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1. You want to determine which operations of the oruting should be considered in a product cost calculation .

How do you do this? 2 Answers

2. Which statements are relevant to the cost of sales accounting method in profitability management? 2 Answers

3. What does the internal order settlement profile define? There are THREE correct answers for this question

4. Which objects can statistical key figures be applied to?

5. On which document in the sales process is the profit initially entered?

6. On which organizational level do you maintain profit center accounting in SAP S/4HANA?

7. When you define assessment cycles for the period-end closing in overhead cost accounting, which object can you assign to the cycle segment?

8. Which type of Profitability Analysis updates the cost of goods sold at the time of delivery?

9. Which processes belong to the "final costing" of cost objects? There are TWO correct answers for this question

10. What is required before you can create a multi-level material cost estimate without quantity structure?

11. You want to use a template to consider overhead during product costing .

How do you assign the template to your material?

12. You want to settle primary cost elements and secondary cost elements to different receivers .

What do you use?

13. In which module do you process profit center allocations in SAP S4/HANA

14. Which default values can you configure for the product cost collector? 2 answers

15. You want to understand why costs are collected on sales order item level .

What do you need to check in the configuration? 3 answers

16. What are some of the characteristics of Profit Center Accounting in SAp S/4HANA? 2 answers

17. What can you use to difference two or more cost estimates for the same material? 2 answers

18. Which characteristic controls the eligible cost element categories for G/L accounts in SAP S/4HANA?

19. What do you need to define in order to report variable costs that refer to the cost component split in account-based CO-PA? There are TWO correct answers for this question

20. Which of the following statements are applicable to SAP S/4HANA embedded analytics? 2 Answer

21. WXhat is the highest reporting level in management accounting?

22. How does SAP S4HANA select line-item-based data for costing-based Profitability Analysis reports?

23. What can you use to difference two or more cost estimates for the same material? There are TWO correct answers for this question

24. Which criteria do you use to specify the G/L account for the work in process (WIP) settlement? There are THREE correct answers for this question

25. How does SAP S/4HANA capture costs?

26. You are implementing SAP S4/HANA and you want to run analytical reports off a single data model .

Which statement best describes reporting in SAP S4/HANA?

27. You use a ledger, an additional standard ledger and an extension ledger. You post a general journal entry without indicating a ledger group.

For which ledger(s) are separate line items posted in the universal journal?

28. Which statement best describes the query browser for reporting?

29. You want to use a template for activity and process assignment to your material cost estimate .

What do you need to do?

30. When trying to assign a profit center to a new cost center, you receive an error .

What can cause this error?

31. Which of the following are typical activities of the sales planning phase in SAP S/4HANA? There are TWO correct answers for this question

32. At which level can you assign a valuation strategy in CO-PA? There are TWO correct answers for this question

33. Which parameters can you enter when you create a costing run? There are THREE correct answers for this question

34. To which objects do you settle values of the results analysis? There are TWO correct answers for this question

35. During posting, from which object does the system first derive the profit center if the profit center is NOT directly assigned to a network activity?

36. You want to set up budget availability control for your projects and internal ordders .

What can you check using budget availability control? 2 Answers

37. You want to maintain a cost component structure .

What can you determine for each cost component?

38. To which object do you settle values of the result analysis?

39. Which of the following statements best describe Product Cost by Period? 2 Answers

40. Which tasks can you perform on a production order in a make-to-order scenario with valuated stock? There are TWO correct answers for this question

41. Which objects are predifined characteristics in SAP S/4HANA? 3 Answers

42. In the product Cost by Order component, what does the system calculate depending on the order status? 1 answer

43. You need to assign a company code to a controlling area .

Which settings must be identical for both organizational objects? There are 2 correct answers to this question

44. You configured an overhead costing sheet that uses the quantity-based overhead approach to calculate the overhead amount .

What is required for the amount to be calculated?

45. Which parameters are controlled by the costing type in a costing variant? 2 answers

46. In a standard system delivery, how many characteristics can be added to an operating concern?

47. Which cost estimates must you reuse with the transfer control functionality?

48. You want to derive the profitability segment for a line item in the universal journal using SAP S/4HANA standard configuration .

What requirement must be fulfilled? 2 Answers

49. Which views can you use to analyse the costing results withn the costing run tool?

50. What can you do with statistical internal orders?


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