New HCIA-Intelligent Vision V1.0 Exam H12-511_V1.0-ENU Dumps Questions

HCIA-Intelligent Vision V1.0 is the new name of the HCIA-Intelligent Video Surveillance V1.0, which requires to take and pass H12-511_V1.0 exam successfully. HCIA-Intelligent Vision V1.0 exam is available in English and Chinese. At DumpsBase, new H12-511_V1.0-ENU dumps questions are released to help you prepare for the HCIA-Intelligent Vision V1.0 certification to complete the operation of Huawei intelligent vision camera and platform. New H12-511_V1.0-ENU exam dumps of DumpsBase includes the detailed answers to every question of H12-511_V1.0-ENU HCIA-Intelligent Vision V1.0 dumps. 

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1. The advantage of video summary is that it can compress surveillance video, so as to help surveillance personnel quickly obtain valuable information.

2. RAID technology combines multiple separate physical hard disks into a logical hard disk in different ways, thereby improving the read and write performance and data security of the hard disk.

3. What is the function of the camera's infrared light?

4. What network access method does Huawei video surveillance site support? (Multiple Choice)

5. Through the configuration of image parameters, the shooting effect of the camera in different scenarios can be better met. What are the common image parameters of the camera? (Multiple Choice)

6. What functions can be achieved on the camera's web interface? (Multiple Choice)

7. The P2P microwave method is often used for the transmission from the microwave convergence point to the data center, and the P2MP microwave method is often used for the transmission from the monitoring site to the microwave convergence point.

8. Which of the following functions is mainly applied to park roads and country roads with low target traffic to check whether there is a retrograde incident?

9. Regarding the scene where the dome camera is mounted on the pole, which of the following descriptions is incorrect?

10. Common video data storage media include: (Multiple choice)

11. Which of the following options belong to the camera's wired access method? (Multiple choice)

12. In the four-layer logic architecture of VCN5x0, which layer is responsible for media data processing, media distribution and media storage?

13. Video surveillance network solutions are mainly divided into access networks, backbone transmission networks and data center networks.

14. Which of the following are common display technologies for video surveillance display equipment? (Multiple choice)

15. When the video interference is strong or the transmission distance is long, the use of () transmission can ensure the video quality.

16. Hard Disk Video Recorder (DVR) is a special video surveillance equipment, its main purpose includes: (Multiple choice)

17. Which of the following options are correct for the description of the Huawei video surveillance site? (Multiple choice)

18. In the video surveillance system, the most important indicator to measure the storage hard disk is ().

19. Common intelligent behavior analysis includes: (Multiple choice)

20. Which of the following descriptions about ONVIF is incorrect?

21. Regarding Profile X, which of the following statements is correct? (Multiple choice)

22. Huawei SDC camera has an automatic tracking function, which allows the camera to identify and track the specified target within the shooting field of view.

23. The () equipment can protect the camera, achieve waterproof, dustproof and heat preservation.

24. The IP address and system time of the Huawei camera will be synchronized from the platform, and there is no need to configure it in the camera.

25. The upper-level area views the camera images of the lower-level area. Since the video has been stored in the lower-level area, there is no need to repeat storage in the upper-level area. Which of the following video networking features can be used to achieve?

26. Regarding the wide dynamic and backlight compensation, which of the following statements are correct? (Multiple choice)

27. Which of the following equipment converts digital video signals into analog signals for video image display?

28. Regarding the dome camera, which of the following statements is correct?

29. Cameras with different bandwidth requirements can be flexibly distributed through routers and switches, but GPON cannot.

30. When the server fails, which of the following functions can be used to restore the system?

31. The types of services provided by Huawei Video Cloud mainly include: (Multiple choice) .

32. The live video is recorded in the web interface of the camera, and the video files can only be saved in the SD card or on the local computer.

33. The monitoring platform provides multiple functional items to ensure reliable transmission of messages, which are used to ensure business continuity and availability when the network condition is poor. Which of the following business features is used?

34. In a project, a Huawei video surveillance site uses a mains + lithium battery module solution to supply power to the camera. How long can the site run after the mains is disconnected?

