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Implementing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure


300-165 Exam Information

300-165 The Implementing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCII) exam is a 90-minute, 60–70 question assessment. 300-165 exam is one of the exams associated with the CCNP Data Center Certification.

300-165 Exam Points

View 300-165 Implementing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure key exam points proportion clearly. Make sure each part of 300-165 exam knowledge you master well.

1.0 Implement Data Center Protocols      29%
2.0 Implement Routing and Switching Protocols      22%
3.0 Data Center Infrastructure Maintenance, Management, and Operations      14%
4.0 Data Center Infrastructure Security      12%
5.0 Infrastructure Storage                 23%

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Question No : 1

The Connectivity Management Processor monitors the active supervisor module on a Cisco Nexus 7000 switch and will reboot the device in the event of a lights-out management issue. However, which option includes features that provide similar benefits in the absence of the Connectivity Management Processor?
A. high-availability functionality from features such as vPC and NSF
B. traditional system connectivity models like SNMP, GUI, or SSH
C. Cisco FabricPath
D. VDC failover
Answer: A

Question No : 2

When a local RBAC user account has the same name as a remote user account on an AAA server, what happens when a user with that name logs into a Cisco Nexus switch?
A. The user roles from the remote AAA user account are applied, not the configured local user roles.
B. All the roles are merged (logical OR).
C. The user roles from the local user account are applied, not the remote AAA user roles.
D. Only the roles that are defined on both accounts are merged (logical AND).
Answer: C

Question No : 3

Which statement explains why a Cisco UCS 6200 Fabric Interconnect that is configured in end-host mode is beneficial to the unified fabric network?
A. There is support for multiple (power of 2) uplinks.
B. Upstream Layer 2 disjoint networks will remain separated.
C. The 6200 can connect directly via vPC to a Layer 3 aggregation device.
D. STP is not required on the uplink ports from the 6200.
Answer: D

Question No : 4

How is a dynamic vNIC allocated?
A. Dynamic vNICs are assigned to VMs in vCenter.
B. Dynamic vNICs can only be bound to the service profile through an updating template.
C. Dynamic vNICs are bound directly to a service profile.
D. Dynamic vNICs are assigned by binding a port profile to the service profile.
Answer: C

Question No : 5

Which protocol is the foundation for unified fabric as implemented in Cisco NX-OS?
A. Fibre Channel
B. Data Center Bridging
C. Fibre Channel over Ethernet
D. N proxy virtualization
E. N Port identifier virtualization
Answer: C

Question No : 6

Which three items must be configured in the port profile client in Cisco UCS Manager? (Choose three.)
A. port profile
C. data center
D. folder
E. vCenter IP address
F. VM port group
Answer: B, C, D

Question No : 7

In the dynamic vNIC creation wizard, why are choices for Protection important?
A. They allow reserve vNICs to be allocated out of the spares pool.
B. They enable hardware-based failover.
C. They select the primary fabric association for dynamic vNICs.
D. They allow dynamic vNICs to be reserved for fabric failover.
Answer: C

Question No : 8

Which of the following Cisco Nexus features is best managed with DCNM-LAN?
B. Domain parameters
C. Virtual switches
Answer: C

Question No : 9

Which option is a restriction of the unified ports on the Cisco UCS 6200 Series Fabric Interconnect when connecting to the unified fabric network?
A. Direct FC connections are not supported to Cisco MDS switches
B. The FCoE or Fibre Channel port allocations must be contiguous on the 6200.
C. 10-G Fibre Channel ports only use SFP+ interfaces.
D. vPC is not supported on the Ethernet ports.
Answer: B

Question No : 10

Which statement about SNMP support on Cisco Nexus switches is true?
A. Cisco NX-OS only supports SNMP over IPv4.
B. Cisco NX-OS supports one instance of the SNMP per VDC.
C. SNMP is not VRF-aware.
E. Only users belonging to the network operator RBAC role can assign SNMP groups.
Answer: B

