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1. Which of the following statement about enterprise steal cause is false?


2. eSpace Desktop through Internet access, could you tell me which of the following business must deploy SBC?


3. An enterprise U1900 series unified gateway deployment of disaster recovery, one day burst communication failure, causes all users cannot make a voice call. Check found that failure is due to the master device downtime, while the standby device is not prepared to take over the business result.
In this case, which is the most appropriate method of treatment?


4. About linked business, the following statements correct is ().(multiple choice)


5. About multi-node centralized network, which of the following statement is correct? (Multiple Choice)


6. In eSpace UC solution, the recording system LAN networking deploy scheme set of SQL Server 2008 R2 standard database.


7. eSpace Desktop initiate an instant conference but fails, what is the possible reason? (Multiple choice)


8. About multimedia conference configuration, which of the following statement is correct? (Multiple Choice)


9. What is port default of Meeting MS and U1900 gateway docking?


10. About the dual-standby function of U1900 Series Unified Gateway, which of the following statement is correct? (Multiple Choice)


11. In the AR routers, call routing refers to the outgoing call prefix is bound to the trunk group, that determines which outgoing prefix to go which trunk line.


12. eSpace suddenly off when using, which of the following statement about the possible reason is error ?


13. In the eSpace UC solution system architectures, which network element provide business management function? ( )


14. In eSpace UC solution, the recording system LAN networking deployment refers to the recording server, IMP server, database server, unified gateway installed on a single server at the same time.


15. In a multi-node centralized networking scenario, not considering dual-standby scenario, how many SIP server addresses should be filled out by the users on center node?


16. U1981 double machine standby networking scenario, the default configuration, if the primary node fails, resulting in heartbeat interrupted with the standby node more than ( ) minutes, the master node becomes inactive, standby node becomes active.


17. In AR, the main function of the CCM module is Interactive message tracking between internal module, used for positioning call failure formative stage.


18. Attendant console server "unified gateway IP management" interface, connection status of voice server and attendant console server always shows "not connected."
Which of the following troubleshooting approach is not necessary?


19. If one company headquarters have total of 150 SIP users (the largest possible to 250 users in the future), a branch of this company has 100 SIP users and required to support the primary node dual-standby, the headquarters shall deploy which of the following products is most appropriate?


20. In the local dual-standby disaster recovery scenario, when the primary node U1900 series unified gateway fails, the business servers need to manually connect the standby node gateway to process business.


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