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HCIE-Storage (Written) (Internetwork Expert-Storage)


Huawei H13-629-ENU,H13-630,H13-631 HCIE-Storage V1.5 Exam Content

Huawei H13-629-ENU,H13-630,H13-631 HCIE-Storage V1.5 exams contain Huawei OceanStor Converged storage systems, Big Data storage system, Storage Solutions (Backup and Disaster Recovery), Data Migration and integrations with virtualization and database applications. 

Huawei H13-629-ENU/630/631 HCIE-Storage V1.5 Key Points

1) OceanStor Converged Storage
2) Big Data Storage
3) Storage Solution
4) Data Migration
5) Database
6) Virtualization

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Question No : 1

WMware cluster high availability technology will use the agent program on each physical virtualization host to have agent communication between vCenter servers, once occur the situation that each agent program can not communicate, then refer to vCenter to retry and arbitration judge whether this host failure or not.
Answer: A

Question No : 2

Redhat Linux Enterprise 6 systems, how to safely uninstall the kernel driver?
A. use rmmod + driver name, directly removed.
B. directly uninstall the driver rpm package.
C. directly kill driven processes.
D. use modprobe-r + driver name, directly removed.
Answer: D

Question No : 3

In the OceanStor V3 storage system, there are 96 magnetic disks in one hard disk domain. To ensure the best performance of the hard disk, what is the recommended total number of LUNs in the disk?
A. 96
B. 4
C. 32
D. 12
Answer: D

Question No : 4

Radhat Linux 6 system's some detailed file folder read and write errors, after diagnosis requires file system repairment, the following about the repair operation description, which is correct?
A. user that directly use the root, excute fsck repair when the file system is in mounting situation
B. the owner using user data files, perform fsck repair when the file system is in mounting situation
C. the owner using user data files, perform fsck repair on the devices when the file system is in uninstalling situation
D. user that use the root, excute fsck repair on the device when the file system is in uninstalling situation
Answer: D

Question No : 5

Storage arrays provide raw device LUN to the Oracle database, which is used directly by the Oracle database without being partitioned when first identified by the host.
Answer: B

Question No : 6

When Oracle is in the open state, what recovery actions can be done to the oracle database?
A. Recover the entire data file
B. Roll back the database to a certain time before
C. Recover control file
D. open state can not do the recovery actions
Answer: B

Question No : 7

What technology can be used by VMware VDI to reduce the storage space occupied by virtual desktop systems? (Multiple Choice)
A. View Storage Accelerator £¨ VSA £©
B. Persona Management
C. Linked clone
C. SE Sparse virtual disk
Answer: CD

Question No : 8

In Oracle RAC deployment, after completing installing Grid software, what is the common used command description? (Multiple Choice)
A. Check the cluster nodes:
olsnodes -n
B. Check the status of the cluster:
crsctl check cluster-all
crsctl check crs
C. Check clusterware resource status:
crsctl stat ser -t
D. Check the Oracle ASM operating states:
Answer: ABD

Question No : 9

Which of the following description of SmartMigration features is correct? (Multiple choice)
A. After SmartMiaration is configured, data changes of the source LUN are synchronized through dual-write and DCL during the service running to ensure data consistency after the migration.
B. Due to business needs, the SmartMigration feature can be used to migrate LUN data from NL-SAS storage media to SAS storage media to improve business performance.
C. The SmartMigratio feature enables online migration of data on Thin LUNs to thick LUNs to improve the performance of sequential write transactions. However, data on thick LUNs can not be migrated to thin LUNs.
D. When SmartMigration data migration occurs between two stores, if the home controller of the source LUN on the source storage is controller A, the controller on the destination storage of the target LUN must also be controller A.
Answer: AB

Question No : 10

Project Background Information of disaster project information research mainly includes Who/What/Why three aspects, which of the following description do belong to "What"? (Multiple choice)
A. a bank has more than XX customers and XX corporate customers.
B. loss of data will be huge losses; business interruption may also cause huge economic losses.
C. business interruption has a huge impact, serivce deployment's interrupting time is <2h.
D. client wants to build two twin city live data center, to achieve critical business systems double living, disaster recovery planning RPO=0, RTI=0.
Answer: CD

Question No : 11

The following statement about RMAN backup's backup piece and backup set concept, which is wrong?
A. backup piece size is unlimited, but its size can be set by maxpiecesize.
B. backup piece is the binary file used to store the backup set information.
C. one or more backup pieces will form a backup set.
D. a backup piece corresponds to a single output file
Answer: A

Question No : 12

Which of the following about RAID2.0 is right? (Multiple Choice)
A. Hard disk is divided into Chunk
B. LUN is composed of the extend or grain
C. a chunk of CKG may come from the same hard disk
D. a chunk of CKG may come from different storage pool
Answer: AB

Question No : 13

Simpana index are divided into two levels, from which are used to record every data object's information and the storage location. Who will manage the index with much larger amout of index information?
A. CommServe
B. MediaAgent
C. Library
D. iDataAgent
Answer: B

Question No : 14

When using Ivm create a mirrored logical volume, in order not to affect performance and can quickly recover from a single disk failure, what kind of log storage methods you should choose?
A. the log is stored in memory
B. the log in a mirror on any one of the two PV
C. the log in the current third PV VG
D. the log in another VG PV
Answer: C

Question No : 15

The Zone change of the FC switch will trigger the switch to send RSCN to the devices in the Zone.
Which of the following Fabric Services is responsible for collecting status changes in Fabric information?
A. Fabric Server
B. Fabric Controller
C. Name Server
D. Management Server
Answer: B

Question No : 16

In the configuration process of HyperMetro double live domain, when the double live pair is added and the Pair Running Status of the optional active dual live pair is Normal, it can be added to the Selected active dual live pair to continue the configuration operating.
Answer: B

Question No : 17

About the desciption of database OLAP traffic load features, the correct is: (Multiple Choice)
A. Read operation is serial read
B. Single I/O is greater, the typical value is 64KB~1MB
C. No IO write operation
D. Nornally, the period of date not be changed measures in hours or days
Answer: ABD

Question No : 18

After remote replication is established between two OceanStor 9000 devices. Which of the following conditions can not be performed "Cancel Remote replication Secondary Directory Write Protect"? (Multiple choice)
A. Remote replication is split and remote replication of the secondary directory data is complete.
B. Remote replication is in an abnormally disconnected state and remote replication of the secondary directory data is complete.
C. Remote replication is in the normal state and remote replication of the secondary directory data is complete.
D. Remote replication is in a failed state and remote replication of the secondary directory data is complete.
Answer: CD

Question No : 19

Application of disaster drills in Huawei Host and Backup disaster recovery solution, which is wrong?
A. disaster drills will automatically stop production applications and on the Device Manager remove the production host to the storage of production map.
B. Application of disaster drills mainly switch production business systems to isaster recovery side, exercise disaster environment is properly available.
C. application disaster drills execution is completed, replication relationship will split, disaster recovery side will take over the production system to run the business.
D. drills in the production process can stop the end of normal business, one-click run fast moving business to disaster.
Answer: A

Question No : 20

The MTTR indicator is used to describe the average continuous failure-free time during operational use or testing.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

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