CAS-004 Exam Dumps For CompTIA CASP+ Certification Updated [2022] With 100% Passing Guarantee

Shamiyo 02-15-2022

As a new exam for CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) certification, CAS-004 exam has been launched that you can choose to pass CompTIA CASP+ certification CAS-004 exam to achieve the dream certification. The key question is how to pass the CAS-004 exam smoothly. Real CAS-004 exam dumps for CompTIA CASP+ certification updated by DumpsBase with 100% passing guarantee are available online to make sure that you can start learning CAS-004 exam dumps questions and pass CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) CAS-004 exam smoothly. When you pick out the most updated CAS-004 exam dumps of DumpsBase to prepare the CAS-004 CompTIA CASP+ exam you happen to be on the suitable way. That you are around the proper path to clear the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) CAS-004 exam using the support of CompTIA CAS-004 dumps questions 2022 of DumpsBase. Your money and time will save via the use of CAS-004 pdf questions and answers without any difficulty.

What is CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) certification?

Before choosing the new CAS-004 exam dumps of DumpsBase to do the best preparation, candidates must know clearly about the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) certification. CompTIA CASP+ certification is an advanced-level cybersecurity certification for security architects and senior security engineers charged with leading and improving an enterprise's cybersecurity readiness. It is also the only certification on the market that qualifies technical leaders to assess cyber readiness within an enterprise, and design and implement the proper solutions to ensure the organization is ready for the next attack.

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) certification mainly tests that you have the technical skills in security architecture and senior security engineering in traditional, cloud, and hybrid environments, governance, risk, and compliance skills, assessing an enterprise’s cybersecurity readiness, and leading technical teams to implement enterprise-wide cybersecurity solutions. Summarily, the successful candidates will have

knowledge required to:

● Architect, engineer, integrate, and implement secure solutions across complex environments to support a resilient enterprise

● Use monitoring, detection, incident response, and automation to proactively support ongoing security operations in an enterprise environment

● Apply security practices to cloud, on-premises, endpoint, and mobile infrastructure, while considering cryptographic technologies and techniques

● Consider the impact of governance, risk, and compliance requirements throughout the enterprise

Is CAS-003 exam still available for CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) certification?

Most of CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) candidates are familiar with the CAS-003 exam. Since CAS-004 exam is launched, they want to confirm that if CAS-003 exam is still available for CompTIA CASP+ certification. CAS-003 exam is still available till April 5, 2022. So currently, you can choose to take CAS-003 or CAS-004 exam to complete your CompTIA CASP+ certification.

What is the difference between CAS-003 and CAS-004? 

CAS-003 exam covers the technical knowledge and skills required to conceptualize, engineer, integrate and implement secure solutions across complex environments to support a resilient enterprise. It covers five exam domains as listed:

1.0 Risk Management (19%)

2.0 Enterprise Security Architecture (25%)

3.0 Enterprise Security Operations (20%)

4.0 Technical Integration of Enterprise Security (23%)

5.0 Research, Development and Collaboration (13%)

However, CAS-004 exam domains have been rearranged to cover four topics instead of five, which covers the technical knowledge and skills required to architect, engineer, integrate, and implement secure solutions across complex environments to support a resilient enterprise while considering the impact of governance, risk, and compliance requirements:

1.0 Security Architecture (29%)

2.0 Security Operations (30%)

3.0 Security Engineering and Cryptography (26%)

4.0 Governance, Risk and Compliance (15%)

How to check the quality of CAS-004 Exam Dumps?

CAS-004 exam dumps of DumpsBase for CompTIA CASP+ certification covering each CAS-004 exam domain will be good preparation materials online, we ensure that you can pass CAS-004 exam in the first attempt. But how to check the quality of CAS-004 exam dumps of DumpsBase. You can read CAS-004 free dumps below before getting the latest CAS-004 exam dumps questions:

A systems administrator is preparing to run a vulnerability scan on a set of information systems in the organization. The systems administrator wants to ensure that the targeted systems produce accurate information especially regarding configuration settings.

