for an administrator’s Palo Alto Networks NGFW is being maliciously intercepted and retransmitted by the interceptor.

When creating a VPN tunnel, which protection profile can be enabled to prevent this malicious behavior?


58. Which Palo Alto Networks VM-Series firewall is valid?


59. An administrator wants multiple web servers in the DMZ to receive connections initiated from the internet. Traffic destined for port 80/TCP needs to be forwarded to the server at

Based on the information shown in the image, which NAT rule will forward web-browsing traffic correctly?






60. An administrator creates a custom application containing Layer 7 signatures. The latest application and threat dynamic update is downloaded to the same NGFW. The update contains an application that matches the same traffic signatures as the custom application.

Which application should be used to identify traffic traversing the NGFW?


61. Which three file types can be forwarded to WildFire for analysis as a part of the basic WildFire service? (Choose three.)


62. Refer to the exhibit.

Which will be the egress interface if the traffic’s ingress interface is ethernet 1/7 sourcing from and to the destination


63. Which three authentication services can administrator use to authenticate admins into the Palo Alto Networks NGFW without defining a corresponding admin account on the local firewall? (Choose three.)


64. Which event will happen if an administrator uses an Application Override Policy?


65. Which Security policy rule will allow an admin to block facebook chat but allow Facebook in general?


66. A client is concerned about resource exhaustion because of denial-of-service attacks against their DNS servers.

Which option will protect the individual servers?


67. If the firewall is configured for credential phishing prevention using the “Domain Credential Filter” method, which login will be detected as credential theft?


68. An administrator has users accessing network resources through Citrix XenApp 7 x.

Which User-ID mapping solution will map multiple users who are using Citrix to connect to the network and access resources?


69. An administrator needs to upgrade a Palo Alto Networks NGFW to the most current version of PAN-OS® software. The firewall has internet connectivity through an Ethernet interface, but no internet connectivity from the management interface. The Security policy has the default security rules and a rule that allows all web-browsing traffic from any to any zone.

What must the administrator configure so that the PAN-OS® software can be upgraded?


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