HCIE-Data Center(Written) Exam H13-431-ENU Dumps Updated

Completing HCIE-Data Center certification can prove that you have a deep understanding of large and medium-sized cloud data center mainstream solutions and technologies, and have the ability to plan and design, operate and maintain L2-L4 of the cloud data center, Such as network, security, computing, storage, virtualization and etc. H13-431-ENU, as the written exam of HCIE-Data Center certification, will test all functional modules of the data center. We have updated H13-431-ENU dumps questions to make sure you can complete H13-431-ENU HCIE-Data Center(Written) Exam successfully.

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1. The traffic diversion function is required only when an AntiDDoS device is deployed on out-of-path mode.

2. Huawei SD-DC2 employs the eBackup virtualization backup solution. When a backup agent fails, services are switched to other backup agents.

3. OS virtualization architecture, which operates on physical hardware with low loss and high efficiency, will become the mainstream development trend in the future.

4. In Huawei UltraVR disaster recovery solution, the following is recommended: At the production and disaster recovery sites, use LUNs that are not configured with remote replication to store VMs that do not need disaster recovery, and use LUNs configured with remote replication to store VMs that needs disaster recovery.

5. In Huawei SD-DC2 solution, physical data centers are deployed in a distributed manner and there is a federation relationship between data centers. Therefore, the domain concept is introduced. One domain can contain one or multiple VDCs that belong to one or more enterprises.

6. In a large-scale IDC, the DHCP service is deployed to allocate IP addresses to a large number of servers, enabling the servers to go online quickly and simplifying server configuration, IP addresses can be allocated to servers across network segments.

7. In Huawei cloud computing solution, the “raw devices + logical volumes” mode is the most direct storage virtualization that supports advanced storage function and is wasy to manage.

8. In the FusionSphere OpenStack scenario, “physical network” defines mappings between virtual networks and host physical network ports and the applied networks planes, and a VM can derectly use the physical network.

9. FusionCloud UltraVR can be installed on a VM or physical server and it exclusively occupies resources of the VM or physical server.

10. As shown in the figure, the two core switches set up a VRRP group and run BFD for VRRP. The BFD feature can shorten the VRRP master/backup switchover time to 50 ms and monitor multiple VRRP group.

11. in a HyperMetro active-active data center solution, which statement is true about the active-active deployment of the B/S application?

12. In a HyperMetro active-active data center solution, which statement is false about computing resource virtualization?

13. Which CPU virtualization will become the mainstream development trend in the future?

14. On the DC network shown in the following figure, a Huawei agile controller is used as the SDN controller to manage the VXLAN service between two CE12808 switches. Which of the following descriptions is incorrect?

15. In a C/S service model among a VM cluster spanning multiple data centers, which method can not support cross-DC traffic switching upon a VM migration when external users access a data center?


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