Which of the following scan types will provide the systems administrator with the MOST accurate information?

A. A passive, credentialed scan 

B. A passive, non-credentialed scan 

C. An active, non-credentialed scan 

D. An active, credentialed scan 

Answer: A

A user from the sales department opened a suspicious file attachment. The sales department then contacted the SOC to investigate a number of unresponsive systems, and the team successfully identified the file and the origin of the attack.

Which of the following is the NEXT step of the incident response plan?

A. Remediation 

B. Containment 

C. Response 

D. Recovery 

Answer: B 

An organization is designing a network architecture that must meet the following requirements:

Users will only be able to access predefined services.

Each user will have a unique allow list defined for access.

The system will construct one-to-one subject/object access paths dynamically.

Which of the following architectural designs should the organization use to meet these requirements?

A. Peer-to-peer secure communications enabled by mobile applications 

B. Proxied application data connections enabled by API gateways 

C. Microsegmentation enabled by software-defined networking 

D. VLANs enabled by network infrastructure devices 

Answer: C

A development team created a mobile application that contacts a company’s back-end APIs housed in a PaaS environment. The APIs have been experiencing high processor utilization due to scraping activities. The security engineer needs to recommend a solution that will prevent and remedy the behavior.

Which of the following would BEST safeguard the APIs? (Choose two.)

A. Bot protection 

B. OAuth 2.0 

C. Input validation 

D. Autoscaling endpoints 

E. Rate limiting 

F. CSRF protection 

Answer: D,E 

Clients are reporting slowness when attempting to access a series of load-balanced APIs that do not require authentication. The servers that host the APIs are showing heavy CPU utilization. No alerts are found on the WAFs sitting in front of the APIs.

Which of the following should a security engineer recommend to BEST remedy the performance issues in a timely manner?

A. Implement rate limiting on the API. 

B. Implement geoblocking on the WAF. 

C. Implement OAuth 2.0 on the API. 

D. Implement input validation on the API. 

Answer: C

A company is migrating from company-owned phones to a BYOD strategy for mobile devices. The pilot program will start with the executive management team and be rolled out to the rest of the staff in phases. The company’s Chief Financial Officer loses a phone multiple times a year.

Which of the following will MOST likely secure the data on the lost device?

A. Require a VPN to be active to access company data. 

B. Set up different profiles based on the person’s risk. 

C. Remotely wipe the device. 

D. Require MFA to access company applications. 

Answer: D

A security analyst is validating the MAC policy on a set of Android devices. The policy was written to ensure non-critical applications are unable to access certain resources. When reviewing dmesg, the analyst notes many entries such as:

Despite the deny message, this action was still permit following is the MOST likely fix for this issue?

A. Add the objects of concern to the default context. 

B. Set the devices to enforcing 

C. Create separate domain and context files for irc. 

D. Rebuild the policy, reinstall, and test. 

Answer: B

Which of the following controls primarily detects abuse of privilege but does not prevent it?

A. Off-boarding 

B. Separation of duties 

C. Least privilege 

D. Job rotation 

Answer: A

An e-commerce company is running a web server on premises, and the resource utilization is usually less than 30%. During the last two holiday seasons, the server experienced performance issues because of too many connections, and several customers were not able to finalize purchase orders. The company is looking to change the server configuration to avoid this kind of performance issue.

Which of the following is the MOST cost-effective solution?

A. Move the server to a cloud provider. 

B. Change the operating system. 

C. Buy a new server and create an active-active cluster. 

D. Upgrade the server with a new one. 

Answer: A

A company’s product site recently had failed API calls, resulting in customers being unable to check out and purchase products. This type of failure could lead to the loss of customers and damage to the company’s reputation in the market.

Which of the following should the company implement to address the risk of system unavailability?

A. User and entity behavior analytics 

B. Redundant reporting systems 

C. A self-healing system 

D. Application controls 

Answer: D