Real Avaya 44202T Dumps Questions [2022] To Pass Avaya OneCloud UCaaS Sales Specialized Test

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1. Which statement best describes Avaya One Cloud TM?

2. Which statement best describes the attribute so the “Experience Economy?"

3. Avaya has a vast _________ across various technology areas that complements our industry-leading portfolio.

4. Avaya is uniquely positioned to deliver effortless Customer Experience, Employee Experience, and User Experience based on three key defining principles.

Which are those key principles?

5. The composable nature of Avaya One Cloud TM frees our customers from the _____ that comes with traditional, monolithic architectures.

6. The_____________ leverages Citizen, Avaya, and Partner developers. This collaboration offers unequalled experience building know-how both in the form of Avaya services and thousand so application developers.

7. What par to our Avaya One Cloud TM portfolio enables our customers and partners to quickly integrate communications capabilities like voice, video, and messaging into their applications without building back-end in rastructure and inter aces?

8. The Composable Enterprise Architecture of Avaya One Cloud TM consist of four elements.

Which are the four elements?

9. What par to our Avaya One Cloud TM portfolio to empower their employees with faster, always-on continuous collaboration across the enterprise and with gives businesses the platform the contact center?

10. You have a large customer that is not ready to completely shift to Cloud but would appreciate some of the benefits of a Cloud model.

Which deployment model do you think would be most appropriate for this customer?

11. How would you best open a conversation with your customer around the capabilities of the Avaya OneCloud TM UCaaS portfolio?

12. Which is viewed a main driver or many of four customers seeking digital transformation?

13. In the modern UC Market, mobility is a key factor.

Mobility includes which o the following? (Select three.)

14. When doing your discovery with a customer, what opportunities do you see?

Which are company situations that represent great opportunities for discussing the capabilities offered by Avaya One Cloud TM UCaaS? (Select four.)

15. Which are our target customers or Avaya One Cloud TM UCaaS? (Select four.)


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