APDS Avaya Breeze Online Test 3175T Exam Dumps

3175T APDS Avaya Breeze Online Test validates your knowledge and mastery of the requirements and considerations for designing Avaya Enterprise Team Engagement Solutions. To pass Avaya 3175T exam, you can come to get valid 3175T exam dumps questions for great preparation. We promised that use APDS Avaya Breeze Online Test 3175T Exam Dumps ensure you pass 3175T exam at your first try.

Free Avaya APDS 3175T Exam Dumps Check First

1. Which statement correctly describes the relationship between Avaya Breeze TM , Avaya Aura and the Avaya Aura Media Server (AAMS)?


2. Which three statements are strengths of Avaya in the application development market? (choose three)


3. Avaya BreezeTM provides optional Avaya Snap-ins. Match the Snap-in name with the correct Snap-in description.

4. The Engagement Development Platform (EDP) can provide some Avaya-developed snap-in.

Match the snap-in with its description. (This question read as the reference)

5. Which two statements correctly describe Unified Communications application needs? (Choose two.)


6. Where is information stored to complete the action of the failed server in the event of a cluster node failure in an N+M Redundant Breeze TM solution?


7. Avaya provides the AvayaLive TM Collaboratory to assist in the development of collaboration applications.

Which statement correctly describes AvayaLive Collaboratory?


8. Avaya Breeze offers a free trial. This allows a customer/partner to use Avaya Breeze TM on a non-production system.

Which statement correctly describes the free Avaya Breeze trial offer?


9. Which component provides SIP load balancing for multiple nodes in an Avaya Breeze TM high availability installation?


10. Which application program interface (AP) is used by the Avaya Breeze TM Data Access Methods to access data from an external data base?


11. Avaya Breeze TM supports clustering of groups of servers or nodes Design rules include capacity limitations such as a maximum of 35 Breeze TM Servers or nodes and up to 6 Snap-ins sequenced per user.

Which additional Avaya Breeze TM design rule must be followed?


12. Which two statements correctly describe current market trends in the Unified Communications market? (choose two)


13. Which Snap-ins support Avaya Breeze TM geo-redundancy?


14. For Avaya Breeze TM solutions, which statement correctly describes including Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text to Speech (TTS) capabilities in Snap-ins?


15. In the era of digital transformation, which two statements correctly describe how Avaya Breeze TM provides customers’ high-touch, personal business interactions? (Choose two)


16. Which Avaya Engagement Designer component is installed as a Snap-in on an Avaya Breeze TM platform?


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