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1. Which requirement is valid for vSphere with Tanzu on vSphere Distributed Switch Network?

2. Which functionality does the Cloud Native Storage (CNS) component take advantage of to support the creation of container volumes?

3. A developer is trying to deploy a Kubernetes Application into a namespace within a Supervisor Cluster The deployment must utilize the latest assets that have been pushed into the Registry Service.

What should the developer add to the YAML file to ensure that the deployment is successful?

4. Which object provides user access to applications running on vSphere with Tanzu?

5. To which set of networks are the Supervisor Cluster nodes attached when deploying with an NSX-T network topology?

6. A developer is connecting to a Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster using the kubectl vsphere login command

Which information must be specified, in addition to both the name of the cluster and the Supervisor Cluster Control Wane IP?

7. Which external load balancer is supported in vSphere 7 U1 using the vSphere networking stack?

8. How can you remove unreferenced container images from a project in an embedded Registry Service?

9. Which two capabilities are associated with vSphere Pod? (Choose two.)

10. A development team has deployed a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster and would like to verify the version of Kubernetes that is running .

Which command will show this information?

11. An administrator is tasked with increasing the amount of CPU and memory in an existing Tanzu Kubernetes cluster.

Which change must the administrator complete to ensure the cluster scales successfully when updating the YAML definition?

12. Where is a storage policy applied to enable Persistent Volumes?

13. The virtualization team supports many development teams on a Supervisor cluster. For a specific development team, they would like to limit persistent volumes that can be created on Tanzu Kubernetes clusters to only an NFS based storage array.

Which action should be taken to accomplish this goal?

14. What is the minimum number of virtual distributed portgroups that must be configured on the vSphere Distributed Switch before enabling Workload Management using the vSphere networking stack and a HAProxyload balancer?

15. The network topology for a Supervisor Cluster deployed using the vSphere networking stack, and a HAProxy load balancer is being planned.

In addition to the control plane management IP range and services P range, how many non-overlapping P address ranges are needed?

16. Which statement describes a characteristic of Supervisor Cluster control plane VMs?

17. Which process should be used to upgrade the vSphere with Tanzu Supervisor Cluster?

18. Which two functions are provided by the NSX Container Rug-in (NCP)? (Choose two.)

19. How do Tanzu Kubemetes clusters communicate with Storage Policy Based Management to request Persistent Volumes?

20. Which role should the vSphere administrator apply for the developer?


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