Valuable SCA-C01 Dumps Questions For Passing Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam

Shamiyo 01-04-2022

When you make a clear roadmap to prepare for SCA-C01 Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam, then you can be at DumpsBase to choose valuable SCA-C01 dumps questions for passing Tableau SCA-C01 exam in the first try. Valuable Tableau certification SCA-C01 exam dumps with actual questions and answers of DumpsBase come with the ease pdf file and free testing engine to prepare for Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam by reading actual SCA-C01 exam questions and understanding SCA-C01 answers. Candidates who are planning for SCA-C01 Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam definitely should get actual Tableau SCA-C01 dumps questions as the preparation materials to achieve the success in real Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam. 

SCA-C01 Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam Is One Hot Tableau Certification Exam

Currently, there are four Tableau certification exams, which are required to register at Pearson VUE:

SCA-C01 Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam is one of the four Tableau certification exams, which is for those who have a comprehensive understanding of Tableau Server functionality in a single-machine environment and approximately 4-6 months of experience. Typical roles include System Administrator or Consultant. There is no prerequisite for completing Tableau Server Certified Associate, passing SCA-C01 exam is the only requirement. Real Tableau SCA-C01 exam contains 55 real exam questions. There is 90 minutes for taking the actual SCA-C01 exam, and you need to achieve 750 to pass real SCA-C01 Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam. 

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Tableau SCA-C01 Dumps Questions Cover Each SCA-C01 Exam Domain To Help Your Preparation

Actual SCA-C01 Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam mainly tests your abilities in five domains:

Domain 1: Preparation 

Domain 2: Installation & Configuration

Domain 3: Administration

Domain 4: Troubleshooting

Domain 5: Migration & Upgrade

Tableau SCA-C01 dumps questions offered by DumpsBase covering each SCA-C01 exam domian and objective are kind of exam dumps questions which might be greatest for SCA-C01 exam preparation. Furthermore, you get a 100% passing assure on the superb SCA-C01 pdf dumps. When you select the Tableau SCA-C01 dumps questions and answers, you will have the chance to make his ability best to solve all SCA-C01 new questions with right answers around the spot or at quite very first look.  

You can check Tableau SCA-C01 free dumps below to find why we recommend DumpsBase valuable SCA-C01 dumps questions:

What is the highest level of access for Tableau Online?

A. Server Administrator

B. Site Administrator Creator

C. Site Administrator Explorer

D. Explorer

Answer: B

Because Tableau Online is a SaaS analytics platform, Tableau monitors the infrastructure and operations; however, Tableau Online deployments still have monitoring tasks. 

Where do you subscribe to get updates via email, text, and Atom Feed when Tableau creates, updates or resolves an incident?

A. Tableau Secure

B. Tableau Trust

C. Tableau Notifs

D. Tableau Notifications

Answer: B

What type of account is required if an organization uses a core-based license on Tableau Server, which allows people to view Tableau dashboards embedded in web pages WITHOUT having to sign-in to the server?

A. 3rd Party Viewer

B. Unlicensed

C. Restricted Viewer

D. Guest User

Answer: D

Which site role is being described?

• Can browse and interact with published views

• Can subscribe to content, create data driven alerts

• Open workbooks in the web authoring environment for ad-hoc queries, BUT CANNOT save their work

A. Viewer

B. Creator

C. Explorer

D. Explorer (can publish)

Answer: C

For all Active Directory scenarios, which Run As Service Account type should be used?

A. Network Service

B. Domain User Account

Answer: B

Which command should you run to verify your SMTP connection?

A. tsm smtp test-connection-email

B. tsm smtp test-email-connection

C. tsm email smtp-connection-test

D. tsm email test-smtp-connection

Answer: D

In some instances, Tableau Server license activation may fail. If you encounter this situation, what is the first thing that you need to do to try to resolve this issue?

A. Confirm that you can access the licensing server

B. Verify FlexNet Licensing Service has started

C. Force the product key to be read again

Answer: A

True or False: In a multi-node cluster, you can use a combination of Linus and Windows operating systems in the nodes that comprise the cluster



Answer: B

True or False: To make API calls with HTTPS, you must configure Tableau Server to use SSL



Answer: A

A Tableau Server user received an error message that states: "The view snapshot in this email could not be properly rendered." - which of the following reasons below IS NOT a plausible reason for this?

A. The underlying database is temporarily down

B. The user's VIEW permissions capability has been set to deny

C. The Backgrounder process timed out

D. Missing or out-of-date credentials

Answer: B