Practical experience- Only 100 days from learning to pass Cisco 300-165 DCII exam

Shamiyo 08-08-2018

In 100 days, from the beginning of learning the Implementing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure to passing the Cisco 300-165 DCII exam, there are bumps and flats, and strive to persist. Recalling the whole experience, in fact, it can do better and shorten the learning cycle. There are a lot of details that are not in place, but this does not affect me to tell you after the conclusion, to make you adjust at the beginning of the study or in the process of learning to help you learn faster and more efficiently, easily through Cisco 300-165 DCII exam.

Learn about Cisco 300-165 DCII Exam Outline (7 days)

Before I started learning to implement Cisco Data Center Infrastructure, it took 7 days to get an overview of the Cisco 300-165 DCII exam. Took 7 days to know the official exam outline and not study. I think there are few people will do it. In fact, this is purposeful.

The Cisco 300-165 DCII exam syllabus contains 5 topics and 20 knowledge points. For each exam topic, I have a preliminary understanding of the materials provided by eBooks, videos and Cisco. Finding information is time consuming, and it is also very painful to understand the basics. But through preliminary understanding, you can get a lot of useful information. For example, after learning the Implementing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure course, what technologies can you master? Is this a technology field that you like, where you will work in the future, what practical applications will be solved and so on.

If you think of the technology you like and are prepared to work hard on it, then the percentage of the five exam topics that Cisco offers will require your attention. This percentage shows the number of times the test question under this topic will appear on the exam. I think this is the biggest role of the exam syllabus, which gives us a very useful signal. According to the percentage data, we can understand the key points of each topic in the Cisco 300-165 DCII exam, thus helping us understand the technical focus. More reasonable allocation of learning time and energy in the focus of technology.

Learn Cisco 300-165 DCII Technology (70 days)

At the beginning of the study, first understand the outline of the Cisco 300-165 DCII exam, in order to develop a study plan to help us get closer to the goal step by step. Then the following is based on the study plan, began to learn step by step. After learning a lot of knowledge points on a topic, I think you can make a few questions that run through all the knowledge points. This can help you to turn the scattered knowledge points into a whole and improve the structure of knowledge.

If you do this, you will feel that your knowledge is very solid, which is a very good way to learn. In fact, we are already using it when we go to school. Is it familiar to the homework assignments that the teacher has arranged? This is the classic way I have learned any technology so far. The method is correct, the next step is to make full use of the method to maximize the learning effect. Here you need to use 300-165 exam questions as an aid.

300-165 exam questions is a collection of questions and answers for the Cisco 300-165 DCII exam. 240 questions cover the various knowledge points of each topic in the actual exam content. This solves your problem of helping yourself assess your learning situation. By using it, it is also possible to make timely adjustments to the previously formulated learning plan based on the current learning situation. This is very scientific, because they are tailor-made according to their actual situation.

Cisco 300-165 DCII exam preparation (20 days)

The ultimate goal of our hard work is to obtain Cisco CCNP certification through the Cisco 300-165 DCII exam. The Cisco 300-165 DCII exam requires you to answer 60 to 70 professional questions about Implementing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure in 90 minutes. Exam Topics mainly includes knowledge points of Implement Data Center Protocols, Implement Routing and Switching Protocols, Data Center Infrastructure Maintenance, Management, and Operations, Data Center Infrastructure Security, and Infrastructure Storage.

The contents of the Cisco 300-165 DCII exam are in the form of questions. This is the same as the 300-165 exam questions mentioned earlier. Here is a combination of study and exam, which is the latest version of 300-165 exam questions. It's not hard to understand that the questions contained here are exactly the same as the actual exam content. In other words, with it, you can get in touch with the exam questions you are about to face before you sign up for the exam. As for where to find, you search for Dumpsbase in Google and enter 300-165 in the search box to find it.

There are many benefits to getting in touch with the latest exam questions in advance. At the time of study, using the latest exam questions to help you objectively and reasonably adjust the study plan not only improves the quality and efficiency of learning, but also saves time and effort. At the time of the exam, I got the latest exam questions in advance and had the right answer. This will allow you to speed up the pace of exam preparation and answer questions confidently during the actual exam.

Take the Cisco 300-165 DCII exam (Last 3 days)

Good emotions and a healthy body are the beginnings of doing anything. Excessive investment time and energy in learning, and even overdrafting your own health, will make you exhausted, physically and mentally exhausted, not only affecting health, but even There will also be a sense of disgust in learning and give up learning. This is very unworthy. Therefore, I have always attached great importance to the method of learning, advocated happy learning, efficient learning, continuous adjustment in the process of learning, and continuous optimization. My usual study time is controlled at 2 hours a day, up to 3 hours. Also, no matter what the exam is related to, 3 days before the exam. I am very relaxed, all because I used 300-165 exam questions throughout the process.

Through my introduction above, I believe that you can feel that from the beginning to the adoption of the Cisco 300-165 DCII exam, they are all in their own planning. If you want to speed up the whole process, then at the beginning of the study, it is a good choice to consider paying for the latest version of the exam. I believe it will bring you unexpected surprises.