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Dell EMC DES-2T13 exam is a specialist exam for Cloud Architect, Cloud Infrastructure Version 3.0 certification. DES-2T13 exam focuses on knowledge and skills to successfully design a cloud infrastructure that supports multiple types of services. We have valid DES-2T13 exam dumps to help you pass Specialist – Cloud Architect, Cloud Infrastructure Exam. All you need to do is that you must try your best to practice all the questions and answers of DES-2T13 exam carefully.

Share Free DES-2T13 Exam Dumps Online

1. What is a packaged PaaS Solution?


2. What are key focus areas of requirements gathering for a cloud design?


3. As a cloud architect you are working with an organization to choose between a DIY or packaged PaaS


What is a selection criterion that applies to DIY?


4. An organization wants to provide its developers the ability to deploy VMs. These VMs have software and

libraries installed that are used to develop applications. Each VM will be configured with the same IP address

and will be able to download application code from a central server.

What will be included in the design to support these requirements?


5. Which cloud services are typically responsible for automatically scaling applications?


6. As a cloud architect, you are designing a CI solution to ensure that you isolate specific workloads for security.

What should you design for?


7. During an assessment for an organization’s cloud design, a cloud architect discovers that developers will be creating applications for tenants. The applications will self-scale based on an internal trigger. The architect has included CMP components in the design that will support this requirement.

What else should the cloud architect consider to meet this requirement?


8. A cloud architect is designing a packaged PaaS Solution for an organization. One of the primary concerns of the organization is application portability.

What consideration focuses on portability?



As part of the planning process, a cloud architect may use tools to gather data from customer systems. Match each tool with its associated description.

10. You have the following requirements for a CMP solution:

-Lower acquisition costs of software

-Control over deployment of software release cycles

-Option to have paid support

What type of CMP solution should you recommend?


11. As a cloud architect designing a DIY PaaS Solution, you have concluded that using containers to support the

target application is the best choice.

What consideration supports that decision?



A cloud architect is delivering a knowledge transfer on how to script a service in the Service Catalog that restores a VM.

What is the correct order of steps that should be demonstrated?

13. You are designing the CMP structure. Where should you define the pods?


14. An organization wants to deploy a CMP solution in a private cloud.

What requirements influence the sizing of the underlying cloud management infrastructure?


15. You are creating a cloud infrastructure design for an organization. You learn that, for compliance reasons, the organization needs to maintain a separate set of infrastructures for certain deployed services.

Which part of the design will be impacted by this requirement?


16. You are analyzing the performance data to avoid oversizing of a CI solution.

What date and time frame should you use?


17. Which type of storage is typically designed to span multiple sets of hardware and has a flat repository?


18. You are designing a cloud to support an Oracle OLTP environment.

What is the recommended read/write ratio to use in this environment?


19. A cloud architect is tasked with designing a backup using the Remote with Cloud Gateway Deployment Model.

What is a design consideration?


20. In a cloud design, an architect has defined a separate trust zone for host management. The hosts will be

running open source hypervisors.

What should be included in the design deliverables to support this separate trust zone?


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