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IBM SPSS Statistics Sales Mastery Test v1


About M2090-733 Exam

IBM SPSS Statistics Sales Mastery Test v1 is the exam name of IBM M2090-733 test. What is the best way to pass IBM M2090-733 exam in the first attempt? Dumpsbase IBM Sales Mastery M2090-733 exam dumps can help you achieve the goal.

M2090-733 Exam Basic Information

IBM Sales Mastery M2090-733 exam basic information is below for you to learn the test well. You have 75 minutes to complete all of 41 questions in IBM Sales Mastery M2090-733 exam. The number of questions required to pass IBM M2090-733 exam is 28. IBM SPSS Statistics Sales Mastery Test v1 M2090-733 languages are English, German, Spanish Castilian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Latin American Spanish. Dumpsbase IBM Sales Mastery M2090-733 exam dumps cover over 95% of real exam questions.

M2090-733 Exam Topics

There are 6 sections in real IBM Sales Mastery M2090-733 exam topics. Dumpsbase IBM Sales Mastery M2090-733 dumps questions contain all of 6 sections. 

Section 1 IBM SPSS Statistics Solutions 11%
Section 2 Prospecting for IBM SPSS Statistics sales 18%
Section 3 Qualifying the IBM SPSS Statistics opportunity 18%
Section 4 Quoting IBM SPSS Statistics 9%
Section 5 Selling IBM SPSS Statistics solutions 24%
Section 6 The Market for IBM SPSS Statistics 20%
The above IBM M2090-733 exam basic information and exam topics are collected by our experts from IBM official website. 

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Question No : 1

A prospect wants to better measure responses to his marketing campaigns. He is currently evaluating a variety of solutions. A budget has been provided to you for this project along with a goal to implement by year's end. What remaining information is needed to determine if this opportunity is viable?
A. Confirm funding availability
B. Assessment of Need
C. Determination of Timeline for Acquisition
D. Identify Authority to Purchase
Answer: B

Question No : 2

If a prospect is interested in structural equation modeling (SEM) in addition to forecasting, which solution should the prospect consider?
A. IBM SPSS Modeler Professional
B. IBM SPSS Statistics Standard
C. IBM SPSS Statistics Professional
D. IBM SPSS Statistics Premium
Answer: D

Question No : 3

A prospect is considering IBM SPSS Statistics and would like to understand what would be involved in the implementation. What is important to know before proposing a solution?
A. The number of employees at the organization.
B. Whether or not they would like to automate the analysis.
C. If there will be multiple data sources utilized.
D. Confirm the trial version has been downloaded.
Answer: C

Question No : 4

A customer is working with survey data from a market research study. They would like to do advanced cross tabulations as well as Logistic and Cox Regression to take a closer look at what drives customer satisfaction. Which package should you recommend?
A. IBM SPSS Statistics Base
B. IBM SPSS Statistics Advanced Statistics
C. IBM SPSS Statistics Custom Tables
D. IBM SPSS Statistics Standard
Answer: A

Question No : 5

Who is most likely to benefit the most from using IBM SPSS Statistics?
A. A Business Analyst at a retail organization looking to quickly identify the products most commonly sold together.
B. A Statistician who needs to supply reports to management in Excel. CA Researcher using IBM SPSS Data Collection for surveys who wants to display crosstabs online.
C. A marketing analyst who needs to code open ended survey comments.
Answer: A

Question No : 6

You have just finished a call with a Research Analyst and learned about her need to gain greater insight into the results of a survey that were just recently launched. Her manager has provided her with a budget for this project and indicated it needs to be deployed in 30 days. What should you do with this information?
A. Enter this as an opportunity into Global Partner Portal.
B. Enter this as an opportunity into a spreadsheet.
C. Enter this as an opportunity via an e-mail message.
D. Enter this as an opportunity into Dashboard Report.
Answer: D

Question No : 7

A customer is trying to purchase a single authorized user license of IBM SPSS Statistics and he wants to share it with other members within his team. What would you tell him?
A. IBM SPSS Statistics authorized user licenses can be shared.
B. They need to buy an IBM SPSS Statistics server license.
C. They need to buy a concurrent license.
D. IBM SPSS Statistics doesn't offer licenses that can shared.
Answer: C

Question No : 8

You have a customer call with a consulting firm. During the call the customer references that the firm has a formal partnership with a University and students at the University do the research for the firm using IBM SPSS Statistics. Which is true regarding the terms of use of IBM SPSS Statistics?
A. As long as there is a legal relationship between the firm and the University there is no license violation.
B. The firm needs a commercial license for any research they conduct.
C. All students, irrespective of how the software is being used, need an Academic License.
D. The firm is not allowed to contract research services through students or a University.
Answer: A 

Question No : 9

A prospect at a small environmental research company is working with a single dataset of environmental measurements and wants to test a hypothesis. They have previous experience with IBM SPSS Statistics and are also interested in doing Monte Carlo simu-lation. Which statement indicates that IBM SPSS Statistics is the best fit?
A. They are only working with one data source.
B. They are working with environmental data.
C. The company is small.
D. The prospect is looking to test a hypothesis.
Answer: D

