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Troubleshooting Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks


300-370 Exam Information

300-370 The Troubleshooting Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks (WITSHOOT) exam is a 90-minute, 60-70 question assessment that is associated with the CCNP Wireless certification.

300-370 Exam Points

View 300-370 Troubleshooting Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks key exam points proportion clearly. Make sure each part of 300-370 exam knowledge you master well.

1.0 Troubleshooting Methodology      10%
2.0 Troubleshoot AP Joining Issues      15%
3.0 Troubleshoot Client Connectivity Issues    20%
4.0 Identify and Locate RF Interferences     13%
5.0 Troubleshoot Client Performance Issues   17%
6.0 Identify Common Wired Infrastructure Issues Based on the Output From Common Troubleshooting Tools     15%
7.0 Troubleshoot WLC and AP High Availability Issues   10%

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Question No : 1

An engineer is creating a custom rogue classification rule directly on a controller. Which two conditions are possible when adding a custom rule to a controller? (Choose two.)
B.ad hoc
F.open authentication
Answer: AD

Question No : 2

An engineer is troubleshooting non-802.11 interference and observes the shown output. Which interference signature is the most harmful to Wi-Fi?
Refer to the exhibit.

A.cordless phone
B.microwave oven
C.2 4 GHz wideband jammer
D.FHSS Bluetooth
E.analog video camera
Answer: A

Question No : 3

An engineer is troubleshooting non-802 11 interference and observes this output. Which type of interference signatures can be identified?
Refer to the exhibit.

A.one frequency hopping Bluetooth
B.two healthy CCK and one malformed OFDM
C.three broadband jammers
D.two strong microwave ovens and one moderate
Answer: B

Question No : 4

Some users are experiencing inconsistent performance on their mobile devices as they move throughout the building when browsing the Internet. Which feature provides a more consistent user experiences?
A.low RSSI check
D.optimized roaming
Answer: A

Question No : 5

A new wireless deployment with high AP density is experiencing high latency and connectivity issues on the 24 GHz band, despite an initial site survey done by a certified partner. Which option is the most impactful change a wireless consultant recommends?
Refer to the exhibit.

A.Increase the fragmentation threshold to allow larger packets over the air.
B.Reduce the beacon period because it reduces the RF interference.
C.Disable lower data rate, such as 1 Mbps and 2 Mbps.
D.Disable the short preamble.
E.Disable 80211g support to reduce interference.
Answer: C

Question No : 6

A mobile station in a factory contains an AP configured as a work group bridge that authenticates to a root AP using EAP-FAST. To be able to use the mobile station in further parts of the factory, another root AP is installed and also configured for EAP-FAST When the mobile station is attempting to roam to the other AP, it loses connection yet can still authenticate to the first one. What is the cause for the failed authentication on RAP2?
Refer to the exhibit.

A.RAP1 is using a different authentication protocol than RAP2.
B.RAP2 has a different SSID than RAP1.
C.RAP1 is using a different encryption than RAP2.
D. The authentication usemame and password is different.
Answer: A

Question No : 7

An alarm is reporting that one of four ports of a lag group have gone down on a wireless LAN controller. Which troubleshooting methodology can be used to begin the troubleshooting process?
A.shoot from the hip
D.follow the path
E.divide and conquer
Answer: B

Question No : 8

A WLAN was installed at a high AP density. DTPC is lowering the transmit power of many APs too low. Which change m the DTPC transmit power threshold must be made to allow APs to globally increase AP transmit power by 3dBm?
A.from 70 dBm to 73 dBm
B.from -70 dBm to -73 dBm
C.from 70 dBm to 67 dBm
D.from -70 dBm to -67 dBm
Answer: D

Question No : 9

A wireless engineer has completed the configuration of a new WLAN on the existing Cisco wireless infrastructure. During testing he found that the wireless client's authenticate and received the correct ip address from the switch, but they were not able to access any of the internal or external resources. Which action will resolve the issue?
A.Configure static ip addresses for the wireless clients.
B.Configure the default-router on the switch DHCP pool.
C.Configure option 82 on the switch DHCP pool.
D.Configure a dns-server on the switch DHCP pool.
Answer: C

Question No : 10

In a cisco OfficeExtend environment, which encryption type n und between the access point and the mass LAW controller?
Answer: A

Question No : 11

The AP is unable to join the controller. What is the cause of this error?
Refer to the exhibit.

