Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite Implementation Exam 7392X Free Dumps

7392X Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite Implementation Exam is a requirement to earn the ACIS – Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite credential. To ensure that you can pass Avaya 7392X exam smoothly, we newly released Avaya ACIS Exam 7392X Dumps Online with 100% passing guarantee. Also, we recommend you check Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite Implementation Exam 7392X Free Dumps to make sure you have the valid study materials for 100% passing.

Avaya 7392X Free Dumps Online V8.02

1. Which type of virtual routing allows calls among call centers to achieve improved Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) load-balance by comparing sites?


2. For a Split Day report, how many days of historical data are shown in the Basic Call management System (BCMS)?


3. A customer has the Elite Call Center package and wants Basic Call Management System (BCMS) for reports.

Which statement is true about this scenario?


4. What provides built-in real-time and historical reporting capabilities for the call center, including reports for Splits/Skills, Agents, Vector Directory Numbers (VDNs) and Trunk Groups?


5. Which two benefits to a Call Center does the Call Vectoring feature provide? (Choose two.)


6. Which scope is defined by the time-of-day (TOD) variable?


7. Which two parameters must be configured to allow Service Observing while off site? (Choose two.)


8. Which two statements describe the benefits of using Expert Agent Selection (EAS)? (Choose two.)


9. A customer is currently using the Communication Manager Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) feature, and will be enabling the Expert Agent Selection (EAS) feature.

With EAS enabled, which software mechanism is used for queuing?


10. How can an installer identify if a customer has the Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite package?


11. Which statement about concurrent agent user licenses is true?


12. A customer is waiting in queue, listening to music, and waiting for the call to be routed to an agent.

Which mechanism controls what happens while the customer is waiting in the queue?


13. A call center operations manager wants agents to manually enter a code to identify the reason for being in auxiliary (AUX) work status.

Which feature must be activated on the system-parameters customer-options to allow this?


14. While configuring the Service Observing feature, which three forms should be configured and/or verified? (Choose three.)


15. Which two statements about Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) with Expert Agent Selection (EAS) disabled are true? (Choose two.)


16. A customer wants to avoid an abandoned call if an agent leaves their position, and an incoming Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) call rings at the agent’s telephone.

Which call center feature provides this capability?


17. Which three statements about configuring a Call Center with the Elite offer are true? (Choose three.)


18. Which form displays the total number of Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) agents that can be logged in simultaneously?


19. When a customer upgrades from Basic Avaya Call Center to Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite, which three features are added? (Choose three.)


20. Refer to the exhibit.

You configured vectors in your New York and Denver locations to use Look Ahead Interflow. You want your New York location to interflow to your Denver location if the Denver split has less than 10 calls in queue. After setting vectors in the exhibit you find that calls are interflowing to Denver.

What would cause calls to interflow to Denver?


21. You need to troubleshoot Best Service Routing (BSR) vectors for multi-site routing to verify that they are operating as intended.

Which command would you use to do this?


22. Which operator of the SET command allows you to check number validation in dialed strings using Luhn’s algorithm?


23. A customer wants to routinely monitor their vectors for unexpected results.

How should they monitor their results?


24. Which property of the SET command makes the command unique when dealing with variables?


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