Question No : 10

A university advancement office is working with survey data and using Excel to provide Administration with insight into what their alumni are saying in the survey. Administration likes the format of the reports and there is no driving reason to add IBM SPSS Statistics. Which might be something to consider as they evaluate additional tools?
A. Merging data from additional sources and modifying formulas in spreadsheets often results in errors that are not easy to identify.
B. Each Administrator would need to purchase IBM SPSS Statistics in order to see any additional analysis performed in IBM SPSS Statistics.
C. With several months of training and consulting this researcher could learn how to use IBM SPSS Statistics; thus providing better results.
D. All of the above
Answer: A

Question No : 11

Which of the following BEST describes an IBM SPSS Statistics Standard opportunity?
A. A Researcher who is using spreadsheets today, but needs a more robust analytic tool.
B. A Researcher who is using an on-line survey tool, but needs a more customizable authoring tool.
C. A Researcher who is looking to build and optimize models to predict response rates to a marketing campaign.
D. A Researcher who is interested in coding open-ended survey responses.
Answer: A

Question No : 12

One of the benefits of using an R extension bundle is:
A. Access to additional algorithms without requiring programming in R.
B. Connection to data through ODBC driver.
C. Generating predictive results without the need for programming.
D. Reporting results through a web based portal.
Answer: B

Question No : 13

A customer makes several comments about business needs during your meeting. Which statement indicates IBM SPSS Statistics is the right solution for this opportunity?
A. I need to apply business rules to my forecast scenario.
B. I need to develop a compelling visualization for displaying categorical responses that were received from 10,000 of our customers.
C. I need to generate a hypothesis that would explain trends in my business area .
D. I need to develop forecast scenarios based on multiple variables, such as seasonality.
Answer: B

Question No : 14

IBM SPSS Statistics can now easily be pitched to customers of other IBM Business Analytics products due to integration features. Which are those?
A. IBM Openpages and IBM Algo Risk
B. IBM Cognos Disclosure Management and IBM Concert
C. IBM Cognos BIand IBM Cognos TM1
D. IBM Clarity
Answer: C

Question No : 15

You are meeting with a prospect who mentions their database. Which customer statement suggests this is an IBM SPSS Statistics opportunity?
A. I need to provide high level, summary statistics, such as averages and medians on a small data set of last quarter's results.
B. I need customer feedback to create an in-depth report of customer preferences to our product development team.
C. I need to create a visual merchandising plan that will optimize product placement and maximize sales.
D. I need to provide my management team with a dashboard report summary of how the division has performed over the past month.
Answer: B

Question No : 16

A prospect who is a data scientist by profession is looking for a solution to send statistical analysis reports, which can be easily accessed via a smart device, to his manager. Which statement is true about IBM SPSS Statistics?
A. IBM SPSS Statistics does not support reports to be accessed via smart devices.
B. IBM SPSS Statistics supports Android devices only.
C. IBM SPSS Statistics supports Apple iOS and Android devices only.
D. IBM SPSS Statistics supports Apple iOS,Android, and Windows phones and tablets.
Answer: D

Question No : 17

Six months have passed since you closed an IBM SPSS Statistics deal with a client. Your next follow up step with them should be:
A. Leave them alone. They don't have any funding available for more purchases
B. Call the main contact to check in on usage and refer them to upcoming webinars and in person events
C. Send the main contact an email asking why they haven't signed up for training.
D. Trust your contacts will share their IBM SPSS Statistics success with others in the company and introduce you to other initiatives.
Answer: B

Question No : 18

A prospect who has been using spreadsheets for years is keen to make a switch to a professional program for his data analysis needs. He is curious about how easy it is going to be. Which statement would best bring the value of IBM SPSS Statistics to your conversation with the prospect?
A. Spreadsheets are prone to errors.
B. IBM SPSS Statistics is professional statistical analysis software which has been used by a variety of customers.
C. IBM SPSS Statistics has extensive and easy to use analytics, better output and improved accuracy over spreadsheets.
D. IBM SPSS Statistics is just as easy to use as the currently used spreadsheet option.
Answer: C

Question No : 19

Which one of these customers is the best prospect to pitch IBM SPSS Statistics?
A. A retail organization who has IBM Cognos Business Intelligence but looking for some help with financial planning.
B. A market research organization who has IBM SPSS Data Collection but needs to perform further detailed analysis. CA financialinstitution thathas already bought IBM SPSS Modeler and now looking for some help with risk analysis.
C. A telecommunications company which has IBM Analytical Decision Management but looking for some new ways to visualize
Answer: A

Question No : 20

A prospect you have been actively engaged with is considering whether to add additional tools to their suite of analytic tools or to continue using spreadsheets. Which is a positive indication the prospect will purchase IBM SPSS Statistics?
A. The IT department will make the final decision and prefers software that is data agnostic and open source.
B. The team of analysts are data scientists that prefer to code their statistical algorithms.
C. The IT department is in favor of moving all its software applications to the cloud.
D. The COO has a strategic priority of pushing analytics to individuals in multiple divisions throughout the enterprise.
Answer: D
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