Security Design, Specialist (JNCDS-SEC) JN0-1332 Real Dumps Questions

Security Design, Specialist (JNCDS-SEC) is one of the three specialist levels in Design track, which is for networking professionals and designers with an intermediate knowledge of network security, theory, and best practices. We have new JN0-1332 exam dumps to help you prepare for JNCDS-SEC certification exam well. Real JN0-1332 dumps questions are based on the basic exam objectives, as the best study materials for learning, DumpsBase JN0-1332 exam dumps ensure that you can pass exam smoothly.

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1. Which two statements describe Juniper ATP Cloud? (Choose two)

2. Physical security devices are ''blind'' to which type of traffic?

3. Which technology enables IPS inspection for users browsing websites that use Transport Layer Security (TLS)?

4. You must implement a solution to deploy end-to-end security services on network elements.

Which solution will accomplish this task?

5. You are asked to implement Jumper AppSecure to increase application security. You want to analyze specific application usage In this scenario.

Which AppSecure feature would accomplish this task?

6. Which two statements are true about WAN security considerations? (Choose two.)

7. You are designing a security solution that includes SRX Series firewalls in a chassis cluster.

In this scenario. which two dements must be part of the design? (Choose two.)

8. When designing the security for a service provider core router, you are asked to add a firewall fitter on the to0 interface in this scenario, which two protocols would you want to allow through the filter? (Choose two.)

9. Which automation language would you use to create on-box and off-box scripts for SRX Series devices?

10. Which three statements about Group VPNs #e true? (Choose three.)

11. You want to reduce the possibility of your data center's server becoming an unwilling participant in a DDoS attack When tvA3 features should you use on your SRX Series devices to satisfy this requirement? (Choose two.)

12. When using Contra! networking, security policies are distributed as access control list to which component?

13. Exhibit.

In the 3-tier VPN design shown in the exhibit, which function are the Campus A and Campus B SRX Series devices performing?

14. Which statement about Junos firewall filters is correct?

15. According to Juniper Networks, what are two focus points when designing a secure network? (Choose two.)

16. You arc designing a high availability firewall solution You select an off-path design instead of an mime design.

What arc two reasons for this decision? (Choose two.)

17. You are designing a security solution for an existing data center. All traffic most be secured using SRX Series devices, however, you are unable to change the existing IP addressing scheme.

Which firewall deployment method satisfies this requirement?

18. You are asked to enable denial of service protection for a webserver behind an SRX Series device In this scenario, which feature would you enable?

19. Which solution would you deploy to accomplish this task?

20. In yew network design, you must include a method to block IP addresses from certain countries that will automatically update within the SRX Series devices' security policies.

Which technology would accomplish this goal?


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