Question No : 11

Which statement about the implementation of Cisco TrustSec on Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches is true?
A. While SGACL enforcement and SGT propagation are supported on the M and F modules, 802.1AE (MACsec) support is available only on the M module.
B. SGT Exchange Protocol is required to propagate the SGTs across F modules that lack hardware support for Cisco TrustSec.
C. AAA authentication and authorization is supported using TACACS or RADIUS to a Cisco Secure Access Control Server.
D. Both Cisco TrustSec and 802.1X can be configured on an F or M module interface.
Answer: A

Question No : 12

By default it will take 10 seconds for authentication to fail due to an unresponsive RADIUS server before a Cisco Nexus series switch reverts to another RADIUS server or local authentication. What is one efficient way to improve the reaction time to a RADIUS server failure?
A. Decrease the global RADIUS retransmission count to 1.
B. Decrease the global RADIUS timeout interval to 5 seconds.
C. Configure the RADIUS retransmission count and timeout interval per server, versus globally.
D. Configure per server a test idle timer, along with a username and password.
Answer: D

Question No : 13

Which statement about the Layer 3 card on the Cisco Nexus 5500 Series Switch is true?
A. BGP support is not provided, but RIP, EIGRP, and OSPF support is provided.
B. Up to two 4-port cards are supported with up to 160 Gb/s of Layer 3 forwarding capability.
C. Up to 16 FEX connections are supported.
D. Port channels cannot be configured as Layer 3 interfaces.
Answer: C

Question No : 14

Which two security features are only supported on the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches? (Choose two.)
A. IP source guard
B. traffic storm control
D. DHCP snooping
E. Dynamic ARP Inspection
Answer: B, F

Question No : 15

Which GLBP load-balancing algorithm ensures that a client is always mapped to the same VMAC address?
A. vmac-weighted
B. dedicated-vmac-mode
C. shortest-path and weighting
D. host-dependent
Answer: D

Question No : 16

Topic 2, Data Center Infrastructure Security

Which statement about RBAC user roles on a Cisco Nexus switch is true?
A. If you belong to multiple roles, you can execute only the commands that are permitted by both roles (logical AND).
B. Access to a command takes priority over being denied access to a command.
C. The predefined roles can only be changed by the network administrator (superuser).
D. The default SAN administrator role restricts configuration to Fibre Channel interfaces.
E. On a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch, roles are shared between VDCs.
Answer: B

Question No : 17

On a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series router, which statement about HSRP and VRRP is true?
A. When VDCs are in use, only VRRP is supported.
B. HSRP and VRRP both use the same multicast IP address with different port numbers.
C. HSRP has shorter default hold and hello times.
D. The VRRP group IP address can be the same as the router-specific IP address.
Answer: D

Question No : 18

After enabling strong, reversible 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard password type-6 encryption on a Cisco Nexus 7000, which command would convert existing plain or weakly encrypted passwords to type-6 encrypted passwords?
A. switch# key config-key ascii
B. switch(config)# feature password encryption aes
C. switch# encryption re-encrypt obfuscated
D. switch# encryption decrypt type6
Answer: C

Question No : 19

Which two statements about Cisco Nexus 7000 line cards are true? (Choose two.)
A. M1, M2, and F1 cards are allowed in the same VDC.
B. M line cards are service-oriented and likely face the access layer and provide Layer 2 connectivity.
C. F line cards are performance-oriented and likely connect northbound to the core layer for Layer 3 connectivity.
D. M line cards support Layer 2, Layer 3, and Layer 4 with large forwarding tables and a rich feature set.
E. The F2 line card must reside in the admin VDC.
Answer: A, D

Question No : 20

Topic 1, Data Center Infrastructure Maintenance, Management, and Operations

Which statement about RADIUS configuration distribution using Cisco Fabric Services on a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch is true?
A. Cisco Fabric Services does not distribute the RADIUS server group configuration or server and global keys.
B. Enabling Cisco Fabric Services causes the existing RADIUS configuration on your Cisco NX-OS device to be immediately distributed.
C. When the RADIUS configuration is being simultaneously changed on more than one device in a Cisco Fabric Services region, the most recent changes will take precedence.
D. Only the Cisco NX-OS device with the lowest IP address in the Cisco Fabric Services region can lock the RADIUS configuration.
Answer: A

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