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Question No : 1

In terms of the three main cloud deployment patterns, Biglnsights for Apache Hadoop would be considered which deployment pattern?
A. Virtual Machines as a Service (VMaaS)
B. Infrastructure as a Service (laaS)
C. Platform as a Service (PaaS)
D. Software as a Service (SaaS)
Answer: D

Question No : 2

An enterprise is utilizing a cloud computing environment in which the infrastructure resides on the premises of the client, and a service provider manages the cloud infrastructure.
What is the name of this cloud deployment model?
A. Hosted Private Cloud
B. Managed Private Cloud
C. Hybrid Cloud
D. Public Cloud
Answer: B

Question No : 3

You have an opportunity to sell dashDB to a client for an analytics project that is strategic to a marketing campaign that needs to happen as soon as possible. You present and discuss the use of dashDB with Cheryl from IT, Jim who is the marketing Line of Business manager and John in procurement.
Which user would be considered a new buyer that gives you the best chance of a successful sale and who you should focus your attention on?
A. John in Procurement
B. Cheryl from IT
C. Jim, the Line of Business manager
D. The CFO
Answer: B

Question No : 4

Which database offering is designed for analytics and integrates seamlessly with Cloudant?
A. Bluemix
B. dashDB
C. Biginsights
D. Data Works
Answer: B

Question No : 5

The Predict step within Watson Analytics is intended to:
A. Explain why things happen and to understand and identify the drivers that influences a value one wants to understand
B. Build dashboard representations of your data for presentations or for later use in external reporting and analysis tools
C. Visualize your data to plot trends and discover patterns and relationships that impact your business
D. Prepare and configure your tables, columns, and data for use in subsequent steps
Answer: A

Question No : 6

One of the primary expectations and requirements of our clients when deciding to leverage Cloud computing and to invest in the IBM Cloud and Cloud Data Services is that the services have to minimize time to value.
Which statement best reflects lBM¡¯s approach and response to this requirement?
A. The total cost of ownership can be calculated in order to demonstrate the value we deliver over a set amount of time which is not possible with on premise solutions.
B. We add services to all of our cloud deals in order to ensure the right skills are available.
C. IBM is building and delivering easy to use, business focused offerings that allow low cost experimentation including ¡°freemium¡± models to get clients started quickly.
D. By putting the solution into the end users hands we circumvent IT which means the end user gets what they need quicker.
Answer: B

Question No : 7

In Platform-as-a-Service, the client is responsible for managing:
A. Everything above the operating system, including database management systems and app servers
B. Everything above the hardware, including the operating system
C. Nothing, the client simply uses the provided application
D. Applications and Data only
Answer: D

Question No : 8

Which statement accurately describes the language support offered in Watson Analytics?
A. Libraries must be downloaded ahead of time before Watson Analytics can support a non-English language
B. Watson Analytics supports data in English only today
C. Watson Analytics supports data in multiple languages today
D. Watson Analytics supports data in multiple languages today if the data is prepared with the Refinement step beforehand
Answer: B
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