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1. Huawei's converged storage has the function of parallel fast data reconstruction. Data fragments are broken up in the resource pool. After a hard disk fails, it can be automatically rebuilt in parallel within the full resource pool. Only the actual data is rebuilt without a separate hot spare disk.

2. In RAID2.0+ technology, what is the default size in MB of the CHUNK segmented from SAS hard disks?

3. Huawei's hyper-converged storage uses the structure of distributed storage logic. Which of the following is the function of the OSD module?

4. Company A plans to adopt hyper-convergence to realize the rapidly changing information needs of the enterprise. Which of the following items are the architectural features of hyper-convergence?

5. Huawei hybrid flash storage adopts the structure of RAID 2.0+ software architecture, which realizes the virtualization of the underlying media and the virtualization of the upper-level resources, and at the same time solves the problem of rapid data reconstruction and intelligent allocation of resources.

6. A multinational company has a huge business, with customer business data scattered in multiple locations, and the distance between locations is greater than 1000 km. The company hopes to centrally manage the backup data of each site, so that users can analyze and mine all data without affecting normal business, and any business site suffers a disaster, the company can take over the business and perform data recovery.

In this case, which disaster recovery backup solution the enterprise should choose?

7. A company has a variety of services such as database applications, OLTP applications, mail service applications, and Web server applications. In which of the following service scenarios does the SmartCache feature not significantly improve performance?

8. The HyperLock (WORM) feature of Huawei Storage allows the file to write data only once, cannot be written repeatedly, and is not allowed to be modified, deleted, or renamed.

9. A company purchased a set of Huawei distributed storage and used QoS flow control technology to control the user's I/O when deploying block services. Which mechanism can be used to manage the I/O queue?

10. The QoS characteristics of the object service, for applications with different priorities, different buckets can be configured, and the TPS of the buckets and the allocation of bandwidth resources can be controlled through QoS; different QoS policies can be configured for VIP tenants and ordinary tenants in the same system to ensure the quality of service for high-priority tenants.

11. A company purchased multiple sets of Huawei distributed storage, deployed them in multiple data centers, and used object service remote replication to build a disaster recovery system. These distributed storages were planned in the same area, so this area has one and only one default cluster, other clusters are non-default clusters.

12. In Huawei distributed storage, SCSI volumes with multiple mount points are called shared volumes, and iSCSI volumes are shared volumes. In order to support the backup capability of shared volumes, the block service also supports snapshots of shared volumes, and the snapshot process of shared volumes is the same as that of ordinary volumes.

13. Create Global Zone

14. LLD (Lom Level Desigm, detailed design) is based on the determined target network architecture, clearly designing the scope of the network and functional deployment plan; the specific design content was paid attention by the customers within the scope of the contract, including clarifying the interactive process of the important business, the function allocation of all services on each network element, the peripheral docking relationship of the design network element, the docking requirements and compliance with the norms, the quantitative calculation of docking resources.

15. If the alarm indicator of the storage controller enclosure is yellow, it indicates that the storage system has a critical alarm.

16. Which of the following is the maintenance software supported by Huawei's hybrid flash storage products?

17. Huawei's hyper-converged storage adopts the structure of distributed storage logic frame. Which of the following is the function of the MDC module?

18. During the processing of the IO stack of Huawei's distributed big data service, the computing component sends a request to the DataNode module through the hdfs client and returns the file metadata information.

19. HyperCDP can generate more intensive recovery points for the data on the storage device. HyperCDP copy is a full copy backup of the source data at a certain point in time.

20. An enterprise administrator created a shared folder on the root directory of the file system, and created 3 different Quota Trees under the root directory for Manager A (Quota Iree 1), Project Department B (Quota Tree 2) and Sales Department C (Quota Tree 3) for being used alone.

Which of the following statement is correct?

21. Which of the following statements about snapshots is correct?

22. About the Huawei's SamtMulti-Tenant technology, which of the following statement is incorrect?

23. An enterprise needs to provide continuous data protection for its instant transaction business, so it has created a timed HyperCDP plan for the business data LUN. Which of the following configurations can shorten the RPO as much as possible?

24. In the Huawei HyerMetro active-active solution, when the active-active data center link fails, it will enter the "standby state". In order to quickly restore services, you can choose to force start the local storage system or the remote storage system to continue to provide services for the host. At this time, the active-active service status will enter "normal".

25. In the special feature of Huawei OceanStr Hybrid Flash Storage SmartQuota, each time an I/O operation, the system will check the used capacity and the number of files of the quota, plus if the incremental capacity and files of this operation exceed the hard quota. If it is exceeded, the operation will fail, otherwise the operation will succeed.

26. A company purchases two sets of Huawei's scale-out file storage, which are deployed in the production data center and the disaster recovery data center respectively. The storage administrator needs to create a replication zone channel between the two storage systems. Which of the following option descriptions is correct?

27. The object service provides the online aggregation capability of small objects. The small objects uploaded by the client are written into the SSD cache first, aggregated into an EC strip size, and then EC is calculated, and the data strips and EC are calculated automatically the parity is stored on the HDD.

28. On the storage device, through which of the following configurations, the alarm information can be saved to the designated FIP server?

29. In the outline design stage, it is necessary to output HLD (High Level Design).

30. Huawei's hybrid flash storage supports the integration of NAS and SAN, and the software protocol stacks of the two are completely parallel, and they are integrated on the resource allocation and management plane.

31. Which of the following statements are not the features of the horizontally extended file storage function?

32. Regarding the read cache process of Huawei's distributed storage multi-level cache technology, which of the following read hits is the priority?

33. Which of the following types of servers must be authenticated by a user to access object storage services (compatible with OpenStack Swift interface)?

34. In the Huawei hybrid flash storage series storage system, which of the following is the wrong description of the relationship between the logical ports of IP drift?

35. The object storage services provided by Huawei Distributed Storage (compatible with Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift) all provide a unified RESTfulAPI, and the client can access the storage node through the RESTfulAPI to realize data storage.

36. Huawei's hyper-converged storage adopts a distributed hash algorithm, and the parallel HASH calculation and local memory metadata, which can expand at any level without performance bottlenecks

37. The Persistence layer of Huawei Distributed Storage provides persistent storage capabilities, EC and multiple copies capabilities, and Plog append only access capabilities through PlogClient.

38. Regarding target deduplication, which of the following description is incorrect?

39. Which of the following scenarios is most suitable for the SmartCache feature of Huawei hybrid flash storage?

40. What level of RPO and RTO can synchronous remote replication meet?


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