CLAD Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer Questions 2019

CLAD certification is launched by NI National Instruments. National Instruments certifications are industry-recognized credentials that distinguish expertise in using NI products for developing measurement and automation solutions. There are three levels of National Instruments certifications. CLAD Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer exam is an entry-level LabVIEW certification. The Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer Certification indicates a broad working knowledge of the LabVIEW environment, a basic understanding of coding and documentation best practices, and the ability to read and interpret existing code. We offer CLAD Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer Questions to ensure that you can pass CLAD exam successfully.

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1. How do you document a VI so that the description appears in the Show Context Help popup window?

2. Can a wire be used to pass data between loops that are intended to run in parallel?

3. Which of the following describes a Tab Control?

4. What is an advantage of using a Strictly Typed VI ref num?

5. A coercion dot indicates that:

6. Which of the following statements is true about the following block diagram?

7. Which of the following can not be used to transfer data?

8. Which of the following terminals controls how many times a For loop executes?

9. You have a control on the front panel of a VI and you need to modify one of its properties at run time.

Which of the following is the best approach you would take?

10. Formula nodes accept which of the following operations?

11. Which of the following is the best method to update an indicator on the front panel?

12. Which of the following functions assembles Cluster elements by their owned labels?

13. What is the output of the Build Array function in the following block diagram when Concatenate Inputs is selected?

14. What is the output of the Initialize Array function after the following code has executed?

15. What is one disadvantage of using the State Machine VI architecture?

16. What is the best method to stop a While loop on an error condition?

17. What mechanical action of a Boolean would you use to mimic a button on a Windows dialog?

18. Which combination of words correctly completes the following statement?

Unlike __________, which display an entire waveform that overwrites the data already stored, ___________ update periodically and maintain a history of the data previously stored.

19. In what instance would you use the Probe tool rather than Highlight Execution?

20. You customize a control, select Control from the Type Def. Status pull-down menu, and save the control as a .ctl file. You then use an instance of the custom control on your front panel window.

If you open the .ctl file and modify the control, does the control on the front panel window change?

21. You develop a SubVI that only outputs a value and need to use this SubVI in a (calling) VI.

Which of the following is the best way to enforce dataflow to control the execution of the SubVI?

22. What is the value in Shift Register Answer after the following code has executed?

23. Which Chart update mode should be used to draw new data from left to right, then clear the chart and draw new data again from left to right?

24. Which of the following illustrates an advantage of a global variable over a local variable?

25. Which timing function (VI) is the best choice for timing control logic in applications that run for extended periods of time?

26. Under which of the following conditions does a For loop stop executing?

27. You are inputting data that represents a circle. The circle data includes an x position, a y position, and a radius. All three pieces of data are double-precision. In the future, you might need to store the color of the circle, represented as an integer.

How should you represent the circle on your front panel window?

28. Which of the following will cause an event to be captured by the LabVIEW Event Structure?

29. Which of the following does not conform to data flow programming paradigm?

30. You must store data that other engineers must analyze with Microsoft Excel.

Which file storage format should you use?

31. What is the result of the following Array addition?

32. Which of the following statements is false?


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