New TDA-C01 Dumps - Perfect For Your TDA-C01 Tableau Certified Data Analyst Exam

Shamiyo 06-07-2022

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Tableau Certified Data Analyst Exam (TDA-C01) Enhances Your Positions

More and more IT candidates are recommended to pass the TDA-C01 exam and be Tableau Certified Data Analyst certified for enabling them to make business decisions by understanding the business problem, identifying data to explore for analysis, and delivering actionable insights. Currently, there are no other prerequisites for completing Tableau Certified Data Analyst certification but passing the TDA-C01 exam successfully. It is encouraged to have at least 6 months of experience. TDA-C01 exam mainly measures the candidate's knowledge of the capabilities of Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep, and either Tableau Server or Tableau Online, also it measures the candidate's ability to share content and keep the content current by publishing, scheduling, and maintaining it on the web.

The real TDA-C01 exam contains 30 knowledge-based items and 1 hands-on lab with 10-11 tasks. Also, it has up to 15 knowledge-based items and hands-on lab tasks. There are 120 minutes to complete the actual Tableau TDA-C01 exam, including 3 minutes for reviewing the NDA and 5 minutes for the tutorial. Currently, the TDA-C01 exam is only available in English, but the Japanese version will come soon this summer. 

Tableau Certified Data Analyst Exam TDA-C01 Contains 3 Sections

The actual Tableau Certified Data Analyst Exam TDA-C01 contains 3 sections:

● The first section is knowledge-based with a variety of item types, but no hands-on questions;

● The second section is the hands-on lab, which requires the candidate to demonstrate their skills using Tableau;

● The third section resembles the first section in testing the candidate's knowledge with a variety of item types, but no hands-on questions.

Candidates are not allowed to go back to a previous section of the exam once they have moved on to the next section. Each section of the Tableau Certified Data Analyst TDA-C01 exam has a specific weighting, some sections have more questions than others.

All these knowledge-based questions and hands-on questions cover four domains:

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