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Free Juniper JNCIS-ENT JN0-348 Exam Dumps 

1. What are two benefits of 802.3ad link aggregation?


2. What is the purpose of the configuration shown in the exhibit?


3. Which statement regarding the benefits of using GRE instead of IP-IP tunneling is true?


4. Which two put ge-0/0/0 and ge-0/0/1 into the VLAN data?


5. Which two statements are true about IS-IS router behavior?


6. You want several different subnets within your enterprise network to be reachable from outside the enterprise network.

Your edge router must share a single route advertisement about these subnets with external devices. If one of the subnets is unavailable, your edge router should drop any traffic destined to that subnet.

Which type of route, configured on the edge device with default behavior, accomplishes these objectives?


7. You are currently defining a new OSPF area. The area must advertise external routes but should not receive external routes from another area. In this scenario, which type of area should you define?


8. You configured an aggregate route of and committed the updated configuration. Using an operational show command, you notice that the newly configured route is not present in the output.

What would explain this behavior?


9. Referring to the exhibit, which type of route is displayed?


10. A root bridge in an RSTP network is connected to other neighboring bridges using point-to-point links.

Which combination of port types can exist on the root bridge?


11. What is the correct sequence of OSPF adjacency formation?


12. Which statement correctly describes the Border Gateway Protocol ( BGP)?


13. What information is included in the DHCP snooping database?


14. Host-1 was recently added in the network and is attached to ge-0/0/10 on Switch A. Host-1 is powered on and has its interface configured with default Layer 2 settings and an IP address on the IP subnet. Host-1’s MAC address is not shown in Switch-A’s bridging table.

What are three explanations for this state?


15. During OSPF neighbor adjacency formation, in which state is the initial database descriptor sequence number chosen?


16. Which port is selected as the designated port if a designated bridge has multiple ports connected to a LAN segment?


17. What is reviewed first in the BGP route selection process?


18. Which two new port roles does RSTP introduce?


19. What would be used to combine multiple switches into a single management platform?


20. Which two statements are true regarding a designated intermediate system ( DIS) in an IS-IS network? ( Choose two.)


21. The IS-IS adjacency between routers R1 and R2 will not establish.

Referring to exhibit, what is the problem?


22. You are analyzing packet captures on your network. You observe an OSPF Type 7 LSA.

In which area type did this packet originate?


23. Which statement describes the operation of a stub area?


24. Which statement is true about IS-IS PDUs?


25. Which OSPF packet type is sent when an OSPF router detects its database is stale?


26. Which two statements are true about DIS elections in IS-IS? ( Choose two.)


27. Which command correctly assigns AS 65432 as the local router’s autonomous system?


28. VLANs provide separation for which type of domains?


29. Which command can you use to view IS-IS link-state PDUs?


30. Which three statements are true when determining the master VRRP router?


31. Which static route next-hop value indicated that the packet will be silently dropped?


32. You want to allow RIP routes to be redistributed by an ASBR into the connected OSPF area, but you do not want to recieve external routes from other OSPF areas.

Which OSPF area type would be used to satisfy the requirement?


33. Which two statements are true regarding the default VLAN in EX Series switches?


34. Under which hierarchy do you configure BGP neighbors?


35. Exhibit:

Referring to the outputs shown in the exhibit, which statement is correct?


36. Which two statements are true about nonstop active routing ( NSR)? ( Choose two.)


37. You are deploying a Virtual Chassis consisting of four EX4200s.

You have powered on all four switches at the same time with the settings shown in the exhibit.

Which Virtual Chassis member will become the master?


38. Your customer wants to connect a VoIP phone to interface ge-0/0/5 on an EX4200 switch in VLAN 20 and connect a PC to the VoIP phone. The PC should be part of VLAN 30.

Which two commands will implement this solution?


39. There is a GRE tunnel configured over the Internet between Router-1 and Router-2. An OSPF adjacency is configured over this GRE tunnel.

However the OSPF adjacency briefly reaches the Full state before it is torn down. This cycle repeats indefinitely.

Which two actions would you perform to solve this problem? ( Choose two)


40. Why would you configure root protection?


41. Exhibit:

Referring to the exhibit, which three statements are true? ( Choose three.)


42. Referring to the exhibit, why is the route hidden?


43. Refer to the command-line output shown in the exhibit.

How many routes has this router received from the BGP peer at


44. What is one benefit of a switched LAN?


45. Your OSPF network consists of five Junos devices, R1 through R5, all in Area 0. You want to reset the LSDB for the entire area.

Which action accomplishes this task?


46. Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are true? ( Choose two.)


47. You want to enable an Ethernet Link Aggregation Group ( LAG) on an EX Series switch.

Which commands enable this?


48. Which type of OSPF area restricts external routes from other areas but allows external routes to be flooded by ASBRs within its own area?


49. In the exhibit, the route belongs to a Web server within AS 344.

If you view the AS-path attribute of this route on a router in AS 9021, what will it be?


50. A packet with a source MAC address of 00:26:88:02:74:23 enters your EX Series switch on port ge-0/0/2.

Assuming the filter in the exhibit has been applied to interface ge-0/0/2, which action will apply?


51. What is the default value of the TTL in a VRRP advertisement?


52. A network administrator would like to prevent certain network addresses from being part of the routing table.

Which Junos feature would be used to accomplish this task?


