HPE Storage ASE HPE0-J57 Dumps

What abilities can you show to your boss if you have HPE0-J57 Designing HPE Storage Solutions certification?

  • Explain the fundamental architectures and technologies of HPE Storage Solutions
  • Identify customer requirements and design, validate and propose an HPE Storage Solution including back-up, recovery and archiving (BURA)
  • Manage, administer and optimize HPE Storage Solutions

Once decided to take HPE ASE certification HPE0-J57 exam for HPE ASE – Storage Solutions Architect V3 certification, please choose valid HPE Storage ASE HPE0-J57 Dumps to prepare for HPE0-J57 exam. New HPE0-J57 exam dumps contains 59 exam questions and answers, which will be the great tool for passing HPE0-J57 Designing HPE Storage Solutions exam.

HPE0-J57 free questions of HPE Storage ASE HPE0-J57 Dumps

1. Which HPE 3PAR feature improves CPU utilization, reduces latency, and improves IOPS?


2. While demonstrating an HPE 3PAR StoreServ 9450 array, the customer asks you to demonstrate the File Persona features.

Which objects do you need to create to demonstrate these features? (Choose two.)


3. Which protocols are currently used in the front end by HPE 3PAR StoreServ systems? (Choose two.)


4. A customer needs to expand an HPE StoreVirtual VSA based cluster with two additional VSA instances.

What do you need to consider when designing the new VSA instances?


5. A customer with an HPE 3PAR StoreServ needs to upgrade their aging backup solution to a more advanced solution using snapshots and dedupluication.

Which HPE products would meet the customer’s needs? (Choose two.)


6. A customer’s growing environment has a mix of HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8200 with 10K HDD, HPE 3PAR StoreServ 9450, and HPE 3PAR StoreServ 2080D with 3 tiers of storage deployed in the same data center. The customer needs to optimize performance by being able to move workloads to the most appropriate array as needed.

Which solution enables the customer to achieve this goal?


7. Which type of networking switch handles both Ethernet and Fibre Channel traffic?


8. Which file protocols are commonly used in HPE StoreOnce environment? (Choose two.)


9. A customer wants to implement a management and monitoring tool for an HPE B-series SAN switch environment. You plan to recommend the HPE SAN Network Advisor.

Which information about the customer’s environment will help you to decide which edition to recommend?


10. A customer has a SAN infrastructure with an HPE C-Class blade enclosure, and a mix of ProLiant G7, Gen8 and Gen9 servers. They require a new storage platform.

How can you confirm the new storage array will be supported in the existing environment?


11. You need to add SSD drives to a production HPE 3PAR StoreServ array configured with Adaptive Flash Cache (AFC).

What do you need to consider?


12. Which resource provides configurations for HPE tested and referenced configurations in a software-defined storage environment?


13. A customer is concerned about media and transmission errors caused by any component in the I/O stack from the server host bus adapter (HBA) into the HPE 3PAR StoreServ ports.

Which feature will address the customer’s concern?


14. A customer has a large deployment of HPE Synergy compute modules, HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage, and HPE StoreOnce systems in a single data center. They are concerned about the risk of data loss due to site disaster.

What is the reason to propose HPE CloudBank?


15. Where does HPE 3PAR StoreServ Data-at-Rest Encryption occur?


16. A customer needs to implement a new SAN fabric for their growing environment. The new SAN should provide a high performance and port-efficient network with many-to-many connectivity. Because of changing requirements and the possible acquisition of another company in the near feature, the customer cannot predict the I/O traffic pattern within the SAN. The customer is also concerned about availability.

Which type of SAN topology should you recommend?


17. A customer asks for a 50 TB disk-based backup solution with deduplication. They also need additional storage for test/dev purposes.

Which single HPE storage platform can you present to the customer that will meet both of their needs?


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