New Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam Questions TDS-C01 Dumps Released

Shamiyo 11-30-2021

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What is Tableau Desktop Specialist certification exam?

Tableau Desktop Specialist certification exam is one of the Tableau certification exams, which focuses on foundational functionality and product comprehension. It is for the professionals who have foundational skills and understanding of Tableau Desktop and at least three months of applying this understanding in the product. Currently, there is no prerequisite for Tableau Desktop Specialist certification, it is highly recommended to choose the new TDS-C01 dumps as the learning materials online.

Actual TDS-C01 Tableau Desktop Specialist exam fee is 100USD. The real exam contains 45 questions and answers, which are required to answer completely in 60 minutes. The passing scaled score for the Desktop Specialist exam is 750. 

What is the difference between TDS-C01 and Desktop Specialist? 

Tableau Desktop Specialist certification exam are required to register at Pearson VUE. When you come to DumpsBase to choose the best study materials, you will find two exams for Tableau Desktop Specialist certification. One is TDS-C01, which is newly released recently. The other is Desktop Specialist, which was online before. These two exams are the same for Tableau Desktop Specialist certification. Most candidates searched Desktop Specialist as the keyword to find the proper study materials before. But recently, the team found that new exam code released at Pearson VUE for Tableau certifications as the picture shown:

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What does the Tableau TDS-C01 exam test mainly?

Tableau Desktop Specialist certification TDS-C01 exam mainly tests your knowledge of four domains:

Domain 1: Connecting to & Preparing Data  25%

Domain 2: Exploring & Analyzing Data  35%

Domain 3: Sharing Insights  25%

Domain 4: Understanding Tableau Concepts  15% 

New Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam Questions TDS-C01 Dumps are based on the TDS-C01 content outline covering each domain of TDS-C01 exam. The team have full confident to ensure that you can pass Tableau TDS-C01 exam successfully.

How to check the TDS-C01 dumps questions are valid?

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For Bullet Graphs we need at least ____________ measures

A. 3

B. 1

C. 2

D. 4

Answer: C

True or False: LEFT JOIN returns all rows from the left table, with the matching rows in the right table

A. True

B. False

Answer: A

Using the cwurData table, create a cross-tab showing the number of Publications per Country broken down by Institution, and filtered by Country to only show United Kingdown (UK).

For the University of Manchester, what percent of the total publications were contributed in 2014?

A. 28.415%

B. 23.497%

C. 25.683%

D. 22.404%

Answer: D

Is it possible to deploy a URL action on a dashboard object to open a Web Page within a dashboard rather than opening the system’s web browser?

A. YES, we can do this with the help of a plugin

B. NO, this is not currently possible in Tableau

C. YES, we can do this with the help of a Web-Page object

D. YES, we can do this with the help of Tableau Public

Answer: C

Which of the following chart type makes use of 'binned' data?

A. Gantt Chart

B. Bullet chart

C. Histogram

D. Treemaps

Answer: C

Using the Time Series table, create a chart that shows the percent difference in Average Inventory on Hand for each Assortment by year and quarter.

How many quarters did the Electronics Assortment show a negative percent difference in the Average Inventory On Hand?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Answer: C

Dates in Tableau are typically treated as ______________

A. Dimensions

B. Measures

Answer: A

________________ files are shortcuts for quickly connecting to the original data that you use often. Data source files do not contain the actual data but rather the information necessary to connect to the actual data as well as any modifications you've made on top of the actual data such as changing default properties, creating calculated fields, adding groups, and so on.

A. .tbm

B. .tds

C. .tde

D. .twb

Answer: B

When you drop a continuous field on Color, Tableau displays a quantitative legend with a ___________ range of colors.

A. Discrete

B. Fading

C. Continuous

D. Mixed

Answer: D