53. Which two LSA types are generated only by area border routers? ( Choose two.)


54. What is a requirement for link aggregation?


55. Referring to the exhibit, R1, R2, and R3 boot at the same time. Several minutes later, R4 boots.

After R4 has been online for 40 seconds, which router will be the OSPF designated router?


56. As shown in the exhibit, you recently installed four EX Series switches in your network. These switches are using the default RSTP configuration.

Which two statements are correct?


57. You just installed Switch-1 and Switch-2 in your network.

Both switches are EX Series switches and are connected to each other using a Layer 2 switch port. Switch-1 must run STP, whereas Switch-2 must run RSTP.

Given the scenario, which statement is true?


58. You want STP to behave similar to RSTP.

Which three configuration settings under the [edit protocols stp] hierarchy on an EX Series switch allow this?


59. Which three statements accurately describe the factory-default storm control configuration?


60. Which two prefixes are martian routes by default?


61. What are three types of OSPF packets?


62. Several routers share a common LAN segment in area 224 and have formed adjacencies using IS-IS. One router is elected as the designated intermediate system ( DIS).

To which multicast address will the peers send their hello packets?


63. Which two statements about dynamic ARP inspection ( DAI) are true?


64. You execute the operational-mode command show ospf neighbor and notice that one neighbor relationship remains in the exStart state.

What causes this behavior?


65. 0.0.0/8 prefix-length-range /8-/16;


66. You are monitoring your IS-IS router and issue the command shown in the exhibit.

Which two statements are true in this scenario? ( Choose two)


67. You are asked to configure a port to support both tagged and untagged traffic. You want to make the trunk port ge-0/0/0 and also accept untagged traffic for the data VLAN.

Which configuration will satisfy the requirement?


68. Which BGP attributes are listed in the correct route selection order?


69. Which side of the OSPF router initiates the database description exchange?


70. A generated route is used to create a route of last resort when BGP routes from the block are present.

Given the following output, which next hop will be used as the forwarding next hop for the generated route?


71. Refer to the router configuration shown in the exhibit.

To which IS-IS area does this router belong?


72. You would like the network attached to the ge-0/0/1.0 interface to be advertised into OSPF, but you also want to prevent OSPF adjacencies from being formed on ge-0/0/1.0.

Which command will satisfy this requirement?


73. Two routers have established a peering using EBGP over a single T1 link.

How often will the routing table be synchronized between the two routers?


74. As shown in the exhibit, Switch-3 receives a superior BPDU from Switch-2 over the ge-0/0/10.0 interface.

Which two statements are correct?


75. Which LSA type describes the router ID of ASBR routers located in remote areas?


76. Which virtual interface is used to configure a GRE tunnel?


77. Which statement is true about GRE tunnels?


78. What is the default route preference for BGP?


79. Which configuration provides dynamic ARP inspection on access port ge-0/0/0?


80. The exhibit shows an IS-IS network where R2 has failed.

Which router becomes the new DIS?


81. You want your switch to disable an edge port when it receives spanning tree communications on that port.

Which feature accomplishes this objective?


82. Which two statements describe the scenario when a router will send out a Type 4 link-state update packet to its neighbors?


83. Which Junos operational mode command displays all BGP routes sent to the peer?


84. You manage the network shown in the exhibit.

All four switches have the default RSTP settings. The elected root bridge is switch-1.

You must ensure that switch-4 always prefers the connection to switch-3 to reach the root bridge.

Which two configurations will accomplish this task?


85. Company A wants to control how BGP traffic reaches the Internet.

What should you configure to ensure that traffic exits the network by way of Router 1 toward ISP 1?


86. Click the Exhibit button.

Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are true?


87. 129.12.2 ge-0/0/2.0 ExStart 128 37


88. Which misconfiguration would cause an OSPF neighbor ship to be stuck in an ExStart state?


89. You are troubleshooting your OSPF configuration and notice that you have subnet mismatch errors when running the show ospf statistics command.

Which two actions would further troubleshoot the errors? ( Choose two.)


90. Referring to the exhibit which statement explains why the route to advertised from is hidden?


91. Referring to the exhibit, what is the problem?


92. Which two statements are correct about how EX Series switches support STP and RSTP interoperability?


93. You are performing network tests and notice that the Layer 3 interface in the Finance VLAN on an EX Series switch is not responding to pings. You review the device status from the console.

What is causing the problem, as shown in the exhibit?


94. What will be two results of the OSPF configuration shown in the exhibit? ( Choose two.)


95. You have a device that is sending a malicious packet to other devices in your Layer 2 network. You are asked to ensure that packets sent from this device are not allowed to enter your network.

You must also keep track of the number of packets that are being received. The device’s IP address is You have created and applied the firewall filter shown in the exhibit to the correct port.

However, traffic is still being forwarded into the network.

What is causing the problem?


96. Which command shows you the status of the redundant trunk groups configured on an EX Series switch?


97. You want to ensure that interface routes appear in multiple routing instances.

Which configuration accomplishes this scenario?


98. Which statement describes optional transitive BGP attributes?


99. Which area us reserved for the OSPF backbone?


100. What is preserved by enabling graceful Routing Engine switchover ( GRES)?


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