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Shamiyo 11-16-2022

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What is the Salesforce Maps?

Salesforce Maps is one of the Accredited Professional certification exams. The Accredited Professional credential in Partner Learning Camp (PLC) helps Salesforce partners expand their product and industry knowledge, and get the tools needed to confidently deliver projects and drive customer success. Earning the Accredited Professional credential helps you:

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As one of the popular Accredited Professional exams, Salesforce Maps is a location intelligence solution – the best way to embed and use maps within Salesforce, and to understand how your Salesforce data is mapped geographically. It offers impressive location data visualization, live location tracking, and route optimization. Salesforce Maps makes it easy for companies to visualize critical data and surface the insights necessary to improve field operations and drive revenue growth. If you are preparing for the Salesforce Maps certification exam, just come to DumpsBase to choose the great dumps to start learning.

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What concept in Territory Planning for SF Maps match the following official definition: "A collection of records that define your Territory models"?

A. Data Sets

B. Root Report

C. Territory Allignment

D. Layers

Answer: A

Maps Advanced Visit Plans require you to create at least one Data Set to indicate which records need to be routed.



Answer: A

Can Salesforce Maps display current and forecasted weather conditions?

A. Yes

B. No

Answer: A

How can users futher filter a plotted layer in Maps, say for example by Opportunity Stage?

A. Create a filtered report, identify it as a Base object from the Report object and then use it as a basis for the Layer

B. First create the Layer by gathering Opps, group them by Stage and once the Layer is generated the user will be able to click certain checkboxes to only plot the markers of the stages desired.

Answer: B

Where are layers stored in SF Maps?

A. As reports

B. As records

C. Apps

D. Folders

Answer: D

What must be selected to restrict visibility of routes to respect the role hierarchy?

A. Routing role security

B. Nothing, this is a standard feature independent of the OWDs present in Salesforce

Answer: A

Once territories are dessigned will SF Maps automatically place each record within the dataset in the correct territory based on their Geocode fields?

A. No

B. Yes

Answer: B

When selecting the optimization preferences for a Territory Plan which one will cause this optimization sequence: Provides an equal distribution of the selected attribute across territory areas?

A. Balance

B. Compactness

C. Continuity

Answer: A

All things being equal, will an address that is changed manually in an Account or Retail store record have their geocode updated in Maps?

A. Yes

B. No

Answer: B

Is it good practice to create Data Sets for Territories based on reports whose data change between seasons?

A. No

B. Yes

Answer: A