35. Which of the following products are suitable for small surveillance scenarios such as supermarkets, schools, bank offices, and parks? (Multiple Choice)

36. The main applications of artificial intelligence in the field of video surveillance include: (Multiple choice)

37. Through which of the following functions, users can use different intelligent analysis algorithms according to actual needs, to better adapt to actual application effects and improve the accuracy of intelligent analysis?

38. Log in to the camera's web interface to perform PTZ operation, which is used to adjust the shooting angle and focal length of the lens to realize the function of watching videos in different directions becomes?

39. The low illumination characteristic of the camera has the greatest relationship with ().

40. The business closure of the intelligent video surveillance system is stronger, and it is not suitable for third-party business integration.

41. In order to increase the security of Huawei SDC cameras, which of the following methods are used? (Multiple Choice)

42. Which of the following options is not unique to SDC?

43. The switch is suitable for the scene where the video surveillance sites are more concentrated, and the router is more suitable for the scene where the video surveillance sites along the road are more scattered.

44. In order to increase the reliability of Huawei SDC cameras, which of the following methods are used? (Multiple choice)

45. The openness of the intelligent video surveillance platform includes (). (Multiple choice)

46. The development trend of intelligent video surveillance platforms is cloudification, intelligence and openness.

47. Huawei SDC cameras have multiple security protections. Which of the following is not a data protection method?

48. () refers to data that is inconvenient to use the two-dimensional logical table of the database to represent, including office documents in all formats, text, pictures, XML, HTML reports, images, audio and video information, etc.

49. Which of the following are typical application scenarios of face recognition cameras? (Multiple Choice)

50. The front-end multi-camera collaboration feature can improve the accuracy of blacklist hits and reduce the false negative rate of camera face recognition.

51. The larger the focal length of the camera, the larger the angle of view.

52. What are the advantages of data center network virtualization in the video surveillance system? (Multiple Choice)

53. What are the three stages of the development of video surveillance cameras so far? (Multiple Choice)

54. Which of the following functions can be applied to the entrances and exits of shopping malls, supermarkets, chain stores, associations, and museums to count the number of people entering and exiting to assist users in analyzing laws and trends?

55. () is an area set up by some related alarm sources and alarm output devices, which can be deployed and disarmed in a unified manner, and a unified linkage strategy can be formulated.

56. Huawei SDC camera can automatically adjust backlight, low illumination, wide dynamic and other functions in different time periods.

57. Which methods can be selected for the power supply of Huawei video surveillance sites?

58. Which camera in the following options can load different software and algorithms for the camera according to different scenes to improve the efficiency of intelligent analysis.

59. Regarding RAID 3, which of the following descriptions is correct?

60. Which of the following functions can be realized in a mixed scene of people and vehicles while realizing the recognition of motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and human bodies at the same time?

61. If the captured face has motion blur, you can try to reduce the camera's shutter value.

62. Cloud IVS 3000 image analysis server includes? (Multiple choice)

63. What kind of docking protocol does the multi-level mutual assistance function of Huawei SDC cameras support?

64. The data center is the data convergence center of the video surveillance system, providing video image data for each surveillance workstation and surveillance center.

65. The analog camera has a compression coding module to facilitate network transmission of video data.

66. The characteristics of video surveillance storage mainly include? (Multiple choice)

67. When using the camera's web interface to view the live video, the local zoom function is used, and the camera will automatically adjust the focus during the zooming process.

68. The image retrieval service of Cloud IVS 3000 includes ()?

69. The main function of DVS is to encode analog signals and convert them into network signals for transmission.

70. Which of the following functions can help managers assign users and permissions based on the situation of the department, which not only improves management efficiency, but also reduces management pressure?

71. Which of the following devices can analog cameras connect to the networked video surveillance platform?

72. The low illumination characteristic of the camera has the greatest relationship with ().

73. Which of following description of intelligent video quality diagnosis is correct? (Multiple choice)

74. Which can effectively compensate the shortcomings of the camera in the dark environment when shooting the main body of the picture?

75. The same resolution, using the H.264 protocol, has a lower bit rate than H.265 protocol encoding.

76. The resolution of the 4K camera is 4 million pixels.

77. The smaller the lens aperture of the camera, the shallower the depth of field.

78. Regarding NAS (Network Attached Storage), which of the following statements is wrong?

79. Common storage types include block storage, file storage and object storage.

80. What operations can the network keyboard generally achieve? (Multiple choice)


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