A.The controller code version is lower than the code of the AP attempting to join.
B.AP code is not the same as the controller and must download firmware.
C.AP model \% not compatible with the controller code version.
D.The AP is riot conjured in the controller auth-list of acceptable APs.
Answer: C

Question No : 12

Which feature should a network engineer enable within a mixed-client network to ensure that the legacy client operates at the best possible rates?A.ClientLink
D.Band Select
Answer: A

Question No : 13

An engineer is troubleshooting non-802 11 interference and observes this output. Which type of interference signatures can the engineer identify?
Refer to the exhibit.

B.DECT phone
Answer: A

Question No : 14

Which three steps would a network engineer use to troubleshoot an AP join problem? (Choose three.)
A.Validate the STP configuration.
B.Verify the ping AP from the controller.
C.Verify the ping AP from the client.
D.Verify that the AP is getting an address from the DHCP server.
E.I Validate the SNMP configuration.
F.Verify the authentication configuration parameters.
Answer: ABF

Question No : 15

Drag and drop the Layer 3 WLAN controller mutual authentication join process events on the left into the order in which they occur on the right Not all options are used.


Question No : 16

Which statement about the join process of the access point is true?
Refer to the exhibit.

A.The time on the controller is outside of the certificates validity time interval, so the join phase failed.
B.The AP moved from this controller to its primary controller.
C.The controller rejected most of the discovery requests from the AP because they were not received on the management interface subnet. The AP failed to join the controller.
D.The AP successfully joined the controller.
E.The AP failed to join because the self-signed certificate of the AP on the controller was not correct.
Answer: C

Question No : 17

A company consists of two adjacent buildings, each with its own Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller with APs joined to the controller in the building. The two controllers are configured identically except for interface IP addresses. Only one SSID is being used in both buildings. The clients in building A are not experiencing any connectivity issues, but (he clients in building B report poor connections An engineer performs a site survey and finds co-channel interference, yet discovers mac Transmit Power Control was never performed on the APs and that Radio Resource Management is not functioning like it does in building A Furthermore, the controllers are in the same RF group and controller A is elected RF leader Which action will improve client connections in building B?
A.Ensure WMM is enabled on the SSID.
B.Manually select controller B as RF group leader.
C.Configure controller B to be in a separate RF group.
D.Doable the low data rates on the a radio and the b/g radio in building B.
Answer: C

Question No : 18

An engineer has configured 802 1x for the network and all but one of the APs are passing authentication. Which configuration is causing the failure?
A.The AP has override global credentials checked.
B.The switch AAA credentials do not match what is configured on ISE.
C.The controller 802 1x supplicant credentials do not match what is configured on ISE
D.EAP-FAST is configured on ISE for this AP.
Answer: A

Question No : 19

A user reports being unable to connect to a server with a certain program while connected to wireless. Wh.ch troubleshooting methodology can be used to begin the troubleshooting process?
B.shoot from the hip
C.follow the path
E.divide and conquer
Answer: A

Question No : 20

A wireless user is experiencing connectivity issues with their Mac OS laptop. If the Mac is exhibiting the behavior of a "sticky client," how can the tech verity which AP the user is currently connected to?
A.Hold shift while clicking the wireless icon.
B.Hold option while clicking the wireless icon.
C.Hold control while clicking the wireless icon.
D.Hold command while clicking the wireless icon.
Answer: B
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