Docker Certified Associate DCA Exam Dumps

Why get Docker Certified Associate DCA Certified?

  • Recognition for your Docker skills with an official Docker credential
  • Digital certificate and use of the Docker Certified Associate logo
  • Online verification of Docker Certified status by potential employers
  • Exclusive access to the Docker Certified professional network on LinkedIn and invites to certified-only events

But how to pass DCA exam for Docker Certified Associate certified? I think you need to get Docker Certified Associate DCA Exam Dumps as your preparation materials.

Test Free Docker Certified Associate DCA Exam Dumps First

1. Which of the following commands wifi automatically create a volume when a container is started?


2. Which one of the following commands will show a list of volumes for a specific container?


3. Which of the following constitutes a production-ready devicemapper configuration for the Docker engine?


4. Which one of the following commands will result in the volume being removed automatically once the container has exited?


5. A container named "analytics" that stores results in a volume called "data" was created.

docker run -d –name=analytics -v data:/data app1

How are the results accessed in "data" with another container called "app2"?


6. A server is running low on disk space.

What command can be used to check the disk usage of images, containers, and volumes for Docker engine?


7. Which of the following are types of namespaces used by Docker to provide isolation? (Choose 2.)


8. Which of the following namespaces is disabled by default and must be enabled at Docker engine runtime in order to be used?


9. Which of the following statements is true about secrets?


10. Following the principle of least privilege, which of the following methods can be used to securely grnt access to the specific user to communicate to a Docker engine? (Choose two.)


11. Which of the following is supported by control groups?


12. Wha is the purpose of Docker Content Trust?


13. What is the purpose of a client bundle in the Universal Control Plane?


14. When using the Docker client to push an image to a registry, what environment variable is used to instruct the client to perform signing of the image?


15. You have created a Docker bridge network on a host with three containers attached, how do you make this containers accessible outside of the host?


16. Which of the following commands will ensure that overlay traffic between service tasks is encrypted?


17. Which of the following commands will create a swarm service which only listens on port 53 using the UDP protocol?


18. Which of the following is true about using the ‘-P’ option when creating a new container?


19. What behavior is expected when a service is created with the following command:

‘docker service create –publish 8000:80 nginx’


20. Which set of commands can identify the publishd port(s) for a container? (Choose 1.)


21. Which of the following is true about overlay networks?


22. Which of the following modes can be used for service discovery of a Docker swarm service (Pick 2 correct answers)


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