Network Virtualization (NSX v6.2) 2V0-642 Exam Dumps Online

2V0-642 VMware Certified Professional 6 – Network Virtualization 6.2 Exam Dumps is designed to help candidates prepare for and pass VMware 2V0-642 exam. Updated 2V0-642 exam dumps contain 121 real Q&As, which are the greatest tool for passing VMware Certified Professional 6 – Network Virtualization 6.2 Exam.

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1. Which virtual machine does VMware recommend be manually excluded from the Distributed Firewall?


2. What is one of the benefits of using logical switches in an NSX environment?


3. A group of users needs secured access to a set of web-based applications in a SDDC.

Which VPN option is best suited for this?


4. What are two things that should be done before upgrading from vCloud Networking and Security to NSX? (Choose two.)


5. Which three methods can be used by the NSX Distributed Firewall to discover IP addresses? (Choose three.)


6. Which two network services are abstracted from the underlying hardware by NSX? (Choose two.)


7. When specifying a source for a security rule, what is the purpose of the Negate Source check box?


8. What are two requirements of the network infrastructure to virtualize the access layer? (Choose two.)


9. Which vSphere network object abstracts the physical network, provides access-level switching in the hypervisor and enables support for overlay networking?


10. A network administrator has been tasked with deploying a 3-tier application across two data centers. Tier-1 and tier-2 will be located in Datacenter-A and tier-3 will be located in Datacenter-B.

Which NSX components are needed to make this deployment functional?


11. You have deployed an Edge Services Gateway with the following interface configuration:

Your customer has requested that you provide the ability to use Remote Desktop Protocol to log into a virtual machine that has a tenant IP address of using the provider IP address You have performed the following configuration however, you cannot RDP into the virtual machine.

What configuration change do you need to make to allow this connection?


12. Which two are accurate statements with regards to Guest Introspection installation? (Choose two.)


13. Which three objects are supported for universal synchronization in a Cross-vCenter NSX deployment? (Choose three.)


14. An organization has a PCI compliant application deployed as part of a larger NSX environment. Every year a team of contractors evaluates the security of the environment and recommends changes.

What NSX Role and Scope should the contractors be given to minimize access but still allow them to fulfill the stated requirement?


15. In a Cross-vCenter environment, where is information about local logical switches and local logical routers maintained?


16. When creating a new security policy how is the default weight determined?


17. What is the effect on NSX Edge virtual machines when NSX Edge high availability is configured but vSphere HA is NOT configured?


18. An administrator creates a SpoofGuard policy for specific networks.

Which two modes are associated with this type of policy? (Choose two.)


19. Which would best describe a workload in Compute Cluster 1 attached to a logical switch port group?


20. Where can firewall rules be applied on the NSX Edge Services Gateway?


21. Which is required to support unicast mode in NSX?


22. Which type of VPN should be configured to ensure application mobility between data centers?


23. How is high availability of the NSX Edge Gateway accomplished?


24. Which three changes to a distributed switch configuration could trigger a rollback? (Choose three.)


25. An application requires load balancing with minimal impact to network performance. An NSX administrator is deploying a load balancer to meet the stated requirements.

Which load balancing engine should be deployed?


26. When configuring BGP routing in NSX, what is the purpose of the Graceful Restart check box?


27. What is the purpose of a DHCP Relay Agent in an NSX Edge configuration?


28. What are the correct steps for connecting a virtual machine to a logical switch?


29. Which term describes a situation where a bottleneck is created when traffic is sent to a single device for security enforcement?


30. VMware NSX is a key component in enabling enterprises to realize the full potential of their investment in which technology?


31. A virtualized application needs access to a physical database. Both servers are on the subnet. NSX has been deployed across the entire virtual environment.

What method can be used to allow access between the servers?


32. When running the NSX Control Plane in Hybrid Mode what are the minimum physical network requirements? (Choose three.)


33. Which three options are true about NSX logical bridges? (Choose three.)


34. Which two NSX roles could be used to create security policies? (Choose two.)




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