H20-871-ENU HCS-Field-IVS exam questions online to test easily

The H20-871-ENU HCS-Field-IVS exam is available now. So clear your H20-871-ENU HCS-Field-IVS exam is not a dream currently. You should know H20-871-ENU HCS-Field-IVS exam covers Huawei Video Surveillance Solutions, Huawei IVS products introduction, configurations and operations, IVS system maintenance, troubleshooting and eSight IVS O&M management.

Get valid H20-871-ENU HCS-Field-IVS exam questions to practice online well. They are free to test for you.

1. Huawei IPC intelligent analysis functions include intrusion detection, loitering detection and cross-line detection.

2. Typical application scenarios for urban security monitoring do not include ().

3. According to the speed of the PTZ, the pan/tilt can be divided into (). (Multiple Choice)

4. Which of the following is not a splicing scheme commonly used in surveillance center video walls?

5. In the VCN3000 VMU dual-machine installation, the service network cards are eth0 and eth1.

6. The PTZ camera can monitor the key position by setting ().

7. When the alarm occurs, the linked target camera immediately records the evidence to provide a basis for the post-mortem analysis to ensure the validity of the video. The following descriptions of the above functions are ().

8. Which of the following statements are wrong? (Multiple Choice)

9. Which of the following features are unique to SafeVideo? (Multiple Choice)

10. The decoder in the video monitoring system needs to register with () and accept its control.

11. To prevent the HIK from entering the water, which one cannot be selected for the outdoor mounting bracket of the HIK?

12. What layout methods are supported by the IVS client video browsing interface? (Multiple Choice)

13. The smaller the focal length, the larger the angle of view.

14. When logging in to the IVS client, you need to fill in the server address, which of the following statement about the server address is wrong?

15. A megapixel camera needs to work with a megapixel lens to get better results.

16. When the alarm is triggered, you need to prompt the monitoring inspector to dispose of it immediately. The optional linkage mode is (). (Multiple Choice)

17. Regarding the hot spare disk, which of the following statement is incorrect? (Multiple Choice)

18. Configure the camera behavior analysis alarm linkage, which interfaces do you need to operate on? (Multiple Choice)

19. The main cause of the flashlight effect is (). (Multiple Choice)

20. When someone breaks into the designated area, the camera automatically sends out an alarm signal, this belong to which of the